Top 5 waterproof drones available in the market [2017 edition]

Warm days, good weather, is it Summer in your country? Do you enjoy pools and beaches? Perhaps a good river or a day out at the local lake park. Would you like to own a drone you could take to these kind of places without worrying of getting it wet? Are you looking for a waterproof drone? Well, we too! Therefore, we at DronesGlobe have come up with a 5 best waterproof drones currently available in the market. The best five and most affordable drones you will find, we have gathered them on this list. Let us take a deeper look into what these five innovative drones are capable of! Let’s dive right into this review!

NameImageRangeTimeBest Price
6. GPTOYS H2Ogptoys-h2o100m8 minSee price now
5. GPTOYS F51GPTOYS-F51100m8 minSee price now
3. JJRC H31JJRC-H31-revew-test-flight150m8 minSee price now
1. QUADH20QUADH201km25 min


6- GPToys H20 Aviax

GPTOYS-H20-AVIAX5th on our list of the best waterproof drones is the most simple and affordable waterproof drone you will find in the market. It was such a success that many other manufactures have cloned it and released it under other names. But nothing better than the original. GPToys H20 Aviax was one of the, if not the very first, waterproof Toy drone to hit the market for a very affordable price. GPToys H20 Aviax is as good in water as it is in air, capable of withstanding fair amounts of water, GPToys H20 is the cheapest waterproof quadcopter. It has a control distance of up to 100 meters and a flight time of 8 to 10 minutes. Keep in mind that H20 Aviax can only be submersed in 2 to 7 meters of water, although don’t go diving with it, it’s not a submarine.

H20 Aviax has one amazing and rare feature, the Cruise Function, meaning that the drone can record an air routine of 40 seconds into its memory and afterwards perform it by itself accurately. Besides this amazingly fun to use feature GPToys H20 Aviax also includes Headless Mode (for easier orientation), 360º aerial stunts with just the push of a button and LED lights for night flights. It does not come with a camera but you can easily attach one.

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5- GPToys F51

GPTOYS-F51After the success of H20 Aviax, GPToys decided to invest on a waterproof product with a camera included, thus the release of GPToys F51. F51 is a mini drone capable of withstanding decent amounts of air. It is also capable of taking photographs and record video under water. Its build was designed to drain the water off more quickly. However, much like H20 Aviax, don’t put it into deep water because that will affect the motors and camera.

GPToys F51 has some very useful and fun features, first of all the camera is 2MP and is capable of taking photos and recording video underwater. Secondly it includes Headless Mode (for easier orientation despite where the front is pointing at) and One-key Home return feature (drone returns to pilot). More commonly also has 360º aerial stunt and LED lights for night flights.

GPToys F51 control distance is 100 meters, the average control range for drones within this price range. Powered by a 3.7V 400mAh 20C lipo battery, GPToys F51 is capable of having a flight time from 7 to 8 minutes.

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4- Parrot Hydrofoil Mini Drone

PARROT-HYDROFOIL-MINI-DRONEMost likely you have never heard of Parrot Hydrofoil Mini Drone and to be honest there is a catch on this one. This drone is actually a 2-in-1. A boat mounted to a mini drone. As a pilot you can have the best of both worlds. When the drone is mounted on the boat it acts as motor providing quick and stable RC boat control. Take to a lake or calm river and enjoy the most of this fast boat. When you are done swimming, you can detach your mini drone from the boat and start flying!

This drone is manufactured by a famous company, the Parrot and their products are always controlled by a smartphone app available for both Android and iOS. Hydrofoil is no exception, you can remotely control the drone via smartphone, however not through WiFi but Bluetooth instead and consequently the boat by using your smartphone device. The drone can reach a speed of 10km/h on the water and 18km/h in air. Unfortunately this drone only has a control distance of up to 20 meters, not its best specification. Flight time of this drone is also below average, only up to 5 minutes of battery life. Parrot Hydrofoil also comes with an on-board mini camera.

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3- JJRC H31

JJRC-H31-revew-test-flightJJRC seems to be one of the best drone manufacturers in low-entry budget range. Their latest drone, H31 is waterproof. You’d be surprised how affordable this drone actually is. In fact, it’s one of the best drones you can buy for less than $50. Not only it’s waterproof, but it is also above average in terms of control range and flight time. JJRC drones are almost always outstanding in terms of flight time and control range. JJRC H31 has a control range of 150 meters and flight time of 8 minutes. Only drawback is lack of camera. JJRC H31 does not have camera included by default, which means you’ll have to buy it separately. Recently we heard from JJRC they’ll offer version with waterproof camera included.. so we’ll see when it comes to the market. All in all, this is very affordable yet quality drone.

