My 10 favorite drones for indoor flights. Rain and cold weather can’t stop us! [June 2017]

Besides the regular, outdoor use, many (mostly smaller) drones are suitable for indoor use as well. This could come in handy to people who don’t have a big backyard to fly their drone in, or are to lazy to go to their local park.

Another group of people that would want an indoor drone are people living in apartments who are afraid they’ll crash their drone if they fly it out through the window.

If you found yourself in one of the reason I just mentioned, then you have come to the right place. Why? Because I am going to list out the best 10 drones for indoor use which are currently available on the market.

So, with this in mind, I will cut straight to the chase and start off with the list of best indoor quadcopters…

Table : Best Indoor Drones 2017

10. MJX X300Cdbpower-x300c1MP80m8 minSee price now
9. SYMA X11C0.3MP30m6 minSee price now
8. HUBSAN H107Lhubsan-x4-h107cNo100m8 minSee price now
7. HAKTOYS HAK905haktoys-hak905No100m8 minSee price now
6. RC STUNTrc-stunt-droneNo30m6 minSee price now
5. UDI U845udi-u8452MP80m8 minSee price now
4. OCDAY MINI720p30m5 minSee price now
3. TDR PHOENIX2MP35m7 minSee price now
2. Parrot Mambo0.3MP50m6 minSee price now
1. Parrot AR 2.0720p50m12 minSee price now

Is it safe to fly drones indoor?

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When it comes to safety, it all depends on the pilot’s experience levels. An unexperienced pilot will cause the same damage no matter if he’s flying indoor or outdoor (Take a look at Drones For Beginners).

But still, flying indoor requires more technical skills and quick reflexes, especially with faster drones. Prop guards are a must if you want to avoid causing damage to your belongings or your family.

Even more so if you are using your home to hone your piloting skills. In that case, be extremely careful and don’t be too proud to turn on Training Mode if your drone supports it.

While we’re talking about Training Mode, believe it or not, indoor flight is a great way to teach yourself (or your kids / 10 Drones for Kids) the basics of flying a drone… but we’ll talk more about that later on…

What is the best type of drones for indoor usage?

This heavily depends on the price range you are aiming at. For low-end models, best drones for indoor usage are definitely smaller ones. They’re quick, agile and don’t require a lot of practice. They are also unable to do a lot of damage to objects they crash into, which is not the case with bigger drones.

Additionally, what you want to look for is the so-called hovering function. This will allow your drone to keep a steady pace in your home without “twitching” everywhere around you. Prop guards are a must as well – not only will they keep your furniture safe and sound but your family members as well.

When it comes to higher end models, besides everything mentioned above, you should also look for obstacle avoidance sensors. Such models are pretty scarce and you will have to pay quite a lot of money for them. But still, if indoor use is your primary objective with your new drone, drones with obstacle avoidance are well worth it.

One of most popular indoor drones with camera, Parrot AR 2.0.

Can I practice my flying skills indoor?

Short answer – yes you can! Indoor flying is, at least in my opinion, a great way to learn the basics of operating a drone.

Long answer – When I first got my DJI Phantom (the original one, first model that came out), I did not even go outside with it for the first couple of days. I was “drone-proofing” my room with pillows and blankets on top of all sharp edges after which I kept practicing until I could no longer feel my fingers. It was a fun time nevertheless.

After I was done with learning the basic maneuvers and controls, I went outside for a first proper flying session. Luckily, I did not crash it (although I was pretty close to it) thanks to my newly acquired skills from flying indoor.

Nowadays, I am encouraging my son to practice indoor too. I have even bought safety straps on eBay so he can put them on all sharp edges in his room. It’s spacey enough for him to operate his Traxxas Aton without any issues.

Unfortunately, he is not a very obedient little boy and his Aton already went to surgery (broken props).

What are the benefits of flying drone indoor?

The first one is rather obvious – since drones aren’t waterproof (read – they should not be used during rains or snow), indoor flying brings drone piloting experience during bad weather. In addition to that, when you’re flying indoor you do not have to worry about potentially losing your drone (except if you have a miniature one and you crash it behind your closet… in that case you’re pretty much screwed).

But that’s not all – if you have a spacey house you can set up obstacle courses and make your own racing track. This works best with miniature drones which are speedy and agile, allowing you to test your piloting skills like never before.


Finally, here’s list of TOP 10 Indoor Drones


dbpower-x300cThis is a rather beautiful white indoor drone with blue finishing touches that has already found its place in thousands of homes worldwide.

