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Ahh… Selfies… I really hated them back in the day when they first became popular. Truth be told, that’s mostly because all those “popular” chicks became so obsessed with them that it simply killed all the selfie fun for me. But, nowadays, selfies have evolved and adapted to the modern world. Nowadays, everyone takes them and everyone loves them. It’s a whole another story than was the case a couple of years back. With that being said, the fact that the drones’ market is becoming flooded with selfie drones comes as no surprise.

These drones are characterised by their small size (plus they’re usually foldable as well which makes them perfect travelling companions), solid camera and ease of use. Even though they have just started to grow in popularity, there are already a bunch of models available on the market. So, if you are looking for a decent selfie drone, here’s a list of the best ones out there, sorted from the cheapest to most expensive ones.

Table : What is the best selfie drone ?

NameImageCameraRangeTimeBest Price
7. ELF II1MP30m8 minSee price now
6. WingsLand S64K100m10 minSee price now
5. Zerotech Dobby13MP100m8 minSee price now
4. Xiro Mini13MP100m8 minSee price now
3. Yuneec Breeze4K1000m12 minSee price now
2. DJI Spark1080p2000m15 minSee price now
1. DJI Mavic Pro4K7000m26 minSee price now


What is a selfie?

If, by any chance, you were living under a rock for the past 5-6 years and you don’t know what a selfie is, then here’s your 101. Selfie is basically a self-portrait photograph that has gotten worldwide fame over the course of last couple of years.

But, believe it or not, selfies range way, way, way back. If we are to be more precise here, Robert Cornelius was the first human being to shoot a selfie. It happened back in 1839 when Mr. Cornelius decided to make a test photograph. On the back, he wrote: “The First light picture ever taken. 1839.”

How did they become so popular?

Well, to be honest, it was just a matter of time. In my personal opinion, as soon as mainstream smartphones got decent front cameras, the selfie game started stirring up. Nowadays, selfies are the most ordinary thing out there… at least in western countries. People are using them to capture dear moments and memories from trips all around the world. There are more subtle types of selfies too, but I’m not referring to those. Half-naked women and all that hot stuff, I’m not really into that. For me, a selfie is more than just pretty faces and sexy bodies. It needs to feature a special location and be connected to a dear memory…

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Is there any other selfie gadgetry out there?

When it comes to selfie gadgetry, some of you will be surprised to find out selfie drones aren’t the first one available on the market. Before them, first there was the infamous selfie stick. It started off as a trolling figure but emerged a huge success with people buying it like it was free. Needless to say, selfie sticks boosted the popularity of selfies even further… and before you know it, everyone starts taking them on a daily basis. So, with all that being said, it’s pretty obvious that selfie drones are basically modern-day successors of good old selfie sticks. They’re stepping up our selfie game and look damn good doing so.


What to look for in a best selfie drone?

Getting a drone that will suit all of your needs can be tricky, especially if that need is for selfies. But still, since this is an informative portal, I am going to help you with that. So, if you want to purchase a selfie drone there are 3 things you should keep in mind:


The most obvious one is certainly the camera. If you’re going to take awesome aerial shots and videos, your drone needs a top-notch image sensor. Depending on your budget, you should ideally look for stabilized cameras that can capture FHD or even 4K videos/images. Even though the old myth that claimed “more megapixels equals higher quality” is wrong, you still aim for at least 12mpx sensor. Don’t take stabilization for granted. Especially if you’re thinking of recording videos. Motorized gimbals are more important than most of you think. If you go for a drone that doesn’t have one, you’re up for a rough time shooting anything decent…


Second noteworthy aspect of a good selfie drone is its size. Also, keep in mind that most today’s selfie drones are foldable in a way (7 most popular foldable drones), whether just by their propellers or entire prop arms. With that being said, make sure you keep an eye out for their folded and unfolded sizes not to mess them up when making your decision.

