Top 10 drones you can buy for less than $1000 [2017]

Welcome to another great article! This time we have researched and compiled the best top 10 quadcopters under 1000$ currently in the market. So if you are still wondering what the best one is, let us help you decide.

Last update : Saturday, April 1, 2017

Table : 15 Best Drone Under $1000 :

NameImageCameraRangeTimeBest Price
15. ZEROTECH DOBBY4K100m13 minSee price now
14. RISE VUSION 2502 MP200m13 minSee price now
13. PARROR BEBOP 212 MP2km22 minSee price now
12. AEE AP1116 MP500m25 minSee price now
11. XIRO XPLORER MINI13 MP50m15 minSee price now
10. XIRO XPLORER13 MP1km20 minSee price now
9. 3DR SOLOGoPro1km22 minSee price now
8. UPAIR ONE4K800m20 minSee price now
7. YUNEEC Q5004K1km20 minSee price now
6. TRAXXAS ATONGoPro200m20 minSee price now
5. HUBSAN H109S X41080p1km30 minSee price now
4. DJI PHANTOM 3 PRO12 MP2km22 minSee price now
3. YUNEEC TYPHOON H4K1km23 minSee price now
2. DJI PHANTOM 44K5km25 minSee price now
1. AUTEL X-STAR4K2km25 minSee price now

Some prices may have changed since publishing this article.

If you still didn’t read our list of Top 10 drones for less than $500 we highly suggest reading it.  All the ten drones on this list are highly recommended and it sure won’t disappoint you. They bring the best and most recent technology to one powerful aerial machine. If you are a photography or video enthusiast or professional this are the drones to be looking at. If you’re still a beginner, maybe you’ll be interested in our list of top 10 drones for less than $200 ? Top quality commercial UAV’s feature rich and compatible with some of the most powerful transmitters in the market. We have updated this list to best represent the products in 2016. Amazing quadcopters such as the new version of the Parrot Bebop, the new Blade photography and videography drone and the unique looking Yuneec Thypoon Q500+. The best money can buy, there is no going wrong with one of these sky monsters! So follow us as we take a deeper look into the high-end quadcopters world, today we’re here for drones under $1000 list!


15. Zerotech Dobby

If you are into small, foldable drones and you are looking for one that takes awesome selfies, then look no further because Zerotech’s Dobby is everything you need! This minimalistic looking drone is all the craze nowadays. It has gained a massive amount of popularity over the course of last couple of months. It resulted in a massive boost in sales and people are generally praising it for its incredible performance. It is not surprising considering we are talking about a miniature drone that sports a high quality 4K camera with FPV capability. The only downside of this model is its relatively short range (roughly 100 meters), but then again… its main selling point is its ability to take selfies… And I really doubt anyone of you will ever want to go further than 100 meters for a selfie shot. Despite that, everything in Dobby’s package is outstanding and people seem to be good at recognizing just that. Needless to say, Dobby is a real trooper and it seems as though it will have lots of fortune on the market.

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14. Rise Vusion 250

This next drone is made by Rise and it is not your typical drone. More precisely, it is a racing drone hybrid. This means that you can use it for casual flying and for drone racing as well. It is incredibly fast and has a solid FPV camera (600 TVL) that will allow you to have great visual drone flying experience. The modular construction makes the Vusion 250 impact resistant and provides you with a clean frame for easy replacements of broken parts without any soldering involved. Moreover, it comes bundled together with an LCD monitor for FPV purposes and even a VR headset that will provide you with maximum immersion while drone racing. You can consider Vusion 250 as your go-to drone for beginner drone racing as it has all the essentials that will make you fall in love with the sport.

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13. Parrot Bebop 2

parrot-bebop-2Parrot is yet another extremely popular drones manufacturer. Their collection includes awesome drones such as Bebop and AR, but just recently they came out with an upgrade to their Bebop flagship. It’s the second generation of that model so it is only logical that they give it the name Bebop 2. On the outside, Bebop 2 looks quite similar to its predecessor. There are a couple of design tweaks here and there but most of it has remained the same. On the inside is where things are much different. Take battery for example, Bebop had a 1200mAh one that could last up to 11 minutes in air while the Bebop 2 has 270mAh one and it can last up to 25 minutes. Bebop 2 is significantly faster than its predecessor and has superior flight range. This is especially true when paired with the Sky Controller which boosts the range up to 2 kilometer which is, how should I put it lightly… spectacular! And last but not least, the camera, and believe me when I say that it’s not to be taken for granted either. Bebop 2 sports a full HD wide lens camera that is able to capture quite the aerial shots. If you are looking for a solid all around drone with great specifications, it is quite clear that you cannot go wrong with Parrot’s Bebop 2!