This comes as no surprise, especially considering the fact that we are talking about a top-quality drone for a relatively cheap price.

It comes with FPV and virtual reality (from now on VR) support which means you will be able to enjoy proper piloting experience if you buy this little guy.

But still, keep in mind that its VR quality is not exactly the finest out there due to the camera, so if all you’re looking for is a crisp clear image quality, then you might want to skip to the next drone in this list. Specifications-wise, this little guy can last up to 9 minutes (even in VR mode) and can travel more than 100 meters away from its transmitter before loosing signal. For a better range, take a look at 10 Long range drones list.

Show me the best price for : Hainault, Great Britain


9. Syma X11C

syma-x11c perfect for indoor flightsSyma is a popular name in the drone industry. From time to time, they amaze us with great drones and that is exactly the case with their X11C model.

As you can see, it is the cheapest drone on this list, but that does not mean it is bad in any way.

On the contrary – it works via 2.4 Ghz and is equipped with the industry standard 6-axis Stabilization system. This greatly improves the overall stability of the drone itself (and allows to be easily used indoor) and makes for quite an enjoyable flying experience.

Additionally, it has a HD camera (10 Drones With Camera) which is, truth be told, decent at best; along with LED lights and the ability to do 360 degree eversions.

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8. Hubsan X4 H107L

hubsan-x4-h107lH107L is among the prettiest drones on this list. It sports a clean blue colored frame with a couple of white finishing touches here and there (a couple of decals in front along with a pair of props).

It comes with a 2.4 Ghz transmitter that has a built-in LCD screen and a prop guards for an extra bit of protection.

Additionally, it is equipped with 2 flight modes: normal mode, suitable for beginners who are not yet used to flying drones around; and expert mode which enables full speed and entire range of movements.

Specification-wise, this little fella is able to stay for cca 8 minutes (10 Long Flight Time Drones) in air and can reach up to 100 meters away from its transmitter which is pretty admirable for this price range.

Show me the best price for : Hainault, Great Britain


7. Haktoys HAK905

haktoys-hak905Haktoys HAK905 is a 7” (diagonally measured) is one of the best indoor drones 2017 that has great controllability which makes it a perfect solution to indoor flying.

When it comes to its appearance, there is no doubt that this is a one of a kind drone. It comes with thick and sturdy prop guards that just give an awesome feel to the whole build.

Same as the Quadpro Nc5, this little guy is capable of handling 2 flight modes, but instead of headless and head modes, HAK905 focuses solely on the speed – it has a beginner speed and expert (full) speed.

Specification-wise, you will be happy to find out that this drone can last up to 9 minutes in air and can reach up to 100 meters away from its transmitter which is a big deal in this price range.

Combine all of this with the fact that it only takes a tad bit more than half an hour to fully charge it up and you will understand how come it made it onto this list.

Show me the best price for : Hainault, Great Britain


6. RC Stunt Drone

rc-stunt-drone indoorIf you love black and orange color combination then this is the right drone for you! One of, if not the, prettiest drones currently available on the market has had a huge price drop in recent time.

Nowadays, you can get it for under $50, and when you take into consideration all those awesome things it can do, you will see that it’s a real bargain.

In the packaging, you will get a bunch of stuff: drone itself, its remote controller, 2 rechargeable batteries along with 2 USB chargers, a couple of spare blades and practice landing pad (because practice makes perfect, right?).

Pretty good packaging, don’t you agree? Now let’s move on to the actual drone. It is an extremely durable and shock resistant drone that sports reinforced bladed propellers  which are able to guide your drone through the air like it’s a feather.

Besides all the usual features, it is important to add that it can last up to 6 minutes in air but can only reach cca 30 meters away from its transmitter before lag spikes appear. All in all, if you are looking for a pretty and durable drone strictly for indoor use, you cannot go wrong with the RC Stunt Drone!

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5. UDI U845

udi-u845If you ever wanted a drone that looks exactly like an UFO (those round, plate-like UFOs that we so frequently see on TV shows and whatnot) then congratulations because you’ve just found one.

UDI U845 looks exactly like one with its relatively bulky round body with a silver centrepiece located in the middle.

It has 6 propellers making it a hexacopter, around which you will find the rigid, round body that in its entirety serves as one big propeller guard. When it comes to its features, it sports a HD camera capable of providing you with live FPV video.

This one of the few indoor drones with camera. Alongside that, the U845 has gravity induction, headless mode, low voltage alarm and 360 flips with just one press of a button.

