10 Super Expensive Drones That Are Available On Amazon

Even though most people are looking for good bargains when it comes to purchasing tech gadgets such as drones, there are still those for whom money is not an issue. These people are often looking for the very best drones available, and if that’s the case with you, then there is no doubt you will enjoy this list. Why, you ask? Well, because it will give you an in-depth look at some of the most expensive drone on the market. It’s that simple! So with that in mind, let’s dwell into the list and see which particular models have found their way into it!

Table : Most Expensive Drone on Amazon

NameImageCameraRangeFlight timeBest Price
10. Yuneec Q5004K1000m22 minSee price now
9. Autel Robotics X-Star4K2000m24 minSee price now
8. DJI Phantom 44K3000m24 minSee price now
7. DJI Mavic Pro4K7000m26 minSee price now
6. DJI S1000DSLRN/A15 minSee price now
5. Yuneec Tornado H920DSLR2000m24 minSee price now
4. DJI Phantom 4 Pro4K7000m25 minSee price now
3. DJI Inspire 14K2000m15 minSee price now
2. DJI Inspire 24K7000m25 minSee price now
1. FreeFly Alta 8DSLRN/A20 minSee price now

Does more money mean better performance?

Well, even though in theory this logic works more often than not, there are certain exceptions. While this is not that common in high end market, it surely is when it comes to mid and low tier models. Manufacturers love messing around with potential buyers by pricing their models higher than competition even though they’re obviously weaker. Still, they make good profit off them through extensive marketing and beautiful designs.

The above works for mainstream drone market and not models that are specifically design for certain usages, for instance agriculture or thermal inspection. In those departments, the situation looks really different and you should do a thorough research if you want to buy one that’s perfect for you. Since there are lots of industry-specific traits, it is really difficult to say if more money equals to better performance. With that said, I advise you once again to invest a lot of time and effort into examining potential purchases as the difference might seem small at first but could end up being much bigger than you initially thought.

Who are these drones meant for?

All drones on this list are primarily targeted to people interested in all forms of aerial photography. Whether they’re simply professional photographers who want to take it up a notch or real estate agents, tech-savvy farmers or anything in between, any of the below listed drones are going to serve greatly. With advanced 4K cameras and great stabilization systems, there is no doubt all those drones can take great aerial shots. Take FreeFly Alta 8 as an example, this drone (in addition to spectacular cinematography traits) has a couple of well-placed functions that will surely bring shivers down your spine. As a matter of fact, there’s a whole chapter dedicated solely to that topic…

Moving forward, I’d also like to state that there are more people who can enjoy this drone in addition to people interested in aerial photo platforms. Casual users will enjoy them too…. Especially demanding ones who want only the most cutting-edge technology available. YouTubers, vloggers and pretty much all internet celebrities are jumping on the bandwagon and are starting to use drones on a regular basis. They’re obviously still growing in popularity so I’ll dare to say that drones, in general, aren’t limited to certain types of people. Instead, they’re only limited by the willingness of people to look at them as modern-day marvels; which they definitely are!

What can FreeFly Alta do that other drones can't?

First of all, I would like to point out this is not one of those mainstream drones such as DJI Phantom 4, Yuneec Typhoon H or Autel Robotics X-Star Premium. This is a specialized cinematography drone with some serious power underneath the hood. In the description below, you’ll find more detailed technical specifications but here I would like to let you know that it’s brutally powerful and reliable. With special functions such as AW (all weather) flying, 2 quick release mechanisms, top/bottom camera mounts and plenty other highly useful ones, it becomes clear FreeFly Alta 8 is something completely different than regular drones.

Needless to say, this little fella (with its enormous price tag and advanced features) is not meant for casual users or even those who are thinking of starting a brand new drone related business. Not by a long shot! Instead, this beast is aimed towards the big guns… big names in filmmaking industry who can greatly profit from using these drones, especially in the long time frame. With a unique set of features, it is safe to say FreeFly Alta 8 is on a whole another level in comparison to mainstream drones. The kind of performance it can provide is yet to come close to the mainstream drone industry.

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10. Yuneec Q500

Yuneec Q500 is a brilliant drone with lots of safety features that help it stand out in front of the competition. With its 4K camera, Intel’s RealSense collision avoidance systems and exceptional specifications (roughly 23minutes of flight time and up to 1 kilometer of flight range), this little guy seems to be a good choice for most people.

