10 most popular mini drones in 2017

Today we are going to take a closer look at some of the popular miniature drones. If you are like me, you love the idea behind miniature drones. They are small, compact, can fit inside your pockets… but are still quite good when it comes to actually flying them, and above all, having fun with them. Also, we’ll find out what are the best mini drones with camera that are currently available on the market. If you ARE like me, then you must be really looking forward to seeing the list, so without further ado, here it is:

Table : Best Mini Drones [2017 Edition]

NameImageCameraRangeFlight timePrice
10. CHEERSON CX-10cx-10wd0.3 MP25m4 minSee price now
9. EACHINE H8 MINIeachine-h8No30m6 minSee price now
8. MJX X901mjx-x9010.3 MP50m6 minSee price now
7. AUKEY MINIaukey-miniNo20m4 minSee price now
6. EACHINE E10Ceachine-e10c2 MP20m4 minSee price now
5. METAKOO BEE PROmetakoo-bee0.3 MP25m5 minSee price now
4. PARROT AIRBORNEparrot-airborneVGA15m8 minSee price now
3. BLADE NANO QXblade-nano-qxNo40m7 minSee price now
2. HOLY STONE F180Choly-stone-f180c2 MP35m6 minSee price now
1. HUBSAN H107D480p50m8 minSee price now

10. Cheerson CX-10

cheerson-cx-10wdCheerson’s CX-10 is one of the most popular and (one of) the best mini drones with camera currently available on the market. They gained a massive amount of public exposure after releasing their first ever miniature drone. People loved the fact that they can get their hands on a real drone for just above $10, which is pretty much one of the main reasons why it became so popular. As you can tell by its price, it is the best budget mini drone out there. But don’t let its price fool you – you will still get decent flight time (approximately 4 to 8 minutes) and flight range (up to 40 meters). Considering it is the cheapest mini drone on the market, if you are a first-time user it might be a good idea to invest in this bad boy just to test out your skill. You don’t need to worry about breaking it because it is dirt cheap. Do you think this is the best mini quadcopter with camera?

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9. Eachine H8 Mini

eachine-h8Eachine is another well-known drone manufacturer. Truth be told, they are most known for producing lightning fast racing drones, but still, their first mini one is still a good choice. Featuring headless mode, one key return and 3D tumbling, it proves to be a good alternative for the Cheerson’s CX-10. It’s extremely lightweight and can fit into a palm of your hand with just its prop guards stretching out. With 4 bright LEDs you are able to fly it even during night time which is always a plus. Keep in mind that you will be able to fly it up to 30 meters and can expect around 5 minutes of flight time. This is actually quite a decent number considering it only takes around half an hour for a full charge of this bad boy.

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8. MJX X901

mjx-x901This miniature drone is among the smallest ones featured on this list. With this being said, if the small size is your deciding factor when purchasing your next drone, you should seriously consider purchasing Voomall’s MJX X901. It is a hexacopter not a quadcopter which means it has 6 propellers instead of 4 (pretty logical, eh?). These 2 extra propellers will come in handy when it comes to flying too as they make up for better precision in midair. When it comes to its features, it has a whole bunch of them which is outstanding for a drone costing $27. Along with its 6-axis gyro stabilization system, this little guy is equipped with 3D flip ability, LED lights  and gravity control mode. All in all, if you are looking for a miniature hexacopter you cannot go wrong with this one!

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7. AUKEY Mini drone

aukey-droneAUKEY has made one of the top mini quadcopters on the market. Their so-called Mini Drone has a total of 3 different speeds, first one being rather slow to compensate for beginner’s flying skills. It’s rather lightweight but it is still able to do 3D flips and be amazingly stable while doing so due to its 6-axis gyro system. Specification-wise, you will get up to 5 minutes of flight time on a single charge and up to 25 meters of lag free control range. While it’s range might not be the best, especially when compared to its competitors, the Aukey’s Mini Drone is still a viable option due to its incredible ease of use.

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eachine-e10cIf looks are one of the most important things you look for in a drone then you will be really happy when you see this pretty little guy. It has a white body along with a beautiful looking silver finish accompanied by 2 pairs of matte white propellers. All of them make up for a great first impression. Another great thing (and probably the main selling point) regarding this drone is its camera. Yup, this little guy has a built-in 2MP camera that is able to shoot both videos and photographs. Truth be told, it is not exactly the best quality camera you’ll ever see, but it will get the job done. Considering the size and price of this guy, be happy it has a built-in camera in the first place. When it comes to its features, it has the standard 6-axis gyro stabilization system, 3 speed modes (1st for beginners, 2nd for intermediate users and 3rd for experts) and 360 degree rolling capabilities. All things considered, Eachine E10C could be the best mini quadcopter with camera, most likely the cheapest one on the market.