All things considered, there is no doubt that the main selling point of this drone is its similarity to UFOs. Still, underneath the hood, it is able to perform quite decently and justify its rather expensive price.

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4. OCDAY Mini

Indoor flying can be a pain in the butt if you are using indoor drones with camera that cannot hover appropriately. Even more so if you are not being careful with them.

To minimize your effort (and the damage to your budget) you should be aiming at smaller models that have no problems with manoeuvring.

While there are many miniature models available on the market, just a few can be compared to the awesome OCDAY Mini. It is a cool looking miniature drone with built-in prop guards that even features a small camera in the very middle.

The build design looks unconventional at first, but once you turn it on for the first time you will realize just how good it really is.

Feature-wise, OCDAY did a good job by implementing headless mode, FPV and even one key return. If FPV is high on your list of priorities, you might be interested in our article : Best FPV Goggles and drones.

While all of these aren’t that relevant for indoor flying, flight stability is… and for such a small drone, OCDAY Mini does it insanely well. With that being said, you will be amazed at the stability and responsiveness of this drone. Even though it is insanely small (just 83 x 83 x 28mm), it holds up in the air very well.

That’s the biggest reason I included it in this list as one of the best indoor quadcopters!

Show me the best price for : Hainault, Great Britain


3. TDR Phoenix WiFi —> great indoor quadcopter

Much bigger than the OCDAY Mini, TDR Phoenix is a great entry-level drone that excels at indoor use.

While it is still a fully-fledged outdoor model, it is insanely lightweight so even the slightest of breeze can mess up its flight stability. That’s exactly why most people are using TDR Phoenix for indoor purposes.

Other than that, this model can brag with its solid array of features which include auto hovering, auto launching and more. Likewise, it also sports headless mode, different speed options and most important of all – advanced altitude hold option which does wonders for indoor flying.

When it comes to specifications, it becomes pretty clear that TDR Phoenix is a perfect solution for an indoor drone. It has only 35 meters of range and flies for around 7 minutes. While that might not seem like a good spec-sheet to most of you, when you take a look at its price tag you will realize what a good bargain TDR Phoenix really is.

Show me the best price for : Hainault, Great Britain


2. Parrot Mambo

If you are looking for a miniature indoor drone that’s great for indoor flight and can provide you with unique entertainment, then Mambo is the one you should be looking at.

Parrot already has a huge fanbase and it will only grow bigger with such good models being released on a regular basis.

What’s so special about this model are its accessories which are able to provide you with several interesting activities that no other drone out there can do. Cannon accessory – this thing shoots miniature ball projectiles up to 6 feet away.

Make a simple shooting course and play against your friends with the help of Parrot Mambo. Grabber accessory – this allows Mambo to catch, carry and release various payloads of up to 4g in weight. It’s not powerful, that’s for sure. But it still can provide you with a ton of fun!

When it comes to specifications, it is important to state that Mambo is controlled by the FreeFlight app (works on both Android and iOS) or the Flypad controller with a max operating range of up to 60 meters.

Battery is not the best one out there. With just 6 minutes of flight time, it becomes pretty clear that Parrot had to cut the manufacturing costs somewhere in order to provide us with such an affordable price.

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1. Parrot AR 2.0 – best indoor drone with camera

Here comes the most popular (and obviously – the best) drone for indoor entertainment. It’s Parrot’s AR 2.0 Elite model with thick prop guards and excellent build quality that can endure more than a couple of close encounters with walls and similar obstacles.

As was the case with Mambo, AR 2.0 Elite is also primarily controlled by smartphone app. It works with smartphones and tables, supporting both Android and iOS devices.

The controls might seem confusing at first but after a couple of sessions you will not experience any further issues.

The most important thing about Parrot AR 2.0 Elite is its HD camera. Believe it or not, it supports live HD steaming (read FPV) via your smartphones and/or tablets. It is also capable of recording HD videos right to your devices, allowing you to create awesome aerial shots without too much hassle.

When it comes to official specifications, it is safe to say that Parrot does not fail to deliver. It clocks in at approximately 15 mph and can fly around for up to 12 minutes which is not half bad. Finally, it’s operating range is a bit lower than I expected – just 50 meters. Still, despite this, Parrot AR 2.0 Elite still seems like the best indoor quadcopter!

Show me the best price for : Hainault, Great Britain



And that’s it boys and girls, ladies and gentlemen. That was our top 10 best indoor drones list. In the end, I sincerely hope that it has helped you make your final decision. Without a doubt, purchasing the right drone can be quite a difficult task, but with a little help of this article you’ve hopefully found the right one for you!

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