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12. AEE AP11

If you are looking for a great mid-tier drone with solid camera, GPS and great flight speed, then AEE AP11 is the right one for you. Not only does it have an exceptional camera that records 16MP still images and FHD footage at 60 frames per second, but it also possesses a great 3-axis gimbal stabilization system that ensures optimal image and video stability. 6800mAH LiPo battery is in charge of its operations and, quite frankly, it does its job really well by offering up to 25 minutes of flight time on a single charge. I doubt you will need more than that for casual use. Features wise, this little fella comes with failsafe function, auto return to home and (as we already mentioned) GPS. All things considered, it is a solid looking drone with more than good specs and features. It definitely has what it takes to give you a ton of drone-flying fun!

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11. XIRO Xplorer Mini

XIRO Xplorer Mini is a successor to XIRO Xplorer. This miniature foldable drone sports similar specifications and features like its big brother, but packed into a much smaller (and better looking) size factor. This little fella sports a FPV ready full HD camera that captures 13mpx still shots and 108p @30fps recordings. Truth be told, the stabilization is not nearly as perfect as on the standard XIRO Xplorer, but it is still pretty good, especially considering its size. Moreover, it is important to add that XIRO Xplorer mini sports dual positioning systems, both GPS and GLONASS. This makes up for pinpoint flight precision and features such as auto return to home, lost connection protection, low power protection and more. After stating all the awesome facts about this drone, it is time to add the biggest downside to it… and that is its battery. This 1650mAh LiPo battery is not nearly powerful enough to give this little fella enough flight time. It is understandable though – it would be crazy to expect a stronger (read bigger) battery in such a small drone. Still, the flight time is not that much of a catastrophe – you can still expect around 15 minutes of flight time. Despite that, lots of people are jumping on the bandwagon and are loving this drone… and I don’t see a reason why you shouldn’t be one of them!

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10. XIRO Xplorer

Xiro Xplorer VThis drone comes in 2 versions; G and V. G version will get you a drone along its dedicated 3-axis gimbal while the V version will give you all that plus a full HD FPV capable camera. Most people purchase this drone due to its amazing stability in midair. This is not only helpful for flying but for recording aerial footage as well. With its 3-axis gimbal stabilization, XIRO Xplorer captures silk smooth recordings in crisp clear 1080p resolution. On top of that, it is also worth mentioning that it sports follow me, circle around me and auto return to home features. The first 2 features will help you with selfies because we all know that’s what you millennials enjoy doing most of the time….

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9. 3DR Solo

If you already own a high-quality camera, then you must be looking for a drone that can make the most of it. If that’s really the case, then let me introduce you to 3DR Solo. It is a beautifully designed drone made out of high quality materials. The best part about it is its sheer performance (the 5200mAh battery gives out approximately 25 minutes of flight time while its transmitter allows it for roughly 800 meters of flight range) and easy to reach battery pack that is located on the very top of the drone. This allows you to quickly switch between batteries enabling you to have a whole day of fun while flying this thing around. As I have already mentioned in the introductory sentence, this drone is meant for people who already have a good camera, meaning that it does not come with one. Luckily, you can get 3DR Solo bundled together with a gimbal that officially supports GoPro 3 and 4, but I have seen people “hack” it and use other brands as well.

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8. Upair One

Upair One is also one of those drones that come in more than one version. This one is differentiated only by the camera quality. The cheaper version comes with a 2.7K camera while the more expensive one comes with a fully-fledged 4K resolution. With both of them having completely identical characteristics other than the cameras, it comes as no surprise that the price gap is not that huge. On the contrary, both models can be considered as quite the bargains as they come equipped with lots of features and outstanding specifications. With roughly 18 minutes of flight time, GPS and all sorts of smart features, Upair One drones are not to be taken for granted. They even come with a sleek controller with a built in 7-inch LED display. It serves for the ultimate FPV experience this drone can offer and, believe it or not, this has to be one of the best drone controllers in this price range. It looks incredible, feels great in hands and is really responsive when it comes to maneuvering in midair. All in all, Upair One is well worth the money, no matter which version you opt for.

