Top 10 drones you can buy for less than $200 [2017]

It’s time for next article in our series of affordable quadcopters. Today I bring you the top 10 drones you can buy for less than $200! All of them are very good toys ready to take off, so let’s find out more.

Last update : Friday, March 31, 2017

All quads have been researched, analyzed and compared to others. In order to compile the most useful quadcopter information, quality and moneywise best choices currently on the market. Join us as we conquer the sky with amazing Unmaned Air Machines for your budget. Enjoy it! P.S. if your budget is not limited to $200, you might be interested in Top 10 drones under $1000? So, let’s find out what’s the best drone under $200.

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Table of The Best Drones Under 200$ :

NameImageCameraRangeTimeBest Price
10. WLToy V686wltoys-v686g2MP 130 m7 minSee price now
9. SYMA X8Wjxd-509w-2-12 MP150 m10 minSee price now
8. JJRC H8Djjrc-h8d-32 MP100 m8 minSee price now
7. HUBSAN X4Hubsan-H107D0.3 MP100 m8 minSee price now
6. WLToy V666wltoys-v6662 MP150 m8 minSee price now
5. JJRC H25Gjjrc-h25g2 MP100 m10 minSee price now
4. JJRC H26Djjrc-h26d-13 MP300 m7 minSee price now
3. AR 2.0PARROT-AR-DRONE-2.0720p130 m10 minSee price now
2. Hub. H502Shubsan-x4-h502s720p200 m12 minSee price now
1. MJX Bugs 3GoPro400 m15 minSee price now

Some prices may have changed since publishing this article.


11- WLToys V686G

see pricingWe’re starting our list of top 10 drones under $200 with V686G. WLToys is an established and renowned drone company in the market. Several successful products make WLToys one of the most reliable among the low-cost drones, among those success stories is the V686G, a very cheap drone packed with great features. FPV quadcopter (real time transmission video) for such a low price V686 has a great 2MP camera quality and it comes with its own monitor, no need for a separate device. The transmission is done with no lag outdoor or indoor, although you will experience FPV transmission problems if you fly the drone into a room where you are not it (walls decrease video transmission quality). The flight time is of 8 to 10 minutes and control distance of 150 meters, how is this all accomplished in such a cheap drone? A 3.7V 780 mAh powers the entire quad.  It’s also very cheap, so it almost fits standards for our list of Top 10 drones for less than $100.

Camera : 2MP / Control Range : 150 meters / Flight time : 8 minutes / Features : Headless mode, Led Lights


10- Syma X8W

see pricingThe X8W is Syma’s version of the X8G but with a 2MP FPV WiFi camera instead. It is a robust drone, larger than average but able to hover effienctly maintaining a good steady balance even when facing stronger winds. It does not come with a FPV monitor, the transmission is done via WiFi, connecting your Android or Apple device through a free app. Although its size, Syma X8W still has a good speed even at lowest yaw rates, easy to control, perfect for beginners. Definitely one of the best quadcopters under $200.

Camera : 2MP WiFi / Control Range : 100 meters / Flight time : 7 minutes / Features : Headless mode, Led Lights




see pricingThe H8D quadcopter design resembles the famous Cheerson CX-20. H8D is JJRC competitor to V686G from WLToys. It uses the same frequency as V686G and same 4.3” FPV monitor. The camera quality is almost equal too, H8D uses a 1.6V while V686G a 1.5V, the lens is adjustable to your preferred angle but smaller than the one used on its rival. The range is slightly better on V686G, H8D only goes as far as 100 meters. The antenna is an actual 5.8Ghz camera! Why is this so good? Because most FPV quadcopters advertising a 5.8Ghz transmission is in fact a fake 5.8Ghz. Also the video transmission being 5.8Ghz and the remote frequency 2.4Ghz means both connections do not disturb each other. Many WiFi FPV quads operate on 2.4Ghz same frequency as the remote resulting in a faulty transmission. It’s a very good ratio of price/quality, it will definitely find it’s place on our homepage in following weeks.

Camera : 2MP / Control Range : 100 meters / Flight time : 8 minutes / Features : Headless mode, Led Lights


8- Hubsan X4 H107D

hubsan x4

see pricingHubsan X4 H107 was a very successful drone in the market, you may probably already be familiar with it. But, Hubsan released a newer version with FPV mode, the H107D, one of the smallest FPV drone. The camera is only 0.3MP but it is great performance with perfect transmission through 5.8GHz assuring no lost connections and no latency. The camera is also build-in and as such is unmountable. A very light drone only weighting 57.8g, easy to carry anywhere. Supports Hubsan Video Googles for amazing FPV flights in real drone view. This is definitely good value for the money. Another positive thing is while this is relatively popular drone there are dozens of flying/mods/repairs instructions on the internet and you should find your way through them easily.