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5. Metakoo Bee Pro

metakoo-bee-proAs you can see, there’s a huge price gap between this and the last drone featured on this list. More than $20 to be more precise. This is due to the fact that this drone is among the mid tier (and all others after it) drones that have more premium features and build quality. It can be considered as a fully-fledged drone crammed up in a ridiculously small size factor. With its MIA (Metakoo Intelligent Altitude) it senses a change in air pressure which then results in adjusting to a constant height level. This function makes up for an extra level of stability in midair and makes your videos smoother than usual. Yup, videos… I forgot to mention that this guy is equipped with a HD built in action camera that is able to provide you with live FPV feed. Combine this with 3 flight modes (slow, medium and high speed) and you got yourself an amazing mini drone for just over $50.

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4. Parrot Airborne Cargo

parrot-airborne-cargoParrot is one of the most successful drone manufactures and it comes as no surprise since they never cease to amaze us with their new drone releases. Nothing different cannot be said about their Airborne Cargo line. Travis (they yellow model) is made out of great metal material that makes it extremely durable and shock resistant. In addition to its durable frame, it comes with prop guards as an extra layer of safety. It sports a mini VGA action camera that is able to shoot decent quality videos and photos. As its name suggests, it has a compartment for storing small objects along with a base on top of which you can attach Lego figures and similar stuff like that. Specification wise, it is able to give you around 9 minutes of flight time. Combine that with the time that it takes to fully charge it again (around 25 minutes) and you got yourself an agile drone capable of going all sorts of things. As you can see, Parrot outdid themselves with this drone and as such, if you are looking to buy one for your little ones as a Christmas gift, Airborne Cargo is a great choice!

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3. BLADE Nano QX

blade-nano-qxThe standalone version of this drone will set you back for $59.99 while a bundle with an extra battery will set you back for an additional $20. I won’t get into whether or not should you go with the bundle, but what I will tell you is that it’s a great drone that will surprise you in all departments. It is equipped with an exclusive SAFE tech that aims to drastically improve the drone’s stability and agility while in midair. Needless to say, it is extremely small (that’s exactly what nano in its name suggests after all) and you can fly it around in your room with no problems. Additionally, it sports brushless motors that do not only provide you with extra durability but with smoother and more powerful lifting capability. To top it all off, it comes with prop guards that make sure the propellers and motors have another extra layer of safety. All things considered, BLADE did a great job making one of the safest (and most durable) mini drones out there. If you are one of those people who are afraid they’ll break their new toy soon after purchase, get yourself the Nano QX and all your worries will be gone.

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2. Holy Stone F180C

holy-stone-f180cHoly Stone is well known for making alien-like drones that have never ceased to amaze me with their unearthly appearance. This stands for F180C as well. It’s a miniature mode with glossy black finish accompanied by 2 pairs of props, one black and one white, which gives a good dose of contrast to the entire design. It is a good beginner drone because it comes with 4 sensitivity modes suitable for any skill level. Additionally, it comes with a built in 720p camera that is able to shoot decent quality videos. That’s always a plus, especially when it comes to drones of this size. Last, but not least, it has one key 360 flips and hovering mode that are great for shooting aerial footage. Specification-wise, it can last up to 8 minutes in midair and can reach around 50 meters away from its transmitter before the control lag kicks in.

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1. Hubsan H107D

hubsan x4Finally, we have come to the 1st mini drones currently available on the market. Hubsan, a company that puts in a lot of effort when it comes to producing new drones, did a great job with their newest miniature one. It is equipped with 480p camera which is not that great to start with. Luckily, it compensates for its lack of quality with its FPV mode that will surely be one of the main selling points of this drone. Another great feature is the transmitter which includes a 4.3-inch LCD screen for FPV monitoring. It is equipped with the standard 6-axis gyro system accompanied by the 3D flips ability and optimal midair smoothness. All things considered, there is no doubt that this drone is among the premium ones, especially considering it can fly up to 8 minutes and reach cca 50 meters of distance away from its transmitter. Great choice for those of you who want a miniature drone that is able to keep up with fully sized ones!

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I am afraid I have to inform you that we have come to the end of our Top 10 Mini Drones List. In the end, I hope that you found this list useful and that it, in one way or another, helped you with the purchase process. With this being said, I hope you have a lot of fun with your newly purchased drone, and until next time – MAY YOUR WINDS BE EVER SO CALM!

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10 most popular mini drones in 2017

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