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7. Yuneec Typhoon Q500

Yuneec is one of the most popular drone manufacturers. Some would say they go shoulder to shoulder with DJI, even though I am not sure whether that’s true or not. The Q500 is an excellent choice for all of you who are looking for a great aerial photography platform. It offers a breathtaking experience with its 4k camera capable of providing you with FPV flight. Moreover, it also comes with an excellent controller featuring a large LCD display for FPV purposes. All things considered, Yuneec Q500 seems like a proper refreshment in the higher end drone market with its spectacular specifications. With over 800 meters of range and up to 25 minutes of flight time is some serious power. Even though it still cannot be compared to Phantom 3’s (and above) specs, the Q500 manages to compensate for that in other aspects such as the build quality. All things considered, Q500 is a great drone that will continue making a name for itself on the market.

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6. Traxxas Aton

TRAXXAS 7908 ATONNow comes the part where I talk about my favorite drone. As you can see, I am referring to the awesome Aton made by Traxxas. It is a sleek looking drone with great things hiding underneath the hood. I fell in love with it when I realized I can use it for both racing and casual aerial photography, sort of like Rise Vusion. Still, the 2 cannot be compared since Traxxas Aton is a bit better in both aspects. With its 2 flight modes, one dedicated to racing and one for photography, this little fella delivers the best of both worlds. With lightning fast speed of more than 50 miles per hour in racing mode and amazing stabilization system that ensure safer and smoother flight in photography mode, Traxxas Aton is not to be taken for granted by any means. The only downside (at least for some people) is going to be the fact that it does not come with a camera (hence such a low price tag). But, you can buy a gimbal and mount your own action camera which will turn it into an amazing, dirt-cheap drone.

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5. Hubsan H109S X4

Hubsan-H109S-X4-ProHubsan has been receiving a lot of praise from its buyers recently. Mostly due to their stellar line of X4 drone series where they showed off all of their might. Exactly the same can be said about their newest model in the X4 lineup, the H109S. It’s a great all around drone with full HD camera mounted on a 1-axis gimbal. Moreover, it is equipped with GPS and has an adjustable gyro system. It comes with a remote controller running on Android 4.2. More importantly, it is filled with quality features including altitude hold, automatic return, headless and best of all – GPS. This will not only allow the drone to locate itself in its environment but also help you with stability and provide you with the ultimate flying experience. And last but not least, I feel obliged to mention the build quality and sheer beauty of this drone’s design. It feels sturdy in hands and it’s made out of high quality materials that can definitely take a beating. It seems as though the folk over at Hubsan really did think of everything when making the H109S X4.

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4. DJI Phantom 3 Professional

dji-phantom-3-professionalFinally, we have reached the first DJI’s drone on this list. The third installment in their Phantom lineup is nothing short of spectacular. Especially the Professional edition which has some good upgrades including better camera (4K at 30fps), longer flight range, Lightbridge video downlink and GPS/GLONASS dual positioning modules. All of this makes the Professional version a much more versatile drone that can be used for a wide variety of possible applications. When it comes to build quality, I am sure you already realize that DJI did not let anything bad slip away under the radar. The quality is perfect as expected, even though there aren’t that many changes in the entire Phantom lineup. As always, DJI takes good care when it comes to features as well so it is no surprise to see that DJI Phantom 3 Professional has a whole plethora of them. Needless to say, these are just some of the reasons why this drone is considered as one of the best ever made.

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3. Yuneec Typhoon H

Ranging on the upper margin of our price tier today, Typhoon H sure has a ton of features to talk about. This hexacopter comes with an ST16 controller and sports a CGO3+ camera capable of providing you with FPV live feed. More importantly, this camera supports 4K resolution and is mounted on a motorized 3-axis gimbal that is going to give it all the stability it needs, even during the stormiest of flights. The great thing about this model is its RealSense module which is unlike anything we had the chance to see thus far. It is basically a collision avoidance system that enhances obstacle avoidance by providing real time detection from all directions. It is pretty clear that this is an innovative technology and it really makes this drone stand out in front of the competition. Combine that with awesome specifications (1 mile of flight range and cca 25 minutes flight time) and you will understand why people are going crazy about it.

