8 Best Drones That Follow You [Comparison Table]

Hello fellow drone lover! Welcome to another amazing drone guide here on Drones Globe. Today we’ll talk about drones that follow you. As always our aim is to best serve you on your drone curiosities and needs. As drone enthusiasts ourselves, we are fully aware of your needs and desires. With this in mind, we set ourselves to bring you the best and most updated drone-related information on the web.

Table of contents

5 Best Follow me drones

5. DJI Mini 2
4. DJI Mavic 2 Pro
3. DJI Air 2s
2. Autel EVO 2
1. DJI Mavic 3

Our today’s topic is the Follow Me Mode feature which can already be found in a wide variety of drones. If budget is an issue, you should know that we won’t just be focusing on the premium Follow me drones but on cheaper ones as well!


Table: Best Drone That Follows You

ImageNameCameraRangeFlight TimeBest Offer
ruko-f11_table8. Ruko F114K0.5km25minSee best offer
holy-stone-hs700_table7. HStone HS700D2K0.8km20minSee best offer
Parrot Anafi Table6. Parrot Anafi4K4km25minSee best offer
DJI Mini 2 drone5. DJI Mini 24K8km30minSee best offer
dji-mavic-2-pro-table4. DJI Mavic 2 Pro4K8km30minSee best offer
DJI Mavic Air 2 Drone white background3. DJI Air 2S5.4K12km32minSee best offer
Autel Robotics Evo 2 Drone2. Autel EVO 28K8km40minSee best offer
DJI Mavic 3 drone1. DJI Mavic 34K15km45minSee best offer



Ruko F11. The cheap drone that follows you.

8. Ruko F11

Ruko F11 is the eighth drone on our list of the best follow me drones out there, and at the same time, it is the cheapest follow me drone on this list. The performance it brings to the table is worth every penny. Here’s why:

Camera and Features

For starters, this self following drone features a 4K camera. 4K for still images that look outright awesome. Heck, you can even vertically rotate it via the dedicated controller. However, the footage goes up to 2.7K and isn’t too smooth nor crisp. As stated above, this is nothing but a teething issue, and you won’t have luck with any other similarly-priced drone unless you up your budget and go with something that has proper hardware image stabilization.

Gesture controls, headless mode, GPS altitude hold, and point of interest are some of the most heavily marketed features of the Ruko F11. However, what I like the most about this bugger is the fact it comes with an extra battery as well as a carrying case. If that’s not a good deal, then I’m not sure what qualifies as one…


If you didn’t like the range of the two above-featured drones and you’re looking for something that can go a bit further without crashing your finances, then Ruko F11 is the obvious way to go! This little bugger has 500 meters of range, like the two aforementioned models combined. And that’s FPV range, too – the operating range exceeds 1 kilometer, enabling you to go on all sorts of missions with your 4K-ready Ruko F11! The battery life isn’t half bad too, reaching 25+ minutes with ease.




7. Holy Stone HS700D

Let’s check out Holy Stone HS700D follow me drone now. It’s a pretty hefty drone here, not to be mistaken with its foldable brother, Holy Stone HS720. They’re pretty similar, though, as they both come with excellent sets of features and great overall quality. So, let’s get our props running and check this little bugger out!

Camera and Features

The camera isn’t the greatest of the bunch, here, especially considering the quality of Zino and drones below it. Still, for less than $300, Holy stone HS700D offers a solid all-around look and 2K resolution. Need I remind you again – 2K is just a slightly wider 1080p. Remember that and don’t get fooled!

Moving to the features, HS700D’s brushless motors mean this bad boy is up to no good. They’re fast, durable, and don’t make much noise. Much durable than brushed motors, mind you, which is a huge plus for HS700D. In addition to follow me, this bugger also has GPS, return to home, and most importantly (beginners-wise), altitude hold.

The Best Budget Drone With Follow Me Feature?

22 minutes is the marketed flight time of Holy Stone HS700D. However, that’s a bit exaggerated. I’ve been flying this bad boy for a few days already and it’s constantly going under the 20-minute mark. Close, but under! I have no bad remarks about the range, though, sweeping in at around 800 meters, and 500m for FPV. Overall, HS700D is another decent package in  Holy Stone’s lineup of budget drones.




