These 10 Micro Drones Are Perfect Gift For Christmas 2016 !

I am sure you all know that drones tend to significantly vary in sizes. While this was a lot different a couple of years ago, when drones had just hit the market, nowadays they come in all shapes and sizes. In this article, we are going to focus solely on the smallest drones out there. These little guys are really fun, especially if you have no prior drone flying experience. You can practice with them all you want, without being afraid of breaking them as they are dirt cheap. You can get one for as low as $10 which is a great bargain considering the amount of fun you are going to have with it. With this in mind, let’s take a closer look at the top 10 best micro drones that can easily fit into your pocket! Also, there are several micro drone with camera on the list. They are ranked from the cheapest to the most expensive one, so you can get a better picture of their respective specifications.

TABLE : Best micro drones

NameImageCameraRangeFlight timePrice
10. CHEERSON CX-10Acx-10aNo25 meters5 minutesSee price now
9. HUBSAN Q4 H111hubsan-q4-h111No40 meters5 minutesSee price now
8. SYMA X12syma-x12No30 meters5 minutesSee price now
7. INGUITY® 3D MICROinguity-3d-microNo20 meters4 minutesSee price now
6. CONTIXO MICROcontixo-microNo50 meters8 minutesSee price now
5. X165x165No30 meters5 minutesSee price now
4. CHEERSON CX-10Wcx-10wd0.3MP25 meters5 minutesSee price now
3. PROPEL ATOM 1.0propel-atom-1-0No30 meters5 minutesSee price now
2. HVR MICRO DRONEhvr-micro1MP30 meters6 minutesSee price now
1. SKYTOY MICROskytoy-miniNo50 meters7 minutesSee price now

10. Cheerson CX-10A

cheerson-cx-10aThe cheapest drone on this list (and on Amazon as well) is Cheerson’s CX-10A. You might have already heard about Cheerson’s CX-10 drone models. There’s a whole bunch of them on Amazon, ranging all the way from $12 to cca $30. You can differentiate them by various letters at the end of their name. For example, this bad boy has A at the end. There are also D’s, WD’s and so on… When it comes to this actual drone, you’ll be quite surprised at all the things it can do. It has LED lights, it is capable of doing 3D rolls, it is equipped with headless mode and has 3 different speeds. The only difference when compared to the normal Cheerson CX-10 are their flight times and battery durations and headless mode.

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9. Hubsan Q4 H111

hubsan-q4-h111You must have already heard about Hubsan, one of the worlds most known drone manufacturers. They have a line of great quality drones, topped off with this beautiful miniature one called Q4 H111. We are talking about a gorgeous black and red drone that can easily make you fall in love with it at the very first sight. But more than its looks, its features and specifications are the things that count. Luckily, it excels in this department with its 6-axis gyro system, 3D lock, LED lights, scheduled flight mode and 4 way flipping. As you can see, Hubsan has really put in a lot of effort and managed to cram so many features in such a small drone.

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8. Syma X12

syma-x12Syma X12 is yet another miniature drone that looks pretty neat. For its size, you will be pleasantly surprised when you feel the sturdiness of this drone. It’s made out of quality plastic-like material which will surely outlast a couple of big falls and crashes before cracking or whatnot. It works via 2.4 Ghz frequency through its controller that is, truth be told, not that sturdy as the drone itself. Luckily, you will be holding it in your hands most of the time, so make sure you don’t drop it, otherwise you’ll probably have to get a new one. Specifications-wise, you can expect up to 5 minutes of flight time and around 20 meters of lag free control range, which are not that bad considering its cheap price.

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7. Inguity® 3D Micro

inguity3d-microInquity is not such a well-known name in the drone industry. Truth be told, this drone is the first drone made by them that I have even heard of. But nevertheless, it deserves a spot in this list due to the fact that it’s a great micro drone which has already made a lot of people happy. People, who have been praising it on all doors in recent weeks, seem to really enjoy it. This is certainly because it is packed with decent features alongside a 30-day warranty coming straight from the manufacturers. Feature-wise, this little guy is equipped with a 6-axis gyro stabilization system, 3 flight modes (beginner, intermediate and expert) and 360 degree flight maneuvering. When it comes to its specifications, it is able to fly up to 4 minutes which is not such a problem considering it will be fully charged again in just under half an hour; plus its control range goes up to 30 meters which is pretty good. This is definitely one of the best micro drones.