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2. DJI Phantom 4

Even though it is pretty difficult to find this drone under $1,000 (then again, it is on sale frequently), we decided to place it on our list because, let’s face it, what kind of a list would it be without DJI Phantom 4, the God among drones… This little fella has it all. In other words, if you are looking for a premium drone and money is not an issue, then this is definitely what you are looking for. With its 4K camera, 3-axis motorize gimbal, a whole bunch of smart features, optimized vision positioning system, obstacle avoidance and more, there is no doubt that Phantom 4 is one hell of a drone. But it’s features aren’t the only thing awesome about it. With 28 minutes of flight time, 45mph top speed and an ultra-responsive controller, there really are only few drones that are worth comparing to this beast. Still, as I already mentioned in the first sentence of this short review, it is not that cheap. It comes in a wide variety of bundles that will give you bunch of accessories, spare parts, extra batteries and so on and these can go up to more than $2,000. Still, if you are lucky enough, you might just be able to find the drone itself bundled together with just its controller and battery on sale for just a bit less than $1,000.

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1. Autel Robotics X-Star Premium

autel-robotics-x-star-premiumAnd the title of the best drone under $1000 goes to X-Star Premium by Autel Robotics. In fact, this is the only drone that can be mentioned in the same sentence with DJI Phantom 4 without me feeling bad about it. I swear it’s true! Come to think of it, the two are prett similar in terms of both design and specifications, but the X-Star Premium is much cheaper than DJI’s flagship. With its 4K camera that’s, of course, mounted on a 3-axis gimbal, this drone effectively captures the very essence of aerial photography and produces extremely smooth recordings and crystal clear still images. Remote controller that comes bundled with the drone is quite good and allows for seamless connectivity up to 1.2 miles away from it. This is especially praiseworthy considering the live FPV feed works without any issues over the entire length. The 4900mAh battery works exceptionally well and can last up to 25 minutes on a single charge, almost to the point of beating DJI’s flagship. To top it all off, it is also worth mentioning that its packed with smart features such as GPS+GLONASS navigation systems, magnetic interference protection, auto takeoff/landing, hovering, return to home and more.

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In the end, I hope that you now have a much better understanding of the drones’ market. As you had the chance to see for yourselves, there really are plenty of drones under $1000. Truth be told, there are many over $1000 as well, but those drones are not aimed at casual audience. Nope. They are primarily aimed at professionals who are looking for ways of implementing drones within their business, allowing it to thrive even more so than before. With that being said, if you would like to get yourself a high-quality drone just so you can fly it around the neighborhood and take a couple of pictures here and there, then picking any one of the models listed above will surely leave you satisfied!


Click to expand old list (2016)

10- Parrot Bebop

parrot bebop drone

Parrot Bebop

Parrot Bebop is a high performance quadcopter with four brushless motors able to go up to 13m/s in horizontal flight. Bebop packs great sensors such as 3-axes accelerometer, gyroscope, and magnetometer, one ultrasound sensor with an 8 meters reach, one pressure sensor and a vertical camera to track the speed. Bebop comes with a built-in HD 14MP camera that records in 1080p resolution with 30 frames per second and 3800 x 3188 pixels for photos and is able to see around 180º degrees. Buit-in GPS system allows auto-flights (mission planner) by setting waypoints on a map, to which Parrot Bebop will fly to and comeback. If you purchase the Skycontroller station, Bebop can be flown just like an airplane and have its range increased to 2000 meters! Skycontroller also supports a tablet or smartphone for FPV (real time video transmission) flights. Definitely one of the best quadcopters under $1000, but it’s still very powerfull and affordable device.

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Features Specifications
Smartphone app Camera : 14 MP Full HD 1080p
Built in GPS Frequency : 2.4 GHz & 5 GHz
Return to home Camera angle : 180°
Long Wi-Fi range Flight time : 8-10 minutes
FPV ready – supports  FPV glasses Image stabilisation : 3-axis


9- Parrot Bebop 2

parrot bebop 2

Parrot Bebop 2

Parrot’s most recent drone, the overhauled variant of the Bebop 1, the amazing Bebop 2! This quadcopter has an inherent amazing camera of 14MP and records at 3072p resolution, 30 fps. Camera also has a fisheye lens, with 170º view! Bebop 2 has a slick configuration, firmly resistant to crashes and hits, its parts can be easily replaced.

Bebop can be controlled either by Android or iOS device (FreeFlight 3 application) or by utilizing the new Skycontroller Black, a transmitter which improves Bebop 2 abilities by expanding its reach and control ease. Through the application you access all Bebop 2 features, including the FlightPlan which empowers auto-pilot flying (a paid application which costs 19.99$). 2,700-mAh Li-ion polymer battery is able to power up to 23 minutes of flight time. Bebop 2 is also a fast quadcopter able to fly at 18m/s on horizontally and 6m/s vertically. If you are looking for an automatonous drone with awesome quality camera ready-to-fly out of the box, than, Parrot Bebop 2 will be your baby! And as the former version. If you purchase the Skycontroller station (Skycontroller Black is the new version), Bebop can have its range increased to 2000 meters! Skycontroller also supports a tablet or smartphone for FPV (real time video transmission) flights.

