My 10 Favorite Drones For Indoor Flying

Besides the regular, outdoor use, many (mostly smaller) drones are suitable for indoor use as well. This could come in handy to people who don’t have a big backyard to fly their drone in, or are to lazy to go to their local park. Another group of people that would want an indoor drone are people living in apartments who are afraid they’ll crash their drone if they fly it out through the window. If you found yourself in one of the reason I just mentioned, then you have come to the right place. Why? Because I am going to list out the best 10 drones for indoor use which are currently available on the market. So, with this in mind, I will cut straight to the chase and start off with the list…

Table of Best Indoor Drones 2017

NameImageCameraRangeFlight timePrice
10. SYMA X11Csyma-x11c0.3MP30 meters6 minutesSee it !
9. QUADPRO NC5quadpro-nc5No50 meters7 minutesSee it !
8. HAKTOYS HAK905haktoys-hak905No100 meters8 minutesSee it !
7. HUBSAN H107Lhubsan-x4-h107cNo100 meters8 minutesSee it !
6. URGE BASICSurge-basicsNo30 meters6 minutesSee it !
5. RC STUNTrc-stunt-droneNo30 meters6 minutesSee it !
4. UDI U845udi-u8452MP80 meters8 minutesSee it !
3. DBPOWER X300Cdbpower-x300c1MP80 meters8 minutesSee it !
2. JJRC H8Djjrc-h8d-32MP200 meters10 minutesSee it !
1. UDI U842dbpower-udi-u842720p80 meters8 minutesSee it !

10. Syma X11C

syma-x11c perfect for indoor flightsSyma is a popular name in the drone industry. From time to time, they amaze us with great drones and that is exactly the case with their X11C model. As you can see, it is the cheapest drone on this list, but that does not mean it is bad in any way. On the contrary – it works via 2.4 Ghz and is equipped with the industry standard 6-axis Stabilization system. This greatly improves the overall stability of the drone itself (and allows to be easily used indoor) and makes for quite an enjoyable flying experience. Additionally, it has a HD camera (TOP 20 Drones With Camera) which is, truth be told, decent at best; along with LED lights and the ability to do 360 degree eversions.

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9. Quadpro Nc5

quadpro-nc5This is a miniature drone which will fairly easily fit into your back pocket. It is not much bigger than the palm of your hand when you put the prop guards on (they come with the package) which makes for great indoor flights that will surely put your skills to the test. It sports 2 flight modes – headless and head, ensuring that both experienced and beginner pilots find their way around the controlling mechanics soon enough. When it comes to its flight range, it can achieve up to 50 meters without significant lag spikes. On the other hand, its battery lasts up to 7 minutes in midair which is pretty decent for such a budget-friendly drone.

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8. Haktoys HAK905

haktoys-hak905Haktoys HAK905 is a 7” (diagonally measured) is one of the best indoor drones 2017 that has great controllability which makes it a perfect solution to indoor flying. When it comes to its appearance, there is no doubt that this is a one of a kind drone. It comes with thick and sturdy prop guards that just give an awesome feel to the whole build. Same as the Quadpro Nc5, this little guy is capable of handling 2 flight modes, but instead of headless and head modes, HAK905 focuses solely on the speed – it has a beginner speed and expert (full) speed. Specification-wise, you will be happy to find out that this drone can last up to 9 minutes in air and can reach up to 100 meters away from its transmitter which is a big deal in this price range. Combine all of this with the fact that it only takes a tad bit more than half an hour to fully charge it up and you will understand how come it made it onto this list.

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7. Hubsan X4 H107L

hubsan-x4-h107lH107L is among the prettiest drones on this list. It sports a clean blue colored frame with a couple of white finishing touches here and there (a couple of decals in front along with a pair of props). It comes with a 2.4 Ghz transmitter that has a built-in LCD screen and a prop guards for an extra bit of protection. Additionally, it is equipped with 2 flight modes: normal mode, suitable for beginners who are not yet used to flying drones around; and expert mode which enables full speed and entire range of movements. Specification-wise, this little fella is able to stay for cca 8 minutes in air and can reach up to 100 meters away from its transmitter which is pretty admirable for this price range.

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6. URGE Basics

urge-basicsWhen you first see the picture of this drone, the first thing that will come to your mind is – holy moly this drone looks weird with all those prop guards and whatnot. True, its prop guards do look weird and, and I am putting it lightly here, a bit overexaggerated, but they are placed like that in order to give an extra layer of protection to your drone so be thankful! Now that we got that out of the way, let’s talk about its features. It has the standard 6 axis gyro system that ensures a precise and stable flight. In addition to that, it has bright LED lights that enable you to fly it during night time. Combine all of the above with one key 3D flips, cca 30 meters of flight distance and 6 minutes of flight time and you got yourself a solid drone for just under $40.

