5 things to consider when buying a drone

So, the time has come? Your love for drones has grown to a point you need to own yours? Or perhaps you found out a drone is the best gift for your friend, loved one or enthusiastic family member.

buying a drone

You are right. Indeed a drone is an entertaining and original gift to offer. Maybe you intend on spending Christmas Night, racing with your family and friends, each piloting your own drone. Sounds fun!

Buying a drone isn’t a task you should do light-headed. No matter how affordable it is, it still is an investment, and we all want to have the best bang for our buck. The best product our budget can buy. To do so, there are a couple things we have to consider. Not all drones are good drones. Not all specifications are viable specifications. Not all features are useful features.

That is why, we at Drones Globe aim to be your number one place to get information, advices and form an opinion. Let us take a deep look into the “musts” of buying a drone.

1st. Quality of material:

This is one of the factors your budget will have more impact on. Low-cost, toy-rated drones, are often not very durable. Its material ranges from ABS plastic to ordinary plastic, while higher-cost drones are made of fibber glass and carbon. But there are some companies who manufacture low-cost drones intended to resist most medium crashes. I’m talking about products from Syma, JJRC and WLToys. Check our articles and see what drones this companies have to offer. One thing we can guarantee, it will much more durable than others.

2nd. Battery Life: 

Battery time is something drone companies still struggle with, the average toy-rated quadcopter flies between 5 to 7 minutes, while higher-cost drones such as the ones from Walkera and DJI, have better flight time (around 20 and 30 minutes). Battery is important, flying a drone for 5 minutes having to charge it again for 2 hours just to play with it 5 more minutes, may sound discouraging. We advise you to always carry one or two extra batteries to ensure you get the most out of your drone. Depending on the features of a drone (mainly if there is a camera consuming battery power), most recent drones can fly longer than 7 minutes easily, some 10 minutes. This are the drones you want to be looking at: WLToys V686G, Syma X8, JJRC H8D, Hubsan X4 H107D, Nine Eagles Galaxy Visitor 3 (flight time of 15-20 minutes).

3td. Replacement parts: 

When acquiring a new drone, and if you intend on taking it everywhere and do a lot of flights with it, eventually you will need to replace some parts. Perhaps some broken propellers, landing gear, the battery itself. Not all parts are universal, most, only fit on a specific model or models. When buying a drone take a little bit of your time in searching how easy it is to find replacement parts online. Most manufacturers sell them on their own online shops, and many resellers do it. But for some drones such as the DM007 Night Hawk it may be harder to find, if you come across a particular hard to find hardware, contact us and we will email you the solution. 

4th. Different types of drones: 

Keep in mind not all drones do the same. Some are meant for photographing and video recording, others meant for racing, others for acrobatic. The utilities are as diverse as you could possible imagine. So when buying a drone first pay attention to its features and specifications and see what it does. Most acrobatic flyers won’t have attached their own camera, and will be very light-weight. Photography and videography drones often come with their own camera (you can use other if you don’t like the original), a gimbal, perhaps FPV (real time video transmission) screen. See what drone best fits your needs, if you have any doubt you can always check the drone reviews we have here at Drones Globe.

5th. Features: 

Auto-landing? Auto-return? GPS? Perhaps automatic pre-programmed flights? There is a huge range of useful and fun features out there. Companies are fighting between them to come up with the best and most innovative drone technology. Most drones nowadays already come with the basic features such as headless mode (for easier orientation), a camera (starting from 0.3 megapixels to much higher depending on budget), FPV mode (by turning your phone into a real time screen and remote via Android or iOS application), 360º eversion on air. Be smart and don’t pick a drone with unnecessary features, choose the one which has what you love and need! And remember, if you care a lot about the camera quality, there are attachable cameras which can be bought separately such as the 808.

Now you know the most important factors of buying a drone, choose wisely and if you have any doubt leave a comment. Happy flying!

Anthony Turner