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6. Contixo Micro Pocket Drone

contixo-mini-pocket-droneThis bad boy comes with bullt in propeller guards which makes it a bit more durable when compared to its competition. The Contixo Mini Pocket Drone comes in 2 variants – black and red. They’re both pretty in their own pictures, but what matters to us the most is the raw performance and features they possess. Luckily, it does not fall short of our expectations considering it has an adjustable 6-axis gyro system for optimal stability, 3 different flight speeds, and is capable of performing 360 degree flips. But that’s not all guys – we haven’t even gotten to the best parts about this drones. You’ll be extremely happy to find out that you’re getting a ONE YEAR warranty on this drone. In case something weird happens to it and it stops working within ONE YEAR of purchasing it, you can talk to the Contixo support and you’ll have a chance to get a replacement. How awesome is that? But, that is still not all!!! This bad boy has doubled both the flight times and control ranges of all previous drones that have been featured in this list. Contixo Mini Pocket Drone is able to achieve more than 60 meters of lag free range and can be in midair for almost 10 minutes. All of this for just $23.95? Sign me up, Scotty!

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5. NiGHT LiONS TECH Shocking ! X165

night-lions-techThis little fella is another rather pretty micro drone. It sports a clean black finish will most likely turn quite a few heads around. Believe it or not, it is equipped with a state of the art 6-axis gyro system that makes it incredibly easy to control, especially for the first-time users who will have a ton of fun with it. This stabilization system has been greatly implemented in a way that it provides with a smooth experience, which is rarely the case with so small drones. Additionally, the X165 offers 3D maneuvers, 4 channel control scheme, and bright LED lights so that you can pilot it during night time as well. If we take all things into consideration, there is no doubt that Night Lions Tech’s X165 is a good bargain.

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4. Cheerson CX-10W

cheerson-cx-10wThis version of the Cheerson’s CX-10 has a built-in HD camera, which makes it micro drone with camera. But that is not where the fun ends. Its 720p camera is able to provide you with a live FPV feed up to 15 meters away from you, making it the smallest drone to do so. This little devil is quite a fancy looking drone, arguably the prettiest one in the entire CX-10 lineup. This is due to its shiny gold finish that you can either love or hate. When it comes to other specifications of this drone, you’ll be happy to find out that it can spend cca 5 minutes in midair before its batteries run dry. Luckily, it only takes 20 minutes to fully charge them which means you’ll be up and running again in no time.

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3. Propel Atom 1.0

propel-atom-1-0Propel’s Atom 1.0 drone also has a one year unlimited parts replacement, just like the Night Lion Tech X165. In addition to that, it works with a 2.4 Ghz transmitter that is able to provide you with over 100 meters of lag-free range. Truth be told, at that distance you won’t be able to see your drone very well (or at all) so you should be careful when flying that far. Additionally, it is equipped with Invesense 6-axis gyro system whose main goal is to keep it stable in all flight conditions. Add in the 2 speed modes and you got yourself a pretty neat little drone for just over 30 bucks.

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2. HVR Micro Drone

hvr-mini-droneHVR Mini Drone is the second drone with a built-in action camera featured in this list. Unlike the Cheerson CX-10W, this one doesn’t have the FPV feature available, but that does not make it any less fun, that’s for sure! Luckily, it makes up for it with a much better camera along with a 4GB memory card and a card reader so you’re all set when it comes to playing your kids and photos on big screens. With decent flight range and 5 minutes’ worth of flight time (20 minutes for a full charge), this little guy is proving to be quite a champ for its price!

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1. Skytoy Micro Drone

skytoy-miniAnd as the most expensive micro drone featured in this list, we opted for the Skytoy Mini Quadcopter which has a couple of big aces up its sleeves. First of all, it made out of durable material and is equipped with decent quality prop guards which serve as an extra layer of safety. Of course, it is able to do 3D flips and makes use of its LED lights to provide you with great flying experience even during night time. In addition to all of this, the Skytoy Mini Quadcopter also comes with 2 flight modes – headless and head. This is especially useful to beginner pilots who will greatly benefit from the headless mode because it does not take that much time to get a full grasp on it. When it comes to its specifications, it does not fall short in comparison to the competition. With its 7 minutes of flight time and up to 50 meters of control range, there is no doubt that this is a great micro drone suitable for everyone.

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And there you have it guys! Those were the ultimate 10 micro drones that can be considered as the true leaders among their peers. As you could see for yourself, these guys usually come in quite cheap. An average price would be somewhere below $30 which is a real bargain for such a cool chunk of tech gadgetry.

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