6. Parrot Anafi

Parrot Anafi is next self following drone we’ll talk about, marking the fourth place on our list of the best follow me drones available on Amazon. It’s a high-end drone, this one, packing all sorts of features and some state-of-the-art hardware inside. So, let’s take a closer look and see what separates it from all other drones out there!

Camera and Features

The camera! The camera is what separates Parrot Anafi from all of its competitors. And it’s not because of the crystal clear 4K resolution nor HDR recording capability. Nope! There are drones that feature both of that. The sensor itself is nothing special. Don’t get me wrong, Parrot Anafi bears one of the best drone cameras out there, but it’s not the special part here.

What’s special is its ability to rotate 180 degrees vertically, allowing for both straight down and straight-up shots. Yep, you’ve read that right! As far as features go, Parrot Anafi is a heavy hitter, featuring everything from GPS, failsafe, altitude hold, follow me (duh), return to home, and numerous advanced modes for aerial photography enthusiasts.


Specs-wise, Anafi is not too bad and can go toe to toe with most other similarly priced drones. However, people who want their drones to last close to half an hour won’t be too happy with this one. Parrot Anafi gets around 20 minutes in the air, but only just. It’s good and goes in line with other listings, but I really hoped for more. Range-wise, Anafi is capable of reaching 4 kilometers which is sort of like the industry-standard these days.



DJI Mini 2 drone with controller

5. DJI Mini 2

Check this little bugger out! It weighs just a feather below .55 lbs or 255 grams, meaning you need no license or registration to operate it. Plus, it belongs to the newest set of DJI drones, bringing forth a ton of software-based solutions that will make your life a lot easier.

Whole Heap of Options

It’s true, DJI Mini 2 comes with the latest and greatest of DJI software. Despite the obvious lack of obstacle avoidance (there’s no way they could make it fit into this small of a device), DJI Mini 2 boasts with a full array of autonomous modes. DJI always makes sure their new drones have all the software-based shenanigans as they’ve recognized high demand for such options. ActiveTrack is DJI’s advanced follow-me mode that works surprisingly well for such a small device.

Can’t Go Wrong With it

This little bugger does all a big boy can, at half or even third the price tag! Sure, you might not get the same image crispness you’d get with a massive Hasselblad camera, but the difference can be measured in nuances and can only be seen by a trained eye.

4K at 30fps is the kind of footage you can get with this thing. If you need more frames per second, you’ll have to tune it down to 1080p, which is still crisp enough for most use cases. But, at least you won’t get any sort of shakiness from DJI Mini 2 thanks to its sophisticated 3-axis gimbal. Yep, a fully-fledged 3-axis gimbal in such a small form factor. That’s gotta be worth gold!




Drone that automatically follows you.

4. DJI Mavic 2 Pro

If you’re looking for the best follow me drones money can buy, this here model definitely tops the list. As you can see, we’re referring to DJI Mavic 2 Pro, the all-new successor of the original Mavic Pro that’s coming in with an even greater force underneath its hood.

Camera and Features

DJI Mavic 2 Pro comes with the standard DJI feature set, including all the most popular DJI Go features. We’re talking impeccable GPS accuracy, omnidirectional obstacle avoidance, image tracking, and so many smart flight modes and features, it will make your head spin.

The camera will sweep you off your feet too. Hasselblad is to thank here, they’ve done an amazing job, creating one of the best 4K cameras ever seen on drones. Whether you’re looking for a drone that can be used in industrial, outdoor sports(ish), or plain casual scenarios, DJI Mavic Mavic 2 Pro has the versatility and feature set you’ll need!

The best self following drone

The specs of this drone that follows you are a slight upgrade over the original version. We’re looking at roughly 30ish minutes of flight time, providing 5ish extra minutes. Not much, but does stand for something, especially for folk needing to go through several batteries per day. Range-wise, DJI’s Lightbridge technology keeps getting improved, allowing DJI Mavic 2 Pro up to 8 kilometers of range. That’s roughly a kilometer more than the original Mavic Pro, but in urban areas with a ton of interference, I doubt you’ll even notice the difference.