Of course, the regular price of this drone is not that high since you can easily get it for under a thousand bucks. Still, if you are willing to up your game and opt for the bundled package, you will end up paying more than double the initial sum of money. Truth be told, it is definitely worth it since you’ll be getting a whole plethora of accessories including extra storage, extra props, carrying bag, extra batteries, and a wizard wand which is a special type of controller (similar to your TV remote to be honest).

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9. Autel Robotics X-Star Premium

autel-robotics-x-star-premiumThe folks over at Autel Robotics labs have really did their best while creating their flagship model, the X-Star Premium. It sports an absolutely beautiful design with top build quality and great manufacturing standards all around. The camera is no joke either. It is mounted on the 3-axis gimbal stabilization system which helps it take breathtaking aerial shots every time.

In addition to that, it is also worth mentioning that we are talking about a fully-fledged 4K camera which supports FPV. What’s even better, X-Star Premium has quite the FPV range… 2 kilometers of it, to be more precise. This will allow you to have awesome flight sessions without having to worry about losing connection or the drone itself.

Even if the latter does happen, Autel Robotics implemented both GPS and GLONASS navigation systems in this little fella, allowing it to be precisely positioned no matter the latitude. All things considered, the X-Star Premium is definitely a drone well worth its price, and there is no reason why you should not try it out for yourself.

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8. DJI Phantom 4

DJI-Phantom-4The standard version of DJI’s Phantom 4 (beware, there are going to be plenty of DJI’s drones in this list since all of them are pretty pricey) will kick out quite a bit of money out of your pockets, but at least you can be sure that you are buying a top-quality product.

DJI is considered as the father to all other drone manufacturers. They are basically one of the reasons why drones became this popular in the first place… And now, with their 4th installment in the Phantom series, we have to admit that they are doing their job better than ever.

It has a couple of nice upgrades as well as specifications that confirm its premium figure on the market. More precisely, Phantom 4 can fly around for up to 25 minutes and can reach roughly 5 kilometers away from its transmitter without any controllability issues (List of 10 drones with longest range). In addition to that, it is also worth mentioning its awesome 4K camera that is able to capture beautiful aerial shots time in and time out.

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7. DJI Mavic Pro

Mavic Pro is another very interesting looking drone coming straight from DJI’s labs. It has one simple catch though – it is foldable. I am sure most of you have heard about the new micro niche that has started appearing in the drones market. It goes by the name of “selfie drones” and believe it or not, lately it has been getting more popularity than ever.

The sudden raise in popularity has resulted in several industry leading manufacturers to release their selfie drone models… including DJI. So what we are basically saying is that Mavic Pro can be considered as a selfie drone since its main characteristics are the foldable design, good camera and solid flight time. More precisely, Mavic Pro can brag with up to 26 minutes of flight time, 40mph top speed and roughly 7 kilometers of maximum range.

The camera is no joke either – we are talking about a fully-fledged 4K camera which will surely amaze you with the picture quality it can produce. And finally, after stating everything there is to state about this drone, I am sure you realize that selfie drones could be the next big thing in the industry and that Mavic Pro is a darn fine example of just that!

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6. DJI Spreading Wings S1000

If you are looking for a professional aerial photography platform, then you cannot go wrong with DJi’s Spreading Wings S1000. It is an absolutely majestic beast of a drone that can lift up to 11kg of payload without any issues at all. This means that you can easily (with the right gimbal) mount your favorite professional camera and not have to worry whether the drone will be able to carry it or not.

Still, the only downside of this beast is its relatively low flight time when carrying professional photography equipment. In other words, if you plan on attaching your professional camera and a premium Zenmuse gimbal, you should not expect more than 10 minutes of flight time. Still, despite that, Spreading Wings S1000 is still a great choice for professional aerial photographers who are investing in more and more of these beasts with each passing day.

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5. Yuneec Tornado H920

After their “cheap” Q500 model, it is time we checked out Yuneec’s Tornado H920. It costs quite a bit more money than the Q500 which is understandable as they are nowhere near each other in terms of raw performance… or usage scenarios either.

