Here are top new arrivals from Gearbest

Gearbest seems to be very active in rc toys segment last months. Often, they are 1st webshop that get new drones available in stock. Because of that, we have researched their newest arrivals and selected 4 most interesting toy grade drones (actually, 3 drones and one plane with fixed wings ūüôā ).

1 – Fineco FX

fineco-fxThis beginner friendly FPV drone is loaded with cool features. For an example,¬†3D rollover, FPV, Headless Mode,Height Holding,One Key Automatic Return,One Key Follow, Sideward flight, WiFi. Bunch of features for drone in this price range. It comes with a 2.0MP camera, which is also great for this price range. Controller does not have it’s own screen, so you’ll have to connect your smartphone to receive live feed from camera. Control distance is about 100 meters, and drone is controlled using¬†2.4GHz Wireless Remote Controller. It comes with a 3.7V 500mAh battery, it should provide you with 6-8 minutes of flight time.

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2 – Dynam Catalina

catalinaMade from high strength EPO foam, which is lightweight and impact-resistant.¬†Spray painted appearance, high simulation for every detail. It’s powered by dual 2815 motors combined with three-bladed propellers, providing plenty of power.¬†The main wing can be detachable, convenient to carry. Also you can assemble the wing by tightening the screws, or disassemble by loosening the screws.¬†1470 mm wingspan provides small wing loading, great lift force, short takeoff distance, long airborne period, and strong wind resistance capability.¬†Compatible with 3s 2200mAh to 3300 mAh batteries, can fly for about 8 minutes by using the 3s 2200mAh batteries, enjoy more time with your plane.¬†It is perfect for flying on the lake in summer.

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x16X16 has a flight time of 12+ minutes, which is pretty good for drone in this price range. Also, it will give you about 600 meters of flight range. It comes with some nice features that will make your flights easier. With automatic return function, the copter will automatically return and land when lost connection or signal received interference.¬†With headless mode, it completely solves pilot’s “loss of orientation” problems.
360 degree flip / rollover function makes your aircraft turning around and around likes an excited bird, let’s enjoy more fun of rolling.¬†2.0 MP camera will give you a clear image / video as you were nearby.¬†Side flight function shows the good balance keeping performance and a big stunt potential.

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Larry Haller