8 Fastest Drones Currently Available on the Market

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Fast drones with camera

Today, we’re going to talk about the fastest drones currently available on the market! And no, we’re not just talking about those FPV racing drone models we analyzed awhile ago. Instead, we’re talking about a mixture of fast and lightweight mainstream drones that can be used by both consumers and prosumers and FPV racing baddies that can wake up our inner thrill-seekers!

So, whether you’re into aerial photography or just pure speeding, this piece will be right up your alley! With that said, here’s a closer look at the full list of the fastest drones for sale you can buy right now:


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Fastest Drones for Photographers

As mentioned earlier, we’re going to focus on fast mainstream drones and FPV racers. We’re kicking things off with the former group. It packs plenty of popular drones known for their speedy extravaganza as well as exceptional cameras. So, without further ado, let’s take a closer look!


Table: 5 Fastest Drones With Camera

ImageNameTop SpeedCameraFlight TimeBest Price
DJI-Mavic-Mini-table5. DJI Mavic Mini30mph2.7K30minSee best offer
Parrot Anafi Table4. Parrot Anafi35mph4K25minSee best offer
3. DJI Mavic Air42mph4K22minSee best offer
autel-robotics-evo-table2. Autel EVO40mph4K30minSee best offer
dji-mavic-2-pro-table1. DJI Mavic 2 Pro45mph4K30minSee best offer


5. DJI Mavic Mini

DJI Mavic Mini with Transmitter

Let’s start off with one of the most popular mainstream miniature drones out there. Yep, I’m referring to DJI Mavic Mini, which has been at the top of the best-selling charts ever since its release last year. It’s small, lightweight, fast, and durable… not to mention it sports a top-tier camera that would put to shame a lot of much pricier models.

Excellent Photography Solution

This thing sports an effective and above all buttery smooth 2.7K camera. It’s mounted on a mechanical gimbal that delivers that extra bit of butteriness. Aerial photography is in massive demand these days, and Mavic Mini takes no prisoners. The footage it captures runs smooth, has no hiccups, and packs high resolution and great color accuracy. Dynamic range is not an issue, meaning we’re looking at a superb model here.

Unfortunately, it cannot shoot in 4K, which is why some people are opting for the massively popular Hubsan Zino instead. I honestly can’t tell the difference. I mean, it’s there – but it’s not something you can easily notice unless you specifically seek for it.

The Numbers Will Amaze You

As for the marketed performance, it’s a bit bloated, I’m not going to lie. In other words, DJI is marketing DJI Mavic Mini with half an hour of flight time, which is impossible if you’re aiming to fly this bugger at slightly higher speeds. With normal (read typical) use, you can expect around 25 minutes, which is still brilliant and by far the longest flight time in the price range.

The operating range is another brilliant story, extending to around 2 miles (some users reported more than that), which is way above the maximum legal distance. As for the top speed, DJI Mavic Mini can go as fast as 30mph, which is a pretty admirable number for such a small and lightweight drone.

Product Highlights
  •         Exceptional value for money
  •         Awesome 2.7K camera with gimbal
  •         Roughly 25 minutes of flight time
  •         More than 2 miles of range



4. Parrot Anafi


Now let’s focus our attention towards Parrot Anafi, an intriguing model coming from the France-based drone brand. It’s much more expensive than the aforementioned DJI Mavic Mini, but brings forth several radical improvements that make it more viable for both consumer and prosumer tasks. Let’s check it out!

180 Degrees of Camera Freedom

First things first – let’s talk about Parrot Anafi’s camera which is arguably the best thing in its arsenal. Obviously, it has a powerful 4K sensor that shoots buttery videos and takes absolutely crispy photos. But, that’s nothing out of the ordinary for drones at this price point. What is out of the ordinary is the way Anafi’s camera is mounted to the frame. You see, it takes up the entire front portion of the frame, which allows it to pan straight up and down. Yep – Parrot Anafi’s camera has 180 degrees of freedom meaning it can do all sorts of wicked shots.

Great Design

To be honest, Anafi was Parrot’s answer to DJI’s Mavic Air and not DJI Mavic Mini. Both models can be purchased for roughly the same price, and both feature sophisticated 4K cameras with exceptional quality. However, I’d like to argue that Anafi sports a vastly superior design. It’s insect-like foldable arms and a generally sturdy frame are more than enough to make Anafi one of the smoothest and most responsive drones out there.

Combine that with roughly 2 to 2.5 miles of range and roughly 20 minutes of flight time, and you’ll understand why Anafi is such a popular option these days. Top-speed-wise, this bugger can reach 30mph with ease, although Parrot claims it can go up to 35mph. Overall, not a bad choice if you’re looking for extremely fast camera-equipped drones.