Camera : 0.3MP / Control Range : 100 meters / Flight time : 7 minutes / Features : Headless mode, Led Lights


7- WLtoys V666


see pricingV666 might be the best drone under $200. It is a large quadcopter with a camera and very robust and durable foam protection, no need to worry when crashing or hitting objects, it will survive almost anything. It is FPV ready, right of the box, no need for separate devices, it has its own 4″.3 5.8 Ghz LCD monitor capable of transmitting up to 200 meters in distance (longer than its actual control distance). The only negative side to the V666 is its brushed motors, they are not very durable, clean them after every flight. The most fun feature is the support for a missile launcher you can buy separately. It’s also important to notice this is one of the best rated drones on Amazon !

Camera : 2MP / Control Range : 150 meters / Flight time : 9 minutes / Features : Headless mode, Led Lights


6- JJRC H25G

see pricingJJRC really invested in FPV (First person View) products, and we drone enthusiasts sure are grateful for it! H25G is a good example of this. Comes with a complete and affordable FPV package ready-to-fly out of the box. It includes its own 2MP camera which records in 720p resolution. The camera is supported by a vibration absorbing mount, supposedly to prevent ‘jello effect’, but it does not stop it 100%. H25G is great to any beginner looking to have a go at FPV flight. It is a gentle flier and wind resistant. FPV transmission works in 5.8 GHz frequency and is transmitted directly to a built-in FPV monitor on the 2.4 GHz controller. H25G as features such as Headless Mode for easier orientation and One-Key Return (drone returns to pilot).

Camera : 2MP / Control Range : 200 meters / Flight time : 9 minutes / Features : Headless mode, Led Lights


5- JJRC H26D

see pricingOnce again, another great product by JJRC. This time they have decided to focus on amateur videography and photography. H26D is one of the first low-cost drones to feature a 3MP camera. The camera has a genuine glass wide lens with a 120º Field of View and is supported on a 2-Axis Gimbal. Way to go JJRC! H26D features Headless Mode for easier orientation and One-Key Return, the drone returns to pilot. H26D just like many of JJRC products, has a great control range of 300 meters! If you are into larger quadcopters for videography and photography with a good controlling range, H26D is the one.

Camera : 3MP / Control Range : 300 meters / Flight time : 7 minutes / Features : Headless mode, Led Lights


4- Parrot AR drone 2.0


see pricingFirstly it is important to mention how cool the AR Drone 2.0 looks, it comes in three design versions (Snow, Jungle, Sand)! One of the most beautiful drones in the market. Secondly it does not come with a controller, it relies on your Android or iOS device connected via a WiFi hotspot generated by the drone itself. You can control it through your phone or tablet through a free app called AR.FreeFlight and watch on the screen in real-time the video transmission. The app also updates the firmware of the drone and lets you upload videos and photos. The camera is built-in with 720p HD quality and the lens is wide angle. The Director Mode lets you program automatic movements so you can focus on your video. Do you think this is the best quadcopter you can buy for under $200?

Camera : 720p / Control Range : 50 meters / Flight time : 10 minutes / Features : Headless mode, Led Lights


3- Hubsan H502S

see pricingHubsan has been one of the most active drone manufacturers in the market lately. Not only have they released several new products, but they have done it quite successfully. It is impossible to make a top 10  drones list without including some Hubsan model. A good example of this brilliance is the new Hubsan H502S. One of the first affordable drones to feature brushless motors. Thanks to this, the motors are much more powerful and durable. H502S is a fast and smooth drone capable of flying as far as 200 meters! An amazing control distance! This drone comes with many features that used to be reserved for expensive drones only. Some of those features are : follow me mode, altitude hold, low battery protection, GPS etc. The good stuff doesn’t stop here, H502S also has an above average flight time of 12 minutes! How great is this sky beast?