DJI Mavic Air 2 Drone

3. DJI Air 2S

Want a drone that can not only follow you around but do so with impeccable precision? Well, DJI Air 2S is definitely the drone for you! It’s a mid-range drone with a powerhouse camera solution that will give you an advantage no matter what you put it up against. Family photography and videography – check; commercial stuff – check! Want something to just follow you around so you don’t feel lonely – check!

Exceptional Camera

DJI Air 2S has a best-in-class camera, no doubt about it! We’re talking about a 1-inch sensor here, sensor that can shoot 5.4K videos at solid 30fps. If you want smoother footage, though, you will have to lower the resolution to 4K, which isn’t half bad either. But, take that with a grain of salt as your mileage may vary depending on your use case.

As far as video smoothness is concerned, you know what you can expect from DJI drones – nothing short of brilliant! Digital zoom is present as well, though you shouldn’t go overboard with it. It’s not going to provide good results at higher zoom levels.

Specs That’ll Make Your Head Spin

As far as the specs go, this miniature foldable bugger will leave you breathless. It can endure roughly 30 minutes in the air, and can fly up to 12 kilometers away from its transmitter… that is, if you opt for the Fly More Combo. If you don’t, not only will your range be limited, but your flight duration too.

As you probably know, the Fly More Combo brings forth not just the controller but two extra batteries as well. The carrying pouch is an added bonus, though transportability will never be an issue with such a small drone. All in all, if you’re looking for a drone that sports a reliable follow me feature, you really can’t go wrong with this one!



Autel Robotics EVO 2

2. Autel Robotics EVO 2

Autel Robotics EVO 2 is much pricier than any of the above-featured models. Why is that so? What makes its price tag so high? Well, it’s all about premium hardware and state-of-the-art software, all wrapped up in a package that has nothing to do with DJI’s ecosystem.

Proper Premium Drone

The answer is quite simple – this is a premium drone. The original EVO was an exceptional device that was on point with that generation of DJI models. More precisely, the Mavic Pro. The second generation takes a massive leap in the right direction, bringing forth numerous improvements in key areas.

Software-wise, EVO 2 is a masterpiece. Not only does it have a precise follow me feature, but can do all sorts of things with its numerous autonomous flight modes. Despite the fact this is not a DJI drone, it can do everything next-gen DJI drones can.

Roughly 40 minutes of flight time (your mileage may vary depending on your use case) and approximately 8 kilometers of transmission distance. Video transmission distance, mind you… and you don’t even need your smartphone because this thing comes with a display on its remote controller. Pretty neat, huh? You’re really getting your money’s worth here!

Great Camera

The list of things it does well includes the camera too! 8K footage is the maximum here, which just goes to show you you’re dealing with a premium model here. Plus, 4x lossless zoom support, 10-bit A-LOG as well – this thing is made for professionals, but then again, it has the price tag to justify for that.

What’s there left to be said about the second-gen EVO? Well, I believe we’ve said it all, really. If you’re okay with spending this much money for a superb drone, then why not – by all means, go ahead!



DJI Mavic 3 drone

1. DJI Mavic 3

Undoubtedly, DJI Mavic 3 is the best drone on this list. It’s the best follow-me drone out there too, not just because it has the most precise follow-me capabilities, but because it also provides the best all-around package too.

Two Models to Choose From

DJI Mavic 3 has two models on offer. They are pretty similar, Standard and Cine, with the latter having more options for photography professionals. If you don’t need stuff like a built-in 1TB SSD, extra ND filters, pro smart controller, or Apple ProRes 422 HD Codec, then you’re better off spending less money for the standard version.

Everything else is the same; the features, the specifications, and the camera modules. 4/3-inch Hasselblad is there in both models, as well as the smaller tele sensor accompanying it. Overall, the only extras are those we’ve mentioned above. You’re still getting the exact ActiveTrack feature, so if that’s the only thing you need from this bugger, there’s really no need to spend extra on Cine.

Numbers Look Great

The feature-set looks splendid, no doubt about that. But, what about the main numbers – what about the flight duration and range? When talking about next-gen devices from DJI, we’ve come to expect them to push the boundaries in terms of both range and flight time. Third gen Mavic is no different – realistically up to 40 minutes of flight time and 15 kilometers (or roughly 9 miles) of flight range.


mountain biking drone

FAQ: Best Follow Me Drones


What does the Drone Follow Me function mean?