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5. RC Stunt Drone

rc-stunt-drone indoorIf you love black and orange color combination then this is the right drone for you! One of, if not the, prettiest drones currently available on the market has had a huge price drop in recent time. Nowadays, you can get it for under $50, and when you take into consideration all those awesome things it can do, you will see that it’s a real bargain. In the packaging, you will get a bunch of stuff: drone itself, its remote controller, 2 rechargeable batteries along with 2 USB chargers, a couple of spare blades and practice landing pad (because practice makes perfect, right?). Pretty good packaging, don’t you agree? Now let’s move on to the actual drone. It is an extremely durable and shock resistant drone that sports reinforced bladed propellers  which are able to guide your drone through the air like it’s a feather. Besides all the usual features, it is important to add that it can last up to 6 minutes in air but can only reach cca 30 meters away from its transmitter before lag spikes appear. All in all, if you are looking for a pretty and durable drone strictly for indoor use, you cannot go wrong with the RC Stunt Drone!

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4. UDI U845

udi-u845If you ever wanted a drone that looks exactly like an UFO (those round, plate-like UFOs that we so frequently see on TV shows and whatnot) then congratulations because you’ve just found one. UDI U845 looks exactly like one with its relatively bulky round body with a silver centerpiece located in the middle. It has 6 propellers making it a hexacopter, around which you will find the rigid, round body that in its entirety serves as one big propeller guard. When it comes to its features, it sports a HD camera capable of providing you with live FPV video. Alongside that, the U845 has gravity induction, headless mode, low voltage alarm and 360 flips with just one press of a button. All things considered, there is no doubt that the main selling point of this drone is its similarity to UFOs. Still, underneath the hood, it is able to perform quite decently and justify its rather expensive price.

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dbpower-x300cThis is a rather beautiful white drone with blue finishing touches that has already found its place in thousands of homes worldwide. This comes as no surprise, especially considering the fact that we are talking about a top-quality drone for a relatively cheap price. It comes with FPV and virtual reality (from now on VR) support which means you will be able to enjoy proper piloting experience if you buy this little guy. But still, keep in mind that its VR quality is not exactly the finest out there due to the camera, so if all you’re looking for is a crisp clear image quality, then you might want to skip to the next drone in this list. Specifications-wise, this little guy can last up to 9 minutes (even in VR mode) and can travel more than 100 meters away from its transmitter before loosing signal.

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jjrc-h8d drone for indoorsThe first drone in this list that has exceeded the $100 price mark is JJRC H8D. We are talking about a fine-looking drone with extremely bright LED lights strapped around its body. It communicates with its transmitter in two ways: for controlling it relies on the standard 2.4Ghz, while for FPV it relies on 5.8 Ghz in order to prevent any interference between the two. The transmitter that comes with it has a built-in LCD screen that serves for FPV monitoring. It’s not too bright but comes with a shade protector that will come in handy more often than not. When it comes to its specifications, the H8D can reach up to 300 meters away from its transmitter (cca 150 for FPV) without suffering from any lag spikes. Given the fact that it has such a huge flying range, I honestly expected to see at least 10 minutes of flight time, but unfortunately this number ranges from 7 to 8, depending on the conditions.

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1. UDI U842

dbpower-udi-u842 indoor droneFinally, we have come to the most expensive drone that is suitable for indoor flying. Truth be told, the choice was quite difficult but we managed to pick out a clear winner after hours and hours of extensive research. With this being said, I present you the UDI U842, a great looking (and above all – great performing) drone that is the king of indoor flights. With its 720p camera with wide angle 120’ lens, it is able to capture stunning aerial shots that will be crisp clear time in and time out. But not only will it provide you with exceptional video / image quality, it also supports FPV and even VR headsets. Yup, you read that right – this bad boy supports VR headsets which means there’s a whole new level of drone piloting immersion just waiting for you! But still, there are some drawbacks. For example, the VR support only lasts up to 30 meters away from the transmitter, and it drains the battery superfast so you’re looking at around 7 minutes of flight time with VR (or even FPV for that matter) turned on. Despite this, the U842 is still an outstanding drone and you should seriously consider buying it, especially if you are into VR.

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And that’s it boys and girls, ladies and gentlemen. That was our top 10 best indoor drones list. In the end, I sincerely hope that it has helped you make your final decision. Without a doubt, purchasing the right drone can be quite a difficult task, but with a little help of this article you’ve hopefully found the right one for you!

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My 10 Favorite Drones For Indoor Flying

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