May 2016 : 3 best selling drones

Hey guys,

last month we noticed huge number of drones sold by Amazon. I have talked with other owners of drone related websites and most of them claim the same thing. I guess that’s because of springtime and nice weather it carries. Let’s don’t forget summer is coming too. Personally, I’ve been waiting for this part of year since last Christmas when I get 6 drones (as a gift) from my family, friends and business partners. Looks like they are starting to make fun of me and my obsession with drones 🙂

Now, let me tell you what were 3 top selling drones in May 2016 (P.S. this is not official data, it’s result of mine personal analysis).

1- DJI Phantom 3 Advanced


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When Phantom 4 was announced, Phantoms 3 became more popular than ever because price dropped significantly. Phantom 3 Advanced is incredible powerful machine able to record 2.7K video and capture 12 megapixels photos. An integrated 3-Axis Stabilization Gimbal supports GoPro cameras. Streams live 720p HD video directly to your smartphone or tablet in a maximum range of 2 kilometers. Among its features there are: Auto Take-off, Auto Landing, Auto Return to Home, Failsafe.




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An affordable quadcopter which offers a full ready to fly out of the box experience. Live video transmission is good and has very small delay. Range is great, around 150 meters, better than most same price drones. Easy to fly, very stable. Great for beginners. It’s interesting that this isn’t most recent product from JJRC. For some reason, it became very popular last month. I see few possible reasons : price drop, extra carrying case included, and few positive reviews that were posted on rcgroups forum and other drone websites. What do you think, is any of these reasons accurate?


3- UDI U845


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I won’t waste my words here, just take a look at design of this unordinary drone. It made me very happy when I saw something “new” in “toy grade” drone segment.





Larry Haller