Best Cyber Monday 2019 Drone Deals

Typically, Mondays are the worst! However, next Monday won’t be anything like that. Next Monday is going to be outright awesome. I can’t wait for the next Monday… good Lord, I thought I’d never say that…


But it’s true, next Monday is the so-called Cyber Monday. It’s basically Black Friday for techies. Yes, I know, I know, Black Friday brings forth a ton of tech deals too, but Cyber Monday is there to take the last pennies out of our pockets.

The Best Cyber Monday Drone Deals

This year, we’re looking at a massive number of Cyber Monday deals. And, since we’re all about drones, it would be a shame not to check out the finest sales. That said, let’s cut to the chase and check out the best drones you can get your hands on during this year’s Cyber Monday shopping craze!



Drones for Kids & Beginners

Here comes our top five list of the best Cyber Monday deals targeted at kids and beginners. This list features affordable drones, except for DJI Mavic Mini which is sort of like the black sheep of this list. Purchase that one only if you’re serious about your drone piloting future.

The rest of them are pretty straightforward. They’re cheap, accessible, easy to control and fun to crash. The perfect recipe for a disaster, right?


DJI Mavic Mini

As stated above, DJI Mavic Mini is the black sheep of this list. The Fly More Combo for this little bugger will set you back for $500, with the base version going for $400. It’s not that expensive, but the price gap between other drones in this category is still noticeable.

Luckily, so are the specs! DJI Mavic Mini is a powerful foldable drone, capable of flying for close to half an hour. Plus, it goes as far as 4 kilometers with its first-person view reaching all the way. What a little monster, right?

DJI Mavic Mini doesn’t fail to deliver in the camera department! It doesn’t shoot 4K, but I reckon 2.7K is perfectly suitable for a drone of its caliber. On a brighter note, a motorized 3-axis gimbal is present, making way for smooth aerial videos and pitch-perfect stills.

DJI Mavic Mini isn’t your typical drone for beginners, but its smart set of features ought to come in handy, especially to first-time flyers that don’t have any experience behind the sticks. Overall, if you’re somewhat serious about your drone buzz and you deem yourself capable of handling this bad boy, then go for it. If not, there’s a bunch of more affordable drones that won’t stress you out if you happen to crash them.



Altair AA108

Altair AA108 is a highly popular drone. It’s targeted at kids, and thanks to its low price tag, that targeting process has been going pretty well. And it’s nothing surprising – a clean design, prop guards, and low-speed mode for training are the key virtues of this one, combining the perfect mix for both beginners and kids.

Specifications are on par with the price. With Altair AA108, you’re getting roughly 10 minutes of flight time and 100 meters of operating range. It’s small, though, so don’t go too far, otherwise, you might lose track of it. Good thing is that, throughout the entire 100 meters, you’ll have FPV access, allowing you to see what your Altair sees.

It’s kind of okay for selfies too, as long as you don’t expect Hollywood quality shots. There’s no stabilization onboard, and the camera itself can only produce shaky 720p footage. Despite that, it does a fairly good job with still images.





This little bugger is as cheap as they come, yet manages to pack quite the punch in terms of all-around performance. DROCON X708W is the name, and it goes for as little as $50. You can probably expect to get it at a lower price during the Cyber Monday craze.

As for the performance, this fella’s FPV isn’t that glorious with just 30 meters of viable range. However, if you have no intention to rely on FPV, your LoS (line of sight) range will extend to approximately 80 meters.

DROCON X708W’s mini camera won’t sweep you off your feet. It’s a miniature sensor that’s able to record videos in SD (640×480) resolution, and let’s just say the quality is non-existent. Despite all that, for $50ish, DROCON is a bargain as it offers a worry-free drone entertainment for both kids and beginners alike!



Snaptain A15

Here we have another foldable drone that aims to be your go-to option for aerial selfies. It’s small, doesn’t feature aggressive motors and is a breeze to fly, even with literally zero experience. It sports a 720P wide-angle camera (with FPV support), and even has that cheap return to home feature that could get you out of sticky situations in theory… but in practice, it doesn’t always work as planned.

What’s interesting about Snaptain A15 is the set of unconventional features such as voice control, gravity control, and fun augmented reality (AR) games. Even though voice control ahs some issues, the latter two feel pretty polished and offer a surprising dose of immersion. Other features like 3D flips, headless mode, and even altitude hold are here too, although I wouldn’t expect too much precision with the latter.

Specs-wise, Snaptain A15 can fly for approximately 8 to 10 minutes, and reach around 50ish meters. These aren’t the best numbers at this price point, but Snaptain A15 still offers great bang for your buck thanks to an unconventional set of features.


Drones for Aerial Photography

Cyber Monday drone deals are set to feature several high-end drones too. We’re talking about professional aerial photography equipment here, drones that are typically bought by businesses, although aerial photography enthusiasts are becoming more frequent buyers in recent months.

We’ll start off with a budget option in the form of Hubsan Zino, but move to serious machines right below. So, without further ado, let’s dive right on in!


Hubsan Zino

Hubsan Zino is an interesting foldable drone that shook the market upon its release. It’s all due to its stellar performance and exceptional camera quality, perfectly coupled with an affordable price tag. If you’re into aerial photography but you don’t want o overspend, Hubsan Zino is hands-down the best choice.

For starters, this drone has a fully-fledged 4K camera capable of recording buttery smooth footage thanks to the onboard motorized gimbal. There’s no jello with Hubsan Zino, and it’s quite a rarity at this price point. The rest of the package doesn’t fail to deliver either. GPS is here, and so is exceptional in-flight stability.

