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Today, we are very proud to present you with a special collaboration between MJX, a very popular drone manufacturer and DronesGlobe, one of the leaders in drone-related news and insights. After an amazing success MJX Bugs 3 has had on the market, we decided to up the game and redesign it. Here’s what our collaboration brings to the table!

After 2 weeks of brainstorming and continuous attempts to make the very best out of this new Bugs 3 version, we have finally come to an agreement. So… Meet MJX Bugs 3 Blue Edition – an incredibly powerful drone that will make quite an upset in the lower end of the market. Best of all, we even managed to get a serious discount for all of our dearest readers. Make sure you stick around till the end of this article to get your coupon and pay 15% less for this awesome little fella.

MJX Bugs 3 Characteristics

Even before the Blue Edition update, MJX Bugs 3 was already a top-notch drone. With an exceptional flight time of up to 18 minutes in ideal conditions (15 to 17 in a normal environment and standard usage), it’s safe to say MJX Bugs 3 beats all other competitors within the same price range.

Moving forward, it is important to say a word or two about its 1800mAh LiPo battery. While it might not seem that powerful (only 1800mAh whereas most models go above 2 or even 3K), don’t worry since the drone itself is extremely lightweight making up for improved power efficiency. Another thing that improves power efficiency is the MT1806 1800kv brushless motor. But, not only does it ease off things for the battery but it provides with additional durability too. As a matter of fact, MJX Bugs 3 is the only drone in this price range that can brag with a brushless motor.

Of course, just like the standard model, MJX Bugs 3 Blue Edition does not come with a camera. Still, it has an amazing upward lifting force of up to 230 grams meaning it can hold all the popular action cameras such as GoPro’s, Yi’s, CGO’s and more. Name another drone that costs roughly the same and is able to hold a fully-fledged action camera. You can’t? Well of course you can’t since there aren’t any!


MJX Bugs 3 Blue Edition 15% Off Coupon : S3G4J95R

As we mentioned in the introductory paragraph, we have arranged a special deal for all of our readers. Via the coupon provided down below you will be eligible for a 15% discount on the original price. This is, by far, the best deal you can find for MJX Bugs 3 Blue Edition. Thanks to our partnership with MJX we guarantee that this is the lowest price point you can find for this awesome drone at  this very moment.

Surely, in the near future, we will go out of our way to present you with even better ones. Still, for now, you will have to be satisfied with this one as it will still save you a couple of bucks. But, look at it this way, you’re not only saving a couple of bucks but you’re also getting an awesome drone that will definitely prove worthy of the bucks spent!

MJX Bugs 3 Blue Edition 15% off coupon: S3G4J95R

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15% OFF MJX Bugs 3 – Blue Edition by Dr…

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