Camera : 720p / Control Range : 300 meters / Flight time : 11 minutes / Features : Headless mode, Led Lights


2- Hubsan H501S

  • Price of this drone has changed after publishing this article. It’s not < $200 anylonger. We’ll replace it in upcoming update of this article.

see pricingTo be honest, this drone costs slightly above two hundreds dollars. Honestly, I believe it’s worth mentioning because it has so many advanced features that it’s just way better than any other drone on this list. H501S is newest drone from Hubsan and it’s very popular. In fact, this was one of the best selling drones on market last month. H501S comes with 7.4V 2700mAh battery that will provide you with 15-18 minutes in total. This is extremely good result for a drone in this price range. That’s not where the fun stops, because Hubsan brings us cool features such a : Altitude Hold, Follow me mode, GPS, Auto take off/landing, headless mode and FPV camera. Thanks to GPS, functions such a Return to home works like a charm. Regarding camera, H501S comes with 1080p HD built in camera that can’t be removed. Live feed from camera is automatically transmitted to 4.3” LCD display on your RC controller. This is, in fact, very good camera. Much better than any other camera on this list (excluding drones with GoPro cameras). Control range is somewhere around 300 meters, which is, again, above average for this price range. One again, I apologise for listing drone that’s out of price range this article’s about, but I really think it’s worth it.


1- MJX Bugs 3  –> 15% OFF COUPON : S3G4J95R

see pricingMjx Bugs 3 is newest quadcopter MJX has manufactured. Not only newest, it’s also the best quadcopter they have ever made. Let me explain why. It’s cheapest drone available on the market that comes with brushless motors.  Trust me, that makes a hell of a difference ! It also comes with 1800 mAh battery, which is way above standard for this price range. This battery combined with efficient motors will provide you with up to 16 minutes of flight time. MJX says you can get up to 18 minutes, but in my case 16 was maximum. You’ll know when you’re running low on battery because controller will start making “beep-beep” sound. When it starts beeping, you have 1-2 minutes to land safely. I should also mention control range for MJX Bugs 3. It’s somewhere around 300 meters, which is above average for this price range. Bugs 3 doesn’t have it’s own camera but it does have gimbal that supports GoPro and other action camera. This drone is very fast, MJX claims it can go up to 70 km/h. Summary is : above average flight time and control range, brushless motors and GoPro ready. All that makes it #1 on this list!

Camera : GoPro / Control Range : 350 meters / Flight time : 15 minutes / Features : Headless mode, Led Lights, Brushless motors

These are the top 10 drones under $200 you will find currently in the market. Amazing machines ready to take on the sky and provide you incredible hours of fun. So which one fits you best? Use the comment form bellow and tell us what’s your favourite affordable drone!

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I would like to know if a Amazon Fire tablet (android) will sinc up to the FPV droids I ask this because I have the opportunity to get one of these for $39.95 and would open a vastly wider choice of drones that are available. Looking to spend in the $200.00 range. But this device will be able to go to many other applications 32gb compatible. Thank You.....


While surfing the net, I found 'JYU Hornet S' drone which seems to have a great specs. But you didn't include it in your list. May I know whether it's not in the top 10 best, or because you haven't tried it yet?


How can you tell if a drone does well in a windy environment?


The only issue with the list is the cheerson cx 20 which I owned and use past tense because the return home emergency function did not work so not only did I lose the quad but also the go pro attached tried contacting manufacturer and who I bought it off and all I got was bad luck so my advice don't rely on the features because the time you need it , lets you down


The Hubsan 502 does not have brushless motors - unlike the 501, which justifies the price difference


Can you tell me which model Mark is talking about when he says the blade is $400. My son and I are just starting out and I'm definitely buying one of the $200 or less but I'm so confused right now?? I don't know why one company can't put all the best of the 10 in one quadcopter. I want the quad for photos and videos and I love the brushless motors but I also would like the altitude holder with a 3mp camera! I like the Parrot and the fact you can pay attention to the video and not have to control it but the idea of having no control is troublesome too! I'm clueless can anyone help me because $200 is it for a starter. Can you just get it down to THE ONE???

Sander Trouwborst

Very nice articles.. thank you.. I have a question maybe you can answer.. i looking for a quadcopter including fpg.. headless.. altitude hold and better camera then 2mp.. so i was happy to find Syma X8HG.. but in reviews on you tube i hear nothing about fpv.. but when you google x8hg fpv.. many retailers mention that fpv is included.. can you help me please.. or maybe recommend other quadcopter in pricerange till around 250 dollar

Thank you in advance




You say the Jjrc X1 has return to home and headless mode yet in some reviews it says it doesn't can you verify please? Thanks


I like design of a page,very nice!


The best,excellent,my favorite page,fascinating


how does the u818A-1 compare


HI, Do you think the JJRC X1 could lift a GoPro or other small action cam?



Hi John,

yes, I'm 100% sure JJRC X1 can lift up an action camera. I have tested it using Xiaomi Yi action camera, so you should be able to lift up GoPro without problems 😉


The blade sells over $400.. and the article Is about quadcopters under $200?


That's our mistake. It was on discount at the moment of writing this post.. so we'll replace it with some other drone soon! Thanks for feedback 🙂

Top 10 drones you can buy for less than $200 …

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