I suppose there is no real need to explain this feature since it is pretty much self-explanatory… but then what the heck, I might as well write a couple of informative sentences about drone that follows you.

As the name implies, the Follow Me feature basically allows your drone to follow you around. Of course, this doesn’t have to always be “you” – you can order your drone to control other people or objects as well. Depending on the model you have/will buy, you might also get extra adjustments such as setting your desired altitude, flying speed and various other parameters.

In addition to all that, some models also have several subfeatures based on Follow Me. Thes are, in most cases, variations of the basic feature that incorporate preset settings from the feature itself. Here’s a couple of them so you know what exactly am I talking about:

  1. TapFly
    Set the desired location by tapping on the screen and your drone will follow the path you chose.
  2. Terrain Follow
    Recognition software will learn the surrounding terrain and keep the height level by following the terrain both uphill and downhill.
  3. Trace
    Pretty straightforward – the drone will keep the subject in focus while flying around it.
  4. Spotlight
    The drone will circle around the target, flying either in front or behind it.
  5. Profile
    The drone will fly directly alongside its target.


How does the Drone Follow Me function work?


Drones that follow you rely on a dedicated technology that turns your drone into a smart device and makes it act as your own camera crew. Up until the latest DJI’s flagships (Mavic Pro, Inspire 2 and Phantom 4) we only had one type of Follow Me technology. It is powered by GSC and GPS transmitter systems that work together allowing the drone to follow the control around and keep it in the camera focus.

The second technology is DJI’s ActiveTrack. Like we have already mentioned above, it is used by the newest DJI models. Relying solely on facial and object recognition software, ActiveTrack is able to pinpoint your exact location at all times and smoothly follow you around everywhere you go.


This technology is pretty straightforward. It relies on a connection between the drone and its dedicated GPS enabled device. In most cases, that device is either GSC (ground station controller) or a phone. Ideally, when the Follow Me function is turned on, the drone follows the GSC or phone everywhere it goes, making sure it stays in the camera focus at all given times. This technology has several different following styles, varying from hovering, circling around the subject, following it in a straight line and much more. These sub-features depend from drone to drone.


Latest in the line of DJI’s flagship models rely on the special recognition software called ActiveTrack. It basically enables the drone that follows you to recognize certain people or objects and follow them around with the camera being focused solely on them. This is done by a series of algorithms and a test flight around the desired subject so that the software can learn its shape and outer appearance from all sides. ActiveTrack does not require GPS or any other technologies and is currently available only on the newest installments of DJI drones.


Are any of these auto-follow drones waterproof?

Waterproof drones that follow you?

Unfortunately, none of the drones listed below are waterproof. However, that doesn’t mean they can’t survive a couple of raindrops here and there. Keep in mind though, flying in rain might be safe… but if something goes wrong your warranty won’t be valid.

One more thing that I’d like to add – if you are looking for water-resistant or waterproof solutions, you might want to take a closer look at AirDog ADII. Even though the drone itself is in no way waterproof, the controller (AirLeash) is. This means you can go surfing, kiteboarding or do any other water sport all while controlling your drone and not worrying about any water damage.


What is the fastest Follow Me drone?

If speed is your top priority then you should look no further than the AirDog ADII. As you will have the chance to see down below in the thorough explanation, AirDog ADII is an auto-follow drone specialized for fast-paced outdoor activities. With that said, it comes as no surprise to see it clocking in at approximately 45mph (slightly above 70km/h).

On the other hand, if you are a professional filmmaker in desperate need for a speedy aerial platform, take a closer look at DJI Inspire 2 which can go as fast as 58mph (almost 100km/h).

drones for mountain biking

What is the average flight time of these self following drones?

Battery life in the average drone that automatically follows you

This heavily depends on the type of drone you are going to get. There are selfie drones with follow me mode, there are professional aerial platforms… there are flagship drones with follow me mode and then there are dirt cheap ones. With all that in mind, we come to the conclusion that finding the unique average flight time of these drones is not an option. That’s why I’ve set up 2 subtypes to make your life easier.