While the Q500 is meant for enthusiasts who would like to get their hands on a premium drone and fly it around, H920 is meant strictly for professionals who know what they are looking for. If you are one of them, then you will definitely be happy to find out that this little devil comes prebundled with the awesome GB603 gimbal.

I’m sure at least some of you are already clapping their hands after realizing you can mount Panasonic GH4 camera for that ultimate aerial photography set up. And that’s pretty much what this drone is about – creating the optimal aerial photography platform for hardworking professionals who don’t agree to compromise.

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4. DJI Phantom 4 Pro

The Professional version of this drone comes with a much higher price tag but definitely has those well-placed upgrades to justify it. First off, if you already own the standard version of Phantom 4, it might be worth double checking before upgrading.

Even though it has certain upgraded parts such as max flight speed, camera sensor, max bitrate, dual obstacle avoidance systems and more, it’s still pretty similar to the standard version. Sure, you have those extra 3 minutes of flight time and bigger memory capacity, but are those things you really need that much that you are willing to pay so much extra money for them?

Well, that’s a question you will have to answer on your own since there is no point in us trying to do so. With that being said, I believe there is nothing more to be said about the Pro version of Phantom 4.

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3. DJI Inspire 1 Pro

dji-inspire1The first PRO version of DJI’s Inspire series has delivered nothing but major success. With its unique design and features, it won the hearts (and pockets) of many before it even came out on the market. Nowadays, even though it has been replaced with the second installment of the Inspire series (more about that drone down below), Inspire 1 Pro still has a bunch of sales.

For such a premium model, this actually comes as no surprise. Its characteristics and specifications are still not to be taken lightly since they are superior over 90% of its competitors. The only downside (at least in my honest opinion) of this model is its relatively short battery life. It can only fly for around 15 minutes with the gimbal and camera mounted, and in this day and age, that is just way to short for most people.

So, in other words, if you are a fan of ridiculously long flight sessions, then DJI Inspire 1 Pro might not be the right model for you… On the other hand, if you love its interesting features but just can’t go over those 15 minutes of flight time, then you should definitely check out its successor – the DJI Inspire 2!

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2. DJI Inspire 2

DJI Inspire 2 is the upgraded version of the previous drone on our list (Inspire 1, who would’ve guessed eh?). It costs a bit more money than its predecessor but justifies it accordingly with several improvements. First off, Inspire 2 has much higher flight speeds and more importantly – its battery can endure much more time spent in the air. If we are to be more precise here, Inspire 2 can fly up to 27 minutes on a single charge while Inspire 1 pro can only do just more than half of that.

It sports a better camera as well, which is certainly going to be a selling point for some of its potential buyers. In addition to that, it also sports the popular Zenmuse gimbals, X4S and X5S with better ISO and angular vibration range. Without going further into details, I believe you already know more than enough to determine that the Inspire 2 is a much better model than its predecessor.

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1. Freefly Systems ALTA 8

Freefly-Systems-ALTA-8Now this is an extremely expensive drone that will most likely make you get a loan in order to purchase it. I kid you not – this beast of a drone costs as much as a solid car. Truth be told, it has every right to be so pricey since it is not your regular drone.

It is a special type of drone that is mainly used for lifting and transporting heavy objects from point A to point B. It has a unique looking folding design that helps it easily fit into the pelican case (you’ll get it with the package, of course). Its inverted landing gear enables it to have things mounted on top of it which is crucial for proper weight lifting in the long flight scenarios. While we are discussing weight lifting, you will be happy to find out that Alta 8 is capable of lifting up to 20lbs of payload.

The battery is pretty solid too, which is quite surprising since we are aware that heavy lifting drones usually lasts up to 5-10 minutes on full load. Well, Alta 8 takes it one step further and can last up to 20 minutes with 5lbs payload and roughly 10 minutes with 15lbs of payload. That should be more than enough for you to spend your whole month’s paycheck and get this little devil… it’s definitely worth it!!!

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So now you have a clearer picture on what to expect from the most expensive drone currently available on the market. As you had the chance to see for yourself, these are all top-notch drones with fancy features, exceptional build quality and above all – great performance. None of them agrees to any compromises which means you will be up for an amazing drone flight experience no matter which one of the drones listed above you choose… And with that being said, I believe there is nothing more to be said about the ultra expensive drones on the market, which is why I will cut this article here and let you enjoy the rest of your evening!

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