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2- SwellPro Splash Drone AUTO (Mariner 2)

SWELLPRO-SPLASH-DRONE-AUTOSplash Drone is one of the most sought waterproof drones ever to hit the market. This is the upgraded version of Mariner (which you may have heard of) but was renamed to Splash Drone. It’s a very high quality and top performance waterproof drone and it also supports GoPro camera. Splash Drone is fully waterproof, land and take-off in water, and even fly in the rain. It has an amazing flight time ranging between 12 to 19 minutes (powered by a 4S 4500mAh lithium battery) and can carry almost up to 1KG of weight.

This drone comes with three return to launch functions. First when battery is running low, secondly when the drone flies out of range and thirdly when you press the button for it to return to where previously began flight. These three functions are very useful for you not to lose sight of your drone since its control range is of 1KM! Yes, you read it well, 1KM of control distance. On top of all this greatness Splash Drone also has auto-pilot function. All of this thanks to its GPS system (Smart Flight Control GPS that includes OSD module inside).

Splash Drone is remotely controlled by your smartphone (WiFi) via a free application available for both Android and iOS.

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1- QuadH20


Here it is, first place in our list of best waterproof drones available in the market goes to QuadH2O! QuadH20 is a professional waterproof drone capable of withstanding water bodies and fly through heavy rain weather. It can reach a speed of 40km/h. This drone is mainly used to record footage from water sports such as jet skiing and speed boat racing. It has an extremely strong and watertight body is made from Epoxy fibre composite and its legs were crafted with Epoxy carbon/fibre composite. The viewing dome and battery cap are made of plastic and stainless steel clasps.

QuadH20 can be remotely controlled using a DJI Naza controller and GPS. It’s compatible with GoPro 3 and 4 cameras and can display Live Video (FPV) directly to the FPV monitor attached to your remote controller. QuadH20 comes with a waterproof DJI Zenmuse gimbal which support GoPro cameras as we mentioned previously and can pitch via your transmitter for 90° straight down viewing. QuadH20 has an amazing flight time of 25 minutes, the best battery life on a waterproof drone. Of course the flight time depends on the payload (up to 2kgs!!).

QuadH20 also has an auto-pilot function. Fully compatible with the iPad Ground Station and fly waypoints via iPad. Tap And Go waypoint flights, route planning, touchscreen controls, one key takeoff, landing and more. Everything you need to control QuadH20 right from this application. If you are looking for a professional waterproof drone compatible with GoPro, for a fairly reasonable price, than QuadH20 is definitely your best option!

What did you think of our Top 5 Waterproof Drones 2017 list? Is any of them what you have been looking for in a quadcopter? Let us know in the comment section below, we are always happy to read your opinion on the drones we review. Happy flying and swimming!!

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The SplashPro Auto is a great drone! No warranty!! Fly at your own risk! My family got together and gave me a Splash Pro Auto with $500 in accessories for Christmas. I had 5 or 6 wonderful flights before it started malfunctioning. I took the drone to Urban Drones, the US distributer, and they found that there was a small amount of water that had leaked in and contaminated the electronics. They suspect the leak was the result of a molding flaw on the sealing surface of the top cover.
I contacted SwellPro and have had multiple discussions with over the past month. They keep suggesting that they will replace it through Urban Drones but UD has never heard anything from SwellPro.
I have over $2,000 in equipment that my family made a significant sacrifice to give me that is useless. Frustrating to me and very disappointing for my family.


Hi very comprehensive blog! but checking the Swellpro official website, splash had been upgraded to an Auto version with orange frame long ago, the white mariner drone seems to stop selling already, you may need to update the blog

Robert smith/ landscape weed & pest cntrl

I'm looking for a drone that I can fly right out of the box. I' am a weed sprayer and want to hang a micro Herbi spin type applicator from it with my own electric controls. To fly around gravel piles and spot treat nuisance vegetation on them. The herbi sprays a 4 foot wide pattern of micro droplets. Can add mor herbi spinners for wider patern

Top 5 waterproof drones available in the mark…

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