Mini auto-follow drones – 12 minutes

Commercial Auto follow drones – 25 minutes


Is there any cheap drone that follows you?

Most people think that smart auto-follow drones cost way more than they actually do. Let me rephrase that, people are convinced anything below $500 is considered a toy drone. Well, if you know anything about the drone industry than I’m sure you already know that those people are greatly mistaken.

All that leads us to a simple answer to the above-stated question – yes, there are several cheap Follow Me drones that could sweep you off your feet. As a matter of fact, there’s a small list of cheap drones that follow you down below.


Can these drones avoid obstacles while flying?

Believe it or not, this is one of the most common questions related to following me modes… and luckily, the answer is yes. Well, for some drones at least. You see, in order for your drone to follow you while avoiding obstacles, it needs to have some sort of collision avoidance technology going on underneath its hud. However, this sort of technology comes at a high price which means you will only see it available in premium models. Take DJI Mavic Pro as the perfect example. It sports a highly intuitive Follow Me feature (it’s called ActiveTrack) as well as a comprehensive obstacle avoidance system. Combine that with adjustable flying settings and you’ll understand why Mavic Pro is such a popular Follow Me drone.

Can these drones follow me while I’m driving a car?

If you would like to record yourself driving a car, then I’m happy to tell you that all drones listed below are capable of doing just that. However, keep in mind that you cannot expect them to follow you at neck-breaking speeds. As a matter of fact, these drones can only follow you in a car at cruising speed. Come to think of it, I believe some manufacturers state the maximum speed their drones can follow in order to clear this question out as soon as possible.[/toggle]

Can these drones follow me in windy weather?

If we are talking about the normal windy weather and not hurricanes, then the answer is yes in most cases. Perhaps the smoothness and general quality of your drone’s flight path might not be ideal due to all that drifting caused by winds… but the drone would still be able to follow you.

Of course, I am referring to the normal-sized drones, not those miniature ones such as DJI Spark or Yuneec Breeze. While they are still able to battle their way through common wind if they get up against anything stronger they’ll be swept aside and rendered unusable.

Can any of these drones automatically land on a boat?

Unfortunately, guys, I will have to disappoint you since the answer is no. Most (if not all) modern-day drones are still unable to automatically land on moving objects such as boats. With that said, if you happen to try this out on your own and you end up crashing your drone in the water, your warranty won’t cover the damage.


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Explanation of different drone following modes

It was already explained above that AirDog ADII sport several modes in which it follows people or certain objects. Now, we are going to take a closer look at those and see how can users benefit from them!


Terminology explained

Fixed Follow

This subtype of Follow Me mode represents a fixed pattern in which the drone will follow you but retain your desired distance, angle and altitude. In other words, Fixed Follow will allow you to position the AirDog ADII to your liking and it will start following you around; and will do so without rotating on its x-axis. This means it will stay focused on you without changing its orientation. Fixed Follow is meant for wide open spaces without any obstacles nearby.

Here is a short video demonstration of this smart flight mode in action:

Hover and Aim

Hover and Aim is the default flight mode on AirDog ADII. The drone will go into this mode after each pause or after the initial takeoff. It is meant to be used in tight spaces and during scenarios in which the tracked object moves faster than AirDog ADII can fly, but is located in a relatively small area. When the drone is in Hover and Aim mode, it will be at a fixed position and altitude but will pan around the area and effectively adjust its camera to keep the tracked object within its frame. Needless to say, this mode is awesome for skateboarding, biking, parkour and other similar activities which possess fast moving objects in a small area.

Follow Line

If you want a linear approach to your handsfree aerial recordings, then AirDog ADII has the perfect solution for you. Meet Follow Line, a special submode of Follow Me which lets the drone focus on you while following a preset line. Prior to the initialization of this mode, you must select a line path (at least 2 points) and takeoff, it’s that easy! Of course, you can adjust the drone’s height in mid-air if you want some close ups on your action.

