Overview of 10 most popular small drones available for purchase in 2016

Most of the time, when people hear the word drone they immediately think of these big, bulky machines that fly around. While this was true a couple of years ago, today the market looks a lot different. Not only are there small drones for sale but there are mini and nano ones as well. For around $15 you can get a nano drone that can easily fit into your hand. You can carry it in your back pocket for all I know. But, today we are not going to be talking about these nano drones. We are going to focus more on small drones. Drones that are not too big but yet not too small to fit into the palm of your hand. Needless to say, there is a whole bunch of them on the market so making this list was quite the task. With this being said, let us take you straight to it so you do not waste any more of your precious time.

Table : Best Small Drones

NameImageCameraRangeFlight timePrice
10. SYMA X11syma-x11No40 meters6 minutesSee it !
9. INGUITY MAXinguity-max-speedNo50 meters7 minutesSee it !
8. HUBSAN H107Chubsan-x4-h107c0.3MP40 meters7 minutesSee it !
7. HOLY STONE HS170holy-stone-hs170No50 meters8 minutesSee it !
6. SYMA X5Cakaso-x5c2MP50 meters7 minutesSee it !
5. BLADE NANO QXblade-nano-qxNo50 meters7 minutesSee it !
4. MJX X400Wmjx-x4002MP100 meters9 minutesSee it !
3. UDI U845udi-u8452MP80 meters8 minutesSee it !
2. PARROT AIRBORNEparrot-airborneNo100 meters9 minutesSee it !
1. TDR ROBIN PROtdr-robin-pro720p70 meters6 minutesSee it !


10. Syma X11

syma-x11We are going to start this list off with a great small drone coming from Syma. Their X11 model sports quite a compact, but durable, black frame with several golden decals at the top. It has unique looking propellers (2 pairs, one white and one black) and is able to provide you with comfortable flight both indoor and outdoor. As usual, it comes with the standard 6-axis gyro stabilizer that ensures a smooth flying experience. In addition to that, you will get a set of prop guards that provide some extra safety for your new toy. The controller uses 4 AA batteries which don’t come within the package. In other words, if you want to fly your drone as soon as it arrives make sure you have those 4 AA batteries ready before its arrival. When it comes to its specifications, it is able to reach up to 40 meters without any sort of lag, and can last up to 7 minutes in midair. Good numbers for such a cheap drone, don’t you agree?

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9. Inguity Max Speed

inguity-max-speedThis all-black drone that made it onto this list is actually a huge surprise. Inguity, not such a well-known name in the drone industry, has made an outstanding acrobatic drone capable of performing all sorts of tricks that will surely amaze not just you but all of your friends as well. It is fast and agile in midair but on top of that, its frame is quite sturdy making it more durable than you’d think. When it comes to flying, it is incredibly smooth and easy to control for beginners. Combine that with 2 sets of bright LEDs, around 6 minutes of flight time, incredible speed and up to 50 meters of lag free range and you got yourself a great bang for your bucks.

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8. Hubsan X4 H107C

hubsan-x4-h107cHubsan is known for making only the best small drones on the market, especially in recent times. Their newest small drone model, the X4 H107C is a great one in all departments. It is equipped with the standard 6-axis gyro system, has a 0.3MP built in camera (which requires an micro SDHC memory card that doesn’t come within the package) and works via 2.4 Ghz RC frequency. It does have a sturdy frame and comes with one spare set of propellers along with propeller guards that are there for further shock protection. With its 7 minutes of flight time and around 50 meters of flight range, we have to admit that its nothing more than decent at best. Still, its durable frame, decent camera and great handling compensate for that. In other words, if you want to buy a great budget drone with a compact size, you cannot go wrong with the X4 H107C. On the other hand, if you want to splash a couple bucks more for the same drone but with a greatly improved HD camera, then I warmly suggest you go for the X4 H107C+ version which costs around $13 more.

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7. Holy Stone HS170

holy-stone-hs170This great looking drone sports a great headless security system that allows everyone to fly it around with a comfortable feel to it. With this being said, it is pretty clear that this drone is not only aimed at more experience users but to beginners as well. It is stable and flexible, especially with the help of its 6-axis gyro system that aims to provide the drone with optimal stabilization. Specification-wise, this bad boy is able to fly up to 50 meters away from its transmitter. Additionally, it can fly around for almost 8 minutes which is just above average for this price range. Luckily, it can get back up in air in about an hour because that’s how long it takes for its battery to fully charge.