Product Highlights
  •         Unique camera design allowing for 180-degree vertical rotation
  •         Excellent insect-like foldable mechanism
  •         Solid all-around specs



3. DJI Mavic Air

DJI Mavic Air With Transmitter

DJI Mavic Air was released long after the original Mavic Pro and was meant to hit the lower-priced section of the market. Needless to say, it managed to conquer it, with some style, if I may add. With a wicked set of features coupled with class-A specs and top-tier camera, only a handful of drones out there possess greater value for money than DJI Mavic Air.

Fly More Combo is Worth Every Penny

If you’re interested in buying DJI Mavic Air, you should really consider buying the pricier Fly More Combo. The drone is identical in both packages, but the Fly More Combo brings forth extra accessories that can prove as invaluable to serious drone users. We’re talking stuff like two extra batteries (three in total), bulk battery charger (4 in 1), two carrying cases, the dedicated controller (which allows 2 miles of control range), as well as some minor stuff like extra propellers and whatnot.

Camera Quality Will Amaze You

DJI Mavic Air has an outright sick camera. We’re talking about a 4K sensor that’s almost on point with pricier models like the original Mavic Pro. There’s a 3-axis gimbal there too, ensuring nothing but smooth sailing no matter the occasion.

Not only that – it brings forth a ton of awesome features too. Stuff like QuickShots (including the ever so popular Steroid), HDR, and image tracking are all present, further increasing the value of an already superb model.

Product Highlights
  •         Excellent set of camera-based features that’ll up your social media game
  •         Packs a ton of quality hardware into a miniature frame
  •         Comes with a carrying case and a total of three batteries



2. Autel Robotics EVO

Autel Robotics EVO with Transmitter

Autel Robotics is a company that became popular with their X-Star and X-Star Premium models. The latter showcased an intensive bright orange color that set it apart from all other similarly designed drones out there. Unlike GoPro and 3D Robotics, Autel Robotics is still in the drone market, featuring several top-tier models at the moment. In addition to EVO, they’ve just recently launched a new lineup of EVO 2 drones. But the focal point here is the original EVO so let’s roll up our sleeves and see what it brings to the table!

All Orange Everything

What X-Star Premium kicked off is now one of the most popular lineup of foldable drones… all featuring bright orange bodies that make them a rather unique sight in the sky. On top of that, though, the original EVO has a ton of additional characteristics that make it an absolute beast. Perhaps the built-in camera and gimbal combination is the perfect example. They allow EVO to capture state-of-the-art 4K footage and do all sorts of complex autonomous maneuvers most competing models can’t execute.

Capable of Reaching High Speeds

Fiery orange usually reveals some sort of aggressive design choices in your typical day-to-day items. The same goes for this little bugger. Believe it or not, Autel Robotics EVO can reach 40mph. Yep, that’s right – this thing is a cruising beast, capable of following fast-moving objects and shooting extraordinary, almost-cinema-grade footage.

Product Highlights
  •         Sports a bright orange canopy you won’t be able to live without
  •         Excellent flight characteristics
  •         Professional-grade 4K camera with buttery smooth footage and no shakiness
  •         Comes with a set of sophisticated autonomous flight modes



1. DJI Mavic 2 Pro


Fast drone with camera

And finally, the fastest mainstream drone that can be used by aerial photographers and other commercial pilots is none other than DJI Mavic 2 Pro. I mean, was there ever really any other option? Don’t get me wrong, there are faster drones out there, but the all-around package that DJI Mavic 2 Pro brings forth is on a whole different level.

Superb Set of Features

DJI Mavic 2 Pro is an absolutely charming drone. Not just design-wise, mind you, but regarding everything else it has to offer. Everything about this drone breathes quality, which is why it’s ranked first on our list of the fastest flying drones out there.

There’s one thing that stands out, though, and it’s the marvelous set of features that this bugger packs. Not only does DJI Mavic 2 Pro come equipped with everything that was available on the original Mavic Pro, but it also brings forth a ton of additional stuff. Omnidirectional obstacle avoidance is the prime example, serving as an extra layer of safety that’ll greatly improve your overall flying experience.

Let’s Talk About Numbers

As far as the numbers go, this flying bugger ought to sweep you off your feet. DJI Mavic 2 Pro can fly as fast as 45mph (which is over 70km/h), which just proves my point that it’s one of the best and fastest drones available at the moment. That’s not all – DJI Mavic 2 Pro’s range extends over 4 miles and can fly for roughly 25 minutes. And we’re talking actual flying, not hovering in one place. Sick numbers, right?