Here is a short video demonstration of this smart flight mode in action:

Adaptive Follow

If you are looking for smooth panoramic footage, then your obvious choice should be Adaptive Follow mode. What this does is it basically allows the drone to move relative to your movement. Prior to this, you will have to set a certain angle (for example, you can set it to fly in front of you) that your drone will then precisely follow. If you happen to change your direction during this mode, the drone will adapt to the situation and make a smooth transition around you.

Circle Around

This mode is pretty much self-explanatory. If you want your AirDog ADII to fly around you then this mode is the obvious way to go. By default, the drone will circle around you in a clockwise fashion and will do so at a steady speed. You can increase/decrease the speed with the left/right button on the AirLeash. Pressing the opposite directional button several times while in clockwise rotation will change it to counterclockwise. Keep in mind that you should not be moving faster than 25km/h if you want optimal results.

Here is a short video demonstration of this smart flight mode in action:


Short answer – Yes! Drone that follows you is extremely viable for both sports and all sorts of outdoor recreation. You can even find specialized drones that come with smart features such as Follow Me and incorporate it in brand new ways that aren’t seen in conventional drones.

The best example of this is surely the AirDog. It comes with a special leash (AirLeash) that is used as a standalone controller. What’s so special about it is that the AirDog can be programmed to follow it around and, best of all, the AirLeash is waterproof and handsfree, allowing you to fully concentrate on your favorite extreme sports.

Most newer drones come with specialized features that are able to handle fast-paced activities and can be used for outdoor sports with ease. So, if you are that type of person and you would like something to capture your extreme moments with, then a drone with the Follow Me features seems like a no-brainer.

Drones hidden on November 2021 update


10. Potensic T35

We’re starting the list off at number 10 where we have a cheap all-rounder, Potensic T35. The base package doesn’t cost much, around $150, but it’s often on sale for less than that. By the end of this short overview, I’m sure you’ll agree with me when I say Potensic T35 is a great cheap solution for a follow me drone!

Cheapest follow me drone

In all honesty, you can’t find a decent camera at this price point. Even though the drone tech has significantly advanced over the course of the last two years or so, and even though we now have GPS-powered drones at incredibly affordable prices, the camera department is still slugging behind. Potensic T35 does feature a solid 1080p wide-angle camera, but it’s the vibration that’s killing the footage. And Potesnic T35 is not the only one, vibration and jello are still the teething issues drone industry is battling with.

Needless to say, Potensic T35 comes with the infamous follow me feature. After all, it wouldn’t be here if FM wasn’t present. In addition to following you around, Potensic T35 also sports a dual GPS module, ensuring stable flight and failsafe features like auto return to home.


You won’t be able to reach too far with this little bugger. Even though we’re talking about a pretty bulky drone here, it does come at an affordable price tag so I guess price cuts had to be made in the range department. We’re looking at roughly 200 to 300 meters, and even that requires a clear line of sight. Battery duration is fairly good, though, averaging around 14 minutes. If you really need a drone that can follow you around and you’re on a tight budget, Potensic T35 will do, but only just!



Holy Stone HS120D with Transmitter

9. Holy Stone HS120D

Holy Stone HS120D is the next follow me drone we’ll be talking about here on our list. Design-wise, it’s very similar to Potensic T35/Holy Stone HS100, but has some differences that set it apart. It’s a fairly cheap drone too, often available for under $140. With its cute design, responsive controls, and solid FPV range, HS120D won’t disappoint you.

Camera and Features

Let’s get the important stuff out of our way first! Yes, Holy Stone HS120D sports both GPS and follow me, meaning it has excellent following accuracy. For the price tag, at least. You can’t expect to go too fast, or make excessive directional changes (i.e. running back and forth in and out of the drone’s FOV), otherwise, it will lose track of you and that’s about it.

Photography-wise, Holy Stone HS120 features a simple 1080p camera that does well in terms of still images but underperforms in the drone follow me video department. As usual, vibration is the main culprit, and Holy Stone HS120D doesn’t have the ability to dampen it.


The range is a bit problematic with this one. As you’ll come to see, most follow me drones possess far greater range than 300ish meters, which is what you can expect from HS120D. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to belittle this little bugger, and if we take the price tag into consideration, the range is reasonable, to say the least. On the bright side, the battery duration is around the 18-minute mark, which is just enough to get your daily dose of drone flying.