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syma-x5cEven though this drone does not have the prettiest color combination and overall appearance (looks way too cheap with its glossy white finish along with red decals on top), it has a lot of good features that compensate for it. For example, it is equipped with a 2.0MP HD camera capable of shooting good aerial videos throughout the flight. Other than that, it’s exclusive 6-axis gyro system makes sure that the drone itself is optimally stable which improves the overall quality of your footage. And finally, it’s 7 minute flight time is not exactly the greatest, especially considering that it takes around hours and a half to fully charge it up. With this being said, you should probably invest in a spare set of fully charged batteries so you can enjoy your drone for a bit longer.

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5. Blade Nano QX

blade-nano-qxThis beautiful looking black and yellow drone will surely turn quite a few heads in its direction once you decide to give it a stroll through the neighborhood. It is a great drone with durable (and lightweight) frame accompanied by prop guards that give an extra layer of propeller and brushless motors protection. It is incredibly smooth and small which means you can fly it indoor and outdoor with no worries. With its exclusive SAFE technology, this little guy is going to provide beginner pilots with great flying experience as well. This technology significantly improves the overall stability of the drone and makes it insanely reactive to controls. Do you agree this is one of the most popular small drones for sale?

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4. MJX X400W

MJX X400This drone has a bunch of aces up its sleeves which is exactly why it made its place on this list. It has a built-in action camera that works via WiFi. It is capable of providing you with live FPV feed coming straight from the drone. But this is not where the fun ends. This little guy supports 3D VR headsets such as Gear VR, Google Cardboard and so on. What this means is that you can place your smartphone in one of these VR headsets, connect it to your drone and fly it around in VR. How cool is that? Needless to say, this little guy offers the most immersive drone piloting experience available on the market. When it comes to the rest of its specifications, you will be extremely happy to find out that it can last up to 9 minutes in midair which Is pretty good. Combine that with over 100 meters of flight range and you got yourself a great drone for just above $75.

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3. UDI U845

udi-u845If you are looking for a drone that resembles a UFO then you really need to buy this one! It has a round shape with a relatively big centerpiece surrounded by thick body guards and a landing stand on the bottom. Underneath the centerpiece there is a nicely placed HD action camera capable of recording decent looking aerial footage. It works via Wifi and you can use your smartphone to get yourself a live FPV feed. For a drone that costs $80 you’d expect a couple of handy features. Luckily, the U845 does not disappoint us in that department as it is equipped with headless mode, gravity induction, low voltage alarm and 3D flips; all of which ensure that you have nothing but amazing flying experience.

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2. Parrot Airborne Night

parrot-airborne-cargoThis little guy looks amazing (as is the case with all other drones made by Parrot) and has both specifications and features to back that up. It is an extremely lightweight and agile drone that sports a VGA camera capable of providing you with outstanding aerial shots (better than most of those upscaled HD cameras that you tend to see on cheaper drones). In addition to this, it is also very shock resistant with its thick prop guards that stretch out on both sides of the drone. The “night” in its name isn’t there for no reason – it is equipped with 2 bright headlights (you can adjust their intensity and scroll through several different light modes of course) on the nose which means you can fly it during night time with no worries. Other than that, you will be happy to know that it can last up to 9 minutes in midair, but luckily it takes less than half an hour to fully charge it… which is awesome.

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1. TDR Robin Pro

tdr-robin-proThis is it guys. You have come to the final drone on this list. This special place belongs to TDR’s Robin Pro. It’s a premium drone in every sense of that word, ranging from its top quality (and great looking) transmitter that has a built in 4.3 inch LCD screen (used for FPV monitoring) to the drone itself which sports a clean matte black and yellow finish. It comes with an 8 GB microSD card on which you can store all those amazing aerial footages you capture with its built-in HD 720p action camera. Of course, it is equipped with all those fancy features such as orbit video, auto hovering, and auto return to home.  When it comes to its range, it excels there as well. Its control range goes up to 70 meters while its FPV range is somewhere around 50. The only disappointing thing about this drone is its flight time which is only around 6 minutes. Luckily, you can always buy more batteries, charge them up and get ready for more flying fun!

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So, there you have it guys. You came to the end of our Top 10 Best Small Drones list. As you could see for yourself, these drones start out with reasonable budget-friendly prices. But still, if you want a premium one you will have to make a bigger dent in your wallet. With this being said, I hope you found this list informative and that, at least in some ways, it has helped you with making the final decision. Until next time – happy piloting!

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