Specifications will sweep you off your feet, for sure! Roughly 20 minutes of battery life and up to 4 kilometers of flight range, capable of going toe to toe with drones that cost twice as much. Plus, it’s really pretty too. I’ll go out on a limb here and say it’s the best-looking drone in Hubsan’s lineup.



DJI Mavic 2 Pro – The best Cyber Monday drone?


The second generation of the magnificent DJI Mavic Pro is absolutely breathtaking. The design has remained true to its roots, but all of the updates are well-balanced and perfectly executed. However, perfection is expensive, and it’s safe to say DJI Mavic 2 Pro is a pricey model.

On the bright side, this little bugger might just have what it takes to justify the price. We’re talking about one of DJI’s greatest-ever drones here, sporting 8 kilometers of transmission range and roughly half an hour of battery life. 4K camera is here, featuring a massive 1-inch sensor. Hasselblad is the name, and it even shoots stuff in HDR.

Features-wise, no one can argue DJI Mavic 2 Pro is the true successor to the original. It supports all the most popular DJI features and has an astonishing number of improvements. It’s stable, accurate, and boasts with an omnidirectional obstacle avoidance system rendering it technically uncrashable.



Autel Robotics EVO


Here comes a short narrative about the newest Autel Robotics model, EVO. It’s a proper beast, let’s get that out of our systems right off the bat. How come? Well, it packs a ton of firepower across the board, ensuring its users have an entertaining but also professional flight experience.

EVO is quite the hawk, being able to each up to 7 kilometers, similarly to DJI’s Mavic and Phantom. However, I’d like to argue EVO’s battery life exceeds that of DJI’s models. 30ish minutes is what you can expect from it, and it’s not too shabby considering the amount of onboard hardware.

The most important part of EVO’s hardware lineup is definitely its powerful 4K UHD camera. It’s sharp, clean, has great color accuracy, and looks professionally smooth thanks to the integrated 3-axis gimbal. You’ll be taking Hollywood-looking aerial shots in no time with the all-new Autel Robotics EVO.



DJI Mavic Air


DJI Mavic Air belongs to DJI’s last generation of drones. When it came out, it was followed by a huge hype-train because of its relatively affordable price tag and exceptional characteristics. In late 2019, DJI Mavic Air is still one of the best drones in terms of value for money and poses as a great mid-level aerial photography platform either for enthusiasts of businesses.

With approximately 20 minutes of flight time and 4 kilometers of range, DJI Mavic Airfares quite well in its price range. Even though 2019 brought to life several drones with similar specs priced much lower, DJI Mavic Air hasn’t lost its popularity.

Perhaps it’s because of the absolutely brilliant camera quality this little bugger brings to the table. 4K footage, HDR stills, and a whole ton of smart capture and autonomous flight modes. Don’t let its small size fool you, DJI Mavic Air is a powerful professional machine that can get all sorts of work done, aerial photography being just one of them.



Parrot Anafi – Perfect Cyber Monday Drone?


Parrot Anafi is another excellent option for enthusiasts or business purposes. Not only is it viable across all departments, but it also brings something brand-new to the table, something that no other drone out there can boast with.

For those of you who aren’t in the know, I’m referring to Anafi’s 180-degree vertical view, meaning it can rotate all the way up, bringing forth a completely new aerial photography perspective. And it’s mesmerizing; it really is. Obviously, we’re talking about buttery 4K footage with that popping HDR color fidelity.

The specs aren’t half bad either. Approximately 4 kilometers of range with the all-new third-gen Sky controller. Flight time is good too, sporting around 20 to 25 minutes of flight time with ease. Overall, if you’re looking for a powerful drone that has a unique aspect to the footage it shoots, then I’m afraid Parrot Anafi is the only viable option.


What Makes Great Cyber Monday Drones for Kids & Beginners?

Now that you’ve seen the best drone deals for Cyber Monday, it’s time to figure out what exactly helped some of the above-featured drones to reach our beginner-friendly list; drones for kids included.

There are several factors that come to mind, but these three ought to be the vital ones:

Ease of Use

Obviously, the vital thing that makes great drones for kids and beginners is the ease of use factor.  You know, the typical maneuverability stuff like, how responsive the drone is, how it handles wind, and does it have a dedicated beginner more (or low-speed mode) in which beginners and kids can hone their drone piloting skills.

Price Tag

Second up, we have the price tag. You don’t want to overspend on your first drone, as you’ll most likely end up breaking it pretty soon. The same goes for kids. Let’s face it, they’re clumsy and will break their toy sooner or later. That’s why you shouldn’t spend more than $200 to $300 on such models. In fact, look for around $100 for kids, and $200 to $300 if you’re buying for yourself and you’re confident you’ll be able to contain it.

Parts Availability

Last but not least, make sure you can purchase standalone parts for your first drone. We’re talking stuff like propellers, motors, frame parts, and similar. The worst thing that can happen during your first flight is a nasty crash that burns down a motor and the part isn’t available for purchasing. Do some research beforehand to save yourself the hassle later on.


Can You Get Good Cyber Monday Deals on Professional Drones?

Whether you’re an aspiring aerial photography enthusiast or you own a business that could use drones in certain processes, chances are you’ll find a bunch of great Cyber Monday quadcopter deals. Not only will there be tons of deals on toy drones but there will also be a wide variety of higher-end models you can choose from.

The best way to approach Cyber Monday drone deals is to start looking into them a few days earlier. Ideally, you want to start assessing the prices a day or two before Black Friday drone deals kick-off. If you miss that opportunity to snatch sick deals, then the very next Monday will be of crucial importance!

Larry Haller