Ideally, you should look for a drone that you can easily carry around with you. Most models featured on this list down below can easily fit into a man purse. Mobility is a key factor – what good is your selfie drone if it’s never there when you need it the most…

Flight time

If you’re buying a selfie drone then range isn’t on your worry list. But, battery is a completely different story. I don’t have to tell you twice that it takes awfully lot of time to take the perfect selfie. It’s an art! That’s why, anything less than 10 minutes is a complete miss. Even 15 if you plan on taking more than a couple selfies per day. Here’s list of 10 drones with long flight time.



If you are looking for a solid entry level selfie drone that requires a bit of DIY, then ELF II is the right one for you. This little fella is made out of much higher quality materials than the first 2 drones on our list (removed from list). In addition to that, it also supports FPV and even VR which sets it far ahead of the above-mentioned competition. Still, the DIY part might scare off some of you… but I can assure you it is not nearly as complicated as most of you think.

The camera quality, on the other hand, is not much better. 1Mpx camera (records in 720p) will not provide you with breathtaking videos, but will serve the purpose of flying in FPV or VR and taking an occasional picture or two. Another thing worth mentioning is the fact that ELF II is not a quadcopter, it’s a hexacopter, making it quite the refreshment in the niche.

Still, those 2 additional propellers and motors won’t help it a lot when it comes to being a solid selfie drone… especially with that 1MP camera. With all that in mind, it’s safe to say that this little fella isn’t meant for everyone. The main target audience are beginners who don’t want to spend a lot of money on their first selfie drone.

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6. Wingsland S6

wingsland s6 foldable drone

Finally, we have come to the actual selfie drones and not those cheap, budget friendly wannabes. So for our first real specimen we have the Wingsland S6. It is a beautifully designed foldable drone with solid characteristics and great camera. It’s quite more expensive than ELF, but has great specifications to come along with the price.

First off, it supports an outstanding 4K UHD camera with WiFi app control. Regarding its features, Wingsland S6 is not shy by any means – return to home, follow me, orbit around me are just some of them that you will end up using on a daily basis. This is especially true for the latter which performs amazingly for selfies.

You’re worried that it’s too heavy and you won’t be able to carry it around wherever you go? Well, there is no reason to worry since this little fella weighs less than a pound. Yup, you read that correctly! And last but not least, here are its key specifications: flight time is roughly 10 minutes and operating range is approximately 100 meters (12 drones with longest operating range).

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5. Zerotech Dobby

zerotech dobby folded

As some of you already figured out by now, these selfie drones all kind of look similar to each other… and nothing different can be said about Zerotech Dobby either. It’s a flashy, glossy white drone with beautifully designed foldable layout. When it is folded, it easily fits into your pocket without you having to worry about breaking it (bendgate confirmed!). Is this the only good thing about Dobby? Not by a long shot!

The most important thing of every selfie drone is its camera, and it is pretty safe to state that Dobby does not disappoint in that department. With its 13MPX built-in camera, it is able to capture high quality aerial footage… and most importantly – crystal clear selfies that will be the main talking point of your next family gathering. What’s even better, this tiny camera has some interesting features that are quite rare to see with drone cameras – facial recognition and drone target tracking. These will ensure you always get the perfect selfie no matter how clumsy you are when it comes to actually maneuvering with the drone itself.

Specification-wise, the battery kind of disappoints with its up cca 8 minutes of juice. On the bright side, the flight range is much better, hovering around 100 meters which is way more than you will ever need for a proper aerial selfie.

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4. XIRO Xplorer Mini

xiro xplorer mini drone for traveling

And now we have come to the four heavyweights in the selfie drones market. The first model comes from XIRO, a company which got famous for their XIRO Xplorer V model that had quite good specifications and a relatively moderate price tag to its name. Now, its selfie successor, the XIRO Xplorer Mini aims to take the market by storm with similar tactics. So, what does it have to offer?