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Features Specifications
LED Lights Size : 33 x 6 x 38cm
Smartphone app Camera : 14MP fisheye
Digital 3-axis stabilisation system Flight time : up to 25 minutes
User controlled 180° vision Range : 300m


8- EHang GHOST Drone


EHang Ghost

Ghost drone produced by Ehang, Inc. is advertised to be “the world’s easiest drone to fly”. Mainly due to the fact Ghost does not use a RC remote, instead connects to pilot’s Android or iOS device which connects to a G-Box via Bluetooth or WiFi. Through the application, pilot is able to begin Ehang flight with one click button, return automatically, land or hover. Drone’s direction can be controlled just by tilting the smartphone device. Has a range of 1000 meters and is somewhat of a heavier drone weighting 650g (2-D Gimbal included). A 3S 5400mAH Lipo battery powers Ghost for 20-25 minutes flight time (without landing gear and gimbal) and 17-20 with 2D Gimbal and landing gear. The 2-D 3 axis Gimbal is compatible with GoPro cameras.

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Features Specifications
Controlled via android/iPhone Range : 1000 meters
Easy to fly Flight time : 25-30 minutes
LED Lights Battery charge time : 60 minutes
Supports GoPro cameras 3 axis Gimbal
Waypoint; Follow-me;  Hover and Return to Launch Mode


7- 3DR IRIS+

3dr iris plus

3DR Iris plus

3DR Iris + is a 3D Robotics advanced quadcopter with autonomous capabilities. It can be remotely controlled via Android and iOS by an application on pilot’s device, or through a nine-channel radio transmitter with on-screan telemetry for instant accurate flight data. The mobile app assists the remote control with features such as automatic take-off and landing with just a push of a button. Iris + has the awesome and useful feature Mission Planner software. By tapping on a displayed map and drawing intended flying path, Iris + will record it and perform it. Internal GPS also enables pre-programed professional-grade mission capabilities, for example mapping, scripted cinematography and scientific research. This is all powered by a high-performance 32-bit Pixhawk autopilot system built on ARM Cortex-M4 Processor that runs it on real time NuttX operating system and uses ST Microelectronics sensors. IRIS+ is definitely one of the best drones for sale.

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Features Specifications
Supports GoPro HD Hero Size : 63 x 33 x 13cm
Pre-programmable Flight time : 16-20 minutes
Ready to fly Charge time : 45-60 minutes


6- DJI Phantom 2 Vision+


Phantom 2 Vision

DJI is already a notorious company in the drone market and Phantom 2 Vision+ was one of their biggest hits. It is the upgraded version of Phantom 2 Vision, main difference is Dji added a Zenmuse H3-3D gimbal camera system and made some tweaks and fixes to the drone itself. This high-end Vision+ quadcopter has GPS, Wi-Fi, and a fully stabilized 14MP camera with an F/2.8 lens that shoots video at 1080p/30. Its 5200mAh Li-Po battery powers 25 minutes of flight time. Through Dji’s app you can see what the drone sees in real time, start and stop the camera, tilt the camera, and many other useful features. It’s a great and easy to fly quadcopter able to go 1000 meters in altitude!

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Features Specifications
Ready to fly Camera : 1080p
LED Lights Image stabilization : 3 axis gimbal
FPV – Smartphone app Flight time : up to 25 minutes


5- Yuneec Q500+ Typhoon


Yuneec Q500

Yuneec Q500+ incorporates its own Full HD 16MP camera able to record video at 60 frames per second. Additionally it empowers FPV (real time video transmission) straightforwardly to the 4.5″ LCD touch screen. Plus, flight information such as GPS status, number of satellites, GPS coordinates, battery voltage, altitude, ground speed, home distance, system settings and flight settings. The information is shown on a ST10 Personal Ground Station running on Android system. Camera comes with its own 3-Axis CGO2-GB Gimbal which can be tilted 90º degrees up or down.

Among Q500+ features we can find Geo Fence protection (to prevent drone from flying out of distance. Smart Circle Protection (drone won’t fly close to the pilot, preventing accidents). Automatic Taking-off and Landing, and three intelligent flight modes: Smart Mode, Angle Mode, and Home Mode. All three modes make use of GPS and allow other functions such as Follow Me and Watch Me mode (in which drone will point at the pilot independently of the flight direction). An amazing quadcopter for filming, featuring all the needed safety for the pilot. Control distance is 600 meters and flight time 25 minutes.