Product Highlights
  •         Most sophisticated foldable drone currently available on the mainstream drone market
  •         Omnidirectional obstacle avoidance and superb photography solution
  •         Unparalleled hardware and specifications



Fastest Drones for Thrill-Seekers

At last, we’ve reached the second portion of our fastest drones buying guide! We have just three additional drones we need to check out, all three of which belong to the FPV racing niche. So, let’s stop beating around the bushes and see what these fastest FPV drones are all about!


TABLE: 3 Super Fast Drones

ImageNameCameraFlight TimeBest Price
3. Bolt droneHD15min
2. Emax Tinyhawk600TVL CMOS8min
1. HGLRC Arrow 3Caddx RatelN/A


3. Bolt Drone

bolt fast drone

Let’s start off with the Bolt Drone. It’s available on Amazon, goes for roughly $150 and is an insanely fast drone that’s suitable for beginners… unlike the following two models that not only require extra parts to start flying but a ton of flying experience just to keep them up there without crashing constantly. What else is there to be said about the Bolt Drone? Let’s take a closer look, shall we!?

AIO Package

By far the best thing about the Bolt Drones is the package it comes in. Instead of focusing on experienced RC enthusiasts that have fleets of other drones, chargers, batteries, transmitters, and headsets/FPV monitors, the Bolt Drone focuses on beginners. Not only does it come with a battery but an FPV headset and transmitter too. As a matter of fact, it comes with everything you need to get it up and running right out of the box. And all that for just $150 – if that’s not a good deal then I don’t know what is…

Solid Performance

Obviously, there’s more to the Bolt Drone than its packaging. For instance, it sports brushless motors at an aggressive price point (for such a big model), which are much more reliable and power-efficient than their brushed counterparts. Apart from that, its frame is also made out of carbon fiber which allows it to go even faster due to its light weight. The camera could’ve been a bit better, but at this price point, I guess it’s alright.

Product Highlights
  •         AIO ready-to-fly package
  •         Sports a carbon fiber body for extra durability
  •         Runs on potent brushless motors



2. EMAX Tinyhawk 2.5-inch

EMAX Tinyhawk 2.5

Now we’re moving towards really fast buggers! We’re talking about fully-fledged racing models that are made specifically for one thing only – racing. Oh, who am I kidding, these fast drones can be used for more than just racing. As you’ll get to see down below, they can be used for business purposes too…

Top Tier 2.5-inch Performance

When we’re talking about the fastest drones for sale that can fit into the palm of your hand, they don’t come much better than the EMAX Tinyhawk. Equipped with 1103 7000kv brushless motors and nicely poised with a 4in1 5A ESC, this thing is quite the speedster. Obviously, it’s based on the popular F4 flight controller and sports a tiny EMAX receiver that supports Frsky systems.

As for the camera, we’re looking at a tiny 600TVL CMOS sensor. It does have a 25mW 37-channel vtx already connected. It’s easily adjustable which brings forth an extra layer of usability to an already well-versed speedster.

Hawk Pro is Great Too

If you’re looking for something that can handle all sorts of fast-paced aerial photography needs your customers might need, then you’ll have to find something bigger than the EMAX Tinyhawk 2.5-inch. Perhaps go double the size and opt for its big brother, Hawk Pro. It offers a buttery smooth (and extremely fast) 5-inch flying sensation, and is capable of lifting HD cameras. You will need a bit of a DIY spirit to mod it, but it’s definitely worth the money because that thing is friggin FAST!

Product Highlights
  •         One of the fastest FPV drones out there
  •         Features a good 600TVL FPV camera
  •         Hawk Pro offers a 5-inch experience with an optional HD camera



1. HGLRC Arrow 3

hglrc arrow 3 fast drone

For roughly $200, you can get your hands on one of the sturdiest and fastest drones currently available on the market. We’re talking about a 3-inch model here, characterized by a 3K carbon fiber frame coupled with sleek blue standoffs upfront. The package is absolutely great, brings forth extraordinary value for money which is why it’s considered among the best and fastest drones available on Amazon!

Based on F4 FC

HGLRC is a popular option on the FPV speedsters’ spectrum, bringing forth several bestselling models, one of which is Arrow 3. And it’s popularity is not surprising, especially considering the hardware it comes with. For instance, it’s based on the potent F4 flight controller coupled with a 45mAh 4-in-1 BLheli32 ESC that powers the provided 3600kv 1408 motors. Yep – 1408 motors come with this bad boy, just enough for both 3S and 4S batteries.

