10 Best Syma drones overview

Syma is well known for their affordable quadcopters. Their drones are often suggested to beginners who are just getting started with flying. I’m sure most of our visitors are already aware of Syma drones. Syma is a company based in China, but their target audience is mostly North America and Europe . On their website it’s stated that they have their own designing, manufacturing and trading teams. We have no reason not to believe in that since their products are not very similar to any other product in this price range.

Until 2014 drones were considered as expensive toys for rich people. Then Syma came with their $50 toys and rest is a history. Okay, we should mention that Syma is not the only brand that launched cheap drone back in that time, but they are definitely most recognized for that. One of their most successful drones was Syma X5c, there are 4500+ reviews for this drone only on Amazon! Year ago, when it was first announced, it was a real game changer.

Now we’ll do overview of some Syma’s best selling drones. Unfortunately we can’t mention all Syma drones because it would take us few weeks to complete that post 🙂

Syma X5C

Syma X5C1 drone

Syma X5C offers very good price/quality ratio. It’s very affordable for what you’re getting,  including a 720p HD camera. It will give you about 6 to 8 minutes of flight time, and it will take about 90 minutes to fully re-charge. It’s always good idea to buy extra batteries so you just swap them. Be careful and let motors cool down before you start flying with new battery. Don’t worry too much if you break something or a motor burns out because Syma has made every replacement part available. Use your manual for instructions on how to replace some part of Syma drone.

Syma X11

Syma X11C Drone

X11 is another bestseller from Syma! It was one of first small drones by Syma. X11 was extremely well accepted because people were looking for something that they can fly indoors. With it’s size and blade protectors, X11 was perfect fit. There are more than 900 reviews on Amazon with average rate of 4.2 out of 5.0. Pretty good, ha? It does not have a camera but it does have 6 axis stabilization, 2.4 GHz controller and it will give you about 6 minutes of flight time. Range is nothing special, about 30 meters, but that should be enough for most of you guys.

Syma X5SW – full review

Syma x5sw drone

A very cheap quadcopter, stable and easy to fly. Comes with its own 2MP camera, which allows a decent FPV experience with small delay. Overall it is a good FPV experience for beginners or and youngsters. Easy to control in calm weather, provides good quality photos and decent video. Real time video transmission may have sometimes a 1 second delay, depending on objects in the area and the distance.

Syma X8G – full review

syma x8g drone

An affordable quadcopter, very easy to control. Comes with the basic useful feature, headless mode. Camera quality is way above average, 5 megapixels with a 1080p resolution. 100 meter range is not bad, at least an improvement from X8W model. Battery life is only 7 minutes, newer same price range quadcopters have a better flight time.

Syma X8W – full review

syma x8w drone transmitter and box

Affordable quadcopter with real time video transmission. Camera quality is above average for this price range, even on live transmission. Flight time is very good, depending on which functions pilot is using, but it varies from 8 to 10 minutes. Application is easy to install and use, WiFi connection rarely lags. Range is only of 60 to 80 meters depending on payload. It is a good product from a very reliable company, promises and delivers. Meant for beginners, easy to fly even when facing stronger wind. Package has all it needs for FPV transmission directly to your phone. Definitely one of the top 10 best low-cost FPV quadcopters.

Syma X8HG – full review

syma x8hg drone

Syma drones are not perfect and X8HG does have some negative aspects. Including the fairly low flight time of 5 to 7 minutes powered by the t7.4V 2000mA Lipo Battery . Another negative side about this quadcopter is the control distance. X8HG doesn’t meet the 100 meters range average. X8HG control distance is only 70 meters. Overall it’s a reasonable quadcopter, easy to pilot, beginners will enjoy it. Connect it to your phone and perform fun flights outdoor or indoor. Despite the uncommon and fun to use Altitude Holder, Syma X8HG doesn’t stand out from the rest compared to other drones. If you are looking for a large camera drone with Altitude Holder and good quality camera included, consider this Syma drone!

Syma X8HW – full review

Syma X8HW

Syma X8HW is fairly affordable Toy Grade drone easy to control makes a good learning and practicing quadcopter. Mount is compatible with most action cameras, GoPro included. So if you already own a GoPro camera and are only looking for an average large quadcopter at an affordable price capable of lifting the camera, Syma X8HW is a good option for you. Live video transmission from the 1MP camera is not good quality but if you choose the Syma 8MP camera it will be a much better value for your money.

Syma X8HC – full review

syma x8hc on the ground

Overall Syma X8HC is only worth buying if you want an Altitude Holder drone for an affordable price X8HC might be the one. Included camera is only decent quality with 2MP for photos and 1MP for video but considering the price what else could we demand? Flight time and control distance, however, are slightly below average. We would recommend JJRC over Syma drones, but if you are on a very short budget or just want an unexpensive drone, easy to use to offer has a gift than go with one of these Syma models.

Syma X5HC – full review

syma x5hc unboxing

Fairly affordable Toy Grade drone, easy to control makes a good learning and practicing quadcopter. Altitude Holder feature is very uncommon to find among drones of this budget. If you are looking for a cheap drone with this specific feature you won’t find a cheaper one currently in the market. 2MP camera is decent quality considering the overall drone price. Syma X5HC two biggest negative aspects are the very low range of 30 to 50 meters, which in my opinion is extremely disappointing to see in a newly released quadcopter nowadays and the slightly below average flight time of 5 to 7 minutes powered by the 600mAh battery.

Syma X5HW – full review

syma x5hw

Overall if you seek a WiFi FPV quadcopter with Altitude Holder at a very a low price with all you need to fly straight out of the box, than Syma X5HW is a good option, you won’t find a cheapest FPV drone with this feature. However this drone ranks fairly below same price quadcopters recently released by other RC Toy companies. The advertised control range of 50 meters is surprisingly very below expectations. However it still makes a good gift to offer a drone beginner or a kid but don’t expect it to be a high-performance drone. It’s a decent product for casual flyers.

Larry Haller