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4- XIRO Xplorer V

Xiro Xplorer V

Xiro Xplorer V

Also known as Zero Explorer V is one of the best looking quadcopters out there. It is also one of the simplest for beginners, needs no assembling and is ready to fly out of the box. Xplorer V as a great HD 14 megapixels camera with FPV transmission live to your smartphone. Its modular design allows user to easily add a camera, gimbal and range extender (of around 800 meters) to increase the somewhat low default range of 500 meters. Smartphone also displays real time flight data information on screen, Album Synchronization and battery status informer. Functions such as the Return to Home, Auto Take-off, Auto Landing, are available in this quadcopter.

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3- Walkera Scout X4

walkera scout x4

Walkera Scout X4

Another of Walkera’s reliable good products, this high-end drone comes with a trick. Scout X4 is somewhat of a “transformable” drone, being able to go from 4 motors to 8, becoming an octocopter. Flight controller is a Devo F12E FPV Transmitter 5.8 Ghz with open source APM software. X4 features autopilot, his is done through waypoints selected by pilot on Google Maps, to which Walkera Scout X4 will fly to alone. X4 features an excellent range of 1500 meters and 25 minutes of flight time. Scout X4 is also able to automatically return to the place of take-off as well as taking-off automatically too. Scout X4 features Walkera’s G-3D gimbal (compatible with both the GoPro Hero 3 or 4 and the iLook+) and includes an iLook+ camera with 720p resolution and 30 FPS.

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2- Blade Chroma

Chroma Camera Drone CGO2+

Blade Chroma

Chroma is one of Blade best products for photography and video. Different package versions include CGO3 4K Camera (can shoot 1080p at 120 fps for slow-motion as well as 60p, 50p, and 48p), CGO2+ 1080p Camera, or a 3-Axis Gimbal for a GoPro. Both cameras have a wide angle 130° FOV lens. Go out there and catch epic airborne shots with the Chroma camera! Its transmitter is a ST-10+ Personal Ground Station with a 5.5″ touchscreen which also works as FPV monitor. FPV transmission is done through 5.8 GHz. Blade Chroma as a wide diversity of features: SAFE Circle which prevents the Chroma from flying too close to the pilot. Stick Relativity (another name for Headless Mode), Follow Me Mode, Tracking Mode (much like Watch Me mode from Q500 Typhoon, Return to Home and adjustable flight boundaries for a safer flight. An amazing quadcopter, with plenty of lifting power. Control distance is a little below average (400 meters) and flight time is above average (30 minutes).

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1- Dji Phantom 3 Advanced

DJI Phantom 3 advanced

DJI Phantom 3 advanced

Phantom 3 is DJI’s most recent product, and incredible powerful machine able to record 2.7K video and capture 12 megapixels photos. An integrated 3-Axis Stabilization Gimbal supports GoPro cameras. Streams live 720p HD video directly to your smartphone or tablet in a maximum range of 2 kilometers. A unique Beginner mode allows new pilots to learn how to fly within a limited area chosen by you. As all the other features of the drones on this list: Auto Take-off, Auto Landing, Auto Return to Home, Failsafe (if battery is running low Phantom 3 comes back to where began flight), vision positioning for indoor flights. A powerful mobile app with user friendly interface constantly updated with cool functions as for example streaming live on Youtube whatever your drone is recording and track Phantom 3 position live on map. Flight modes such as point of interest (phantom will fly around object while always facing it), Follow Me mode, Mission Planner (autopilot through waypoints) and Intelligent Control Orientation. App also has a flight simulator to teach how to fly. Perfect drone for beginners and amazing for advanced enthusiasts. Do you agree with us, is DJI Phantom 3 the best drone under $1000?

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I haven't seen any reviews of the Autel Robotics X-Star drone, regular or premium. Do you have a review on-line?


Might also mention that the price of building is usually 250 USD - ∞. There are many great communities such as the one I'm a part of with people willing to help you choose parts and help get you in the air.

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I want my son and I hes 13 to get into this bigtime I have 1000 bucks to spend full budget can you recommend 5 of your best picks need good camera and ease of operations and also from a good reputable company that has great support also id like to be able to hook up my tablet to fly with option of controller . thank you so much for any help. Gerry Maloney. [email protected]

Top 10 drones you can buy for less than $1000…

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