As for the camera, we’re looking at a miniature CAddx Ratel FPV camera with 1200TVL and 180-degree FOV. It provides excellent video quality and does a lot better in low-light conditions than similarly-priced competitors. Obviously, this is a BNF version that doesn’t come with a charger, any batteries, or a transmitter. What it does come with is an XM+ receiver which has become the standard on the Frsky part of the spectrum.

Looks Sick Too

If you haven’t used these fast buggers before, you’re less likely to fall in love with their designs. Still, you can’t say they are atrocious either. Fast carbon fiber drones have a way of getting under your skin, but it usually takes time. Crazy combinations between vtx antennas, FPV cameras and color-coded propellers (and motors), are what differentiates these buggers. Higher-end models also have customized sleeves for the frames which bring forth another level of uniqueness to the mix.

Product Highlights
  •         Awesome deal for a BNF model with Frsky receiver
  •         Can run on both 3S and 4S batteries
  •         Based on the popular F4 flight controller


Fast Drones With Camera | FAQ


Super Fast Drones

Why do people buy fast drones?

Let’s face it – two kinds of people are buying the fastest drones out there. First off, we got your typical thrill-seekers, looking for another extreme hobby to feed their adrenaline cravings with. What, you don’t think drone racing is extreme? Go watch a few videos about the hobby and I’m sure your mind will be blown.

The second kind of people who opt for the fastest models available are those looking to cash in on their speed and (potential) maneuverability. Yep, believe it or not, fast drones are now a in massive demand for all sorts of things. We’re not just talking about AAA production Hollywood movies here, but music videos, amateur cinematography, and of course, social media influencing.

If you possess some of the fastest drones for sale with state-of-the-art cameras, you’re in luck because your services will continue to be in massive demand! If you don’t, but you consider yourself a well-versed drone pilot, what are you waiting for? Go on and buy one and start your business! Drone careers are only going to keep on flourishing!

fast drones on public places

Should I buy a fast drone with a great camera?

Well, that depends on several factors. For starters, do you have a business plan that could use the drone’s speed or are you just buying it for the thrill of it? Depending on your available budget, both answers might be in favor of the purchase… If you’re leaning towards a stricter budget, though, I warmly recommend getting one of the three recommended speedy beasts! They might not have the camera necessary for starting your own business, but they’re much cheaper and will teach you a lot in terms of drones’ inner workings.


Where can I find fastest drones for sale?

If you are looking for the fastest drones out there, you’ll have find a proper hobby shop and do your biddings there. If you’re willing to sacrifice a tiny amount of speed for convenience, you can get some of the fastest drones on the market of Amazon. Whether you’re looking for bigger models or small 3-inch ones, Amazon should be your primary choice. Especially if you are just starting out…

dji inspire 2 fast drone

How fast are these drones?

When talking about potent, DIY FPV racing drones, the current record sits at above 160mph. Typically, though, these fast drones with live feed fly below the 100mph mark. That’s still extremely fast, mind you, and people who operate such drones know what they’re doing.

In terms of the fastest drones carrying top-tier cameras (AKA the mainstream models), they’re usually flying up to the 50mph mark. That’s fast too, but nowhere near as rippy and agile as those darn miniature models made out of carbon fiber.


Are fast drones with camera suitable for kids?

I’m afraid not! I mean, don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to tell you what to do with your kids… I just think it’s not exactly a good idea to give any child such a powerful device. Okay, I know many of you might be triggered right now, so please allow me to elaborate.

Even though some of the above-featured fast drones for photographers have advanced abilities like environmental sensing and obstacle avoidance, they are prone to mistakes and miscalculations – I’d never trust my child with such a machine, if not for the fear of my child being hurt, then for the sheer price of such a drone.

As for the fastest drones with carbon fiber frames, such as the aforementioned trio, I’d never let my children near them. They can deal serious injuries and are insanely difficult to control, and both those things make them a huge no-no anywhere near children…



Those were the fastest drones that are currently available on the market! So, to wrap things up, here’s what we have learned about them today:

For starters, fast drones aren’t just meant for thrill-seekers. They can be used for professional aerial photographers too. If they possess quality cameras, they can tackle all sorts of commercial uses, typically related to artistic cinematography…

There are those which are made just for fun and nothing but fun. These need to be operated by experienced pilots and shouldn’t be left anywhere near children.

Overall, the fastest drones available for purchase are getting faster and faster with each passing year. I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if consumer-grade models reach the magical 200mph mark within the next two to three years.


Larry Haller