Even though it does not have a 4K drone camera like the 2 last selfie drones in this list (Wingsland S6 and Zerotech Dobby), it is still capable of providing you with quality aerial shots with its 13mpx FHD camera with 190-degree lens. It works with both Android and iOS devices and supports FPV transmission.

The biggest selling point of this drone is its visual positioning system which relies on dual navigation from GPS and GLONASS. This will ensure it has pinpoint accuracy whether its flying indoor or outdoor, especially when combined with features such as auto return to home, lost connection protection and one click media sharing. All of these features might seem boring at first, but if you end up buying this drone, you will realize just how useful they really are.

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3. Yuneec Breeze

yuneec breeze droneBreeze is basically Yuneec’s entrance to the selfie market. This gorgeous little fella is not only blessed with excellent design but with lightweight and foldability too. Specifications should not be left out of the equation since they’re more than decent, especially for the price this little fella goes for.

4K camera is leading the charge with a miniature lens located at drone’s tip. Don’t let its small size fool you though as it’s able to shoot outstanding aerial selfies any day of the week. Specifications-wise, you’re looking at approximately 12 minutes of flight time and 1 kilometer of range. Top speed isn’t far off either, clocking in at roughly 35km/h.

When you take a closer look at its features, then you’ll begin to understand that Yuneec Breeze is a proper selfie drone. With 5 smart flight modes including a Selfie Mode, you’ll be able to take all sorts of magnificent aerial selfies that’ll amaze everyone following you on social media. In the end, I would just like to point out one more thing and that’s weight. Believe it or not, Yuneec Breeze weighs less than a pound and is rather compact (when folded), allowing it to fit into virtually any type of backpack or purse. That makes it ideal drone for travel.

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2. DJI Spark

If you’re a DJI fanboy then I am sure you’ve already heard about the Spark. This amazing new drone is the talking point of entire drone industry and there’s no way you could’ve missed its announcement.

So basically, we are talking about the smallest DJI drone yet… yup, even smaller than the Mavic Pro. The specifications are nowhere those on Mavic, but are still respectable nevertheless. If you ask me, this is pretty much a second try for DJI to squeeze themselves into the selfie drone market. Even though the initial job of Mavic Pro was just that, with such a huge price tag the majority of selfie market was driven away to cheaper alternatives.

That’s where the Spark kicks in. With a very aggressive price tag and excellent specifications, this could indeed be another major success for the drone giant. 2 kilometers of range and cca 15 minutes of flight time, in addition to the FHD camera, make up for an awesome package that’s already available for pre-orders. With all that being laid out on the table, the Spark could be set for this summer’s selfie season.

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1. DJI Mavic Pro

The pinnacle of selfie drones is, of course, made by DJI. Their awesome Mavic Pro is an best selfie drone with high end specifications across all departments. With its 7 kilometers of seamless operating range, and roughly 65km/h top speed, Mavic Pro makes sure to point out that it can be used for much more than just plain selfie shots.

For instance, with such fast top speed, it can even be used for casual drone racing at the local park; and with such a huge range, it can even serve as a surveillance drone that can make sure there are no intruders on your farm or property. It is, of course, poised with quality features such as ActiveTrack and TapFly, which will allow you to concentrate more on taking the perfect shot than controlling the actual drone.

And last but not least, it is important to mention that the Mavic Pro comes with obstacle avoidance and dual GPS+GLONASS positioning system, which, on top of its 27-minutes in-air-endurance, make up for an outstanding all-around drone that will definitely find its way into the hearts of many.

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And there you have it guys. If you are looking for a great drone that will provide you with the perfect selfie time and time again, you cannot go wrong with any of the above listed models. As you probably figured out on your own, the price range is huge. The first drone costs just over $50 while the last one costs roughly $1,000 more. So, it’s only logical that there’s a huge gap in quality as well. Still, any of the latter 4 drones on the list (that cost more than a restaurant meal) will definitely prove to be awesome not only for selfies but for casual aerial photography as well. With that being said, I will leave you to make up your mind with the hope that this list helped you at least a bit.

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