6. Potensic D85

Potensic D85 is a pretty looking drone. It’s very easy on the eye thanks to its gray/black color scheme and overall aggressive-looking appearance. There’s a lot of rough edges, and it all looks quite nice together. The build quality is at an exceptional level too, and you’ll be able to find a ton of spare parts too.

Camera and Features

Potensic D85 doesn’t just sports GPS but GLONASS too. These two positioning systems ensure smooth flying, impeccable responsiveness, and impeccable accuracy. Furthermore, it also features beefy 1500Kv brushless motors, which are both quiet and fast. Additionally, the D85 features 5G Wifi FPV with a pretty lengthy range, as well as auto return to home which ought to save your butt in time of need.

The provided 2K camera is okay. But okay at best – it won’t blow you away or create superb aerial photography. On the bright side, I’ve seen people mount their GoPros on this bugger. Especially Sessions, which aren’t too heavy but still feature much better image quality and software stabilization.


If you want long-range drones with Follow Me, but you don’t want to overspend, then Potensic D85 is the drone for you! With up to 1.5 km of operating range, this nimble flyer won’t disappoint you, that’s for sure! Add to that cca 20 minutes of flight time and you got yourself a screamer. And just look at that price tag. I mean, come on…


Hubsan Zino with Transmitter

5. Hubsan Zino Pro

Lately, Hubsan has slowed down a bit. At the moment, they only have one proper drone to show off, and that would be their newest foldable platform, Zino. Yes, we know ZIno 2 is out there, but it’s still not available on Amazon and Hubsan’s shop is sold out, meaning no one can get their hands on it right now. So, at least for the moment, Hubsan Zino (and Zino Pro) will have to represent Hubsan in our article.

Camera and Features

Zino Pro is the first-ever foldable Hubsan drone to feature proper hardware stabilization. Better yet, it’s the first-ever foldable Hubsan drone that features a 4K camera. ND filters are there too, alongside a bunch of photography-based features that make Hubsan Zino Pro a viable business drone.

In addition to follow me, Zino also supports stuff like GPS & GLONASS, panorama, image tracking, RTH, failsafe and more. Hubsan Zino Pro is a feature-packed model, just like the majority of its direct competitors. However, thanks to dual positioning systems and a polished app, I dare to say Hubsan Zino Pro is the most accurate of the bunch!


Hubsan Zino pro is a beast in the specs department too. With around 4km of range and 22ish minutes of flight time, we’re looking at a very capable little bugger here. I know, DJI Mavic Mini can fly 8 minutes longer, but it can’t shoot in 4K, and doesn’t have object tracking. Keep that in mind when making your final decision on which follow-me drone to buy!


DJI Mavic Air With Transmitter

3. DJI Mavic Air

DJI Mavic Air is the second foldable DJI device that came out after the original Mavic Pro. It comes at a lower price tag yet offers more or less the same functionality as its big brother. In other words, when it comes to price/performance, DJI Mavic Air is right up there with the best of them. There are no compromises in this package, and I’m sure you’ll notice it by the end of this short overview.

Camera and Features

Even though DJI Mavic Air is smaller than the original Mavic Pro, they basically have the same set of features. Obstacle avoidance sensors are here too, both on front and in the back. They’re pretty accurate and will get your drone out of trouble in most occasions. On top of that, DJI Mavic Air is also foldable, has GPS, object tracking, and a plethora of DJI Go features that’ll help you make a name for yourself with awesome aerial selfies.

Don’t get me started on this camera. For the price the base Mavic Air goes for, you can’t really get a better camera. This thing features 3-axis stabilization and is capable of shooting 4K footage. Dronies, orbiting, asteroid (FRIGGIN AWESOME), and even HDR – this camera supports it all, and makes DJI Mavic Air one of the best price/performances follow me drones on the market.


Unfortunately, DJI Mavic Air’s biggest downside is its specs sheet. It’s not terrible, but it is significantly inferior to the likes of Mavic Pro and Mavic Mini. The Air can reach up to 4 kilometers and fly for around 20ish minutes. Yes, the Fly More Combo does get you two extra batteries which means a full hour of flying right out of the box, but I’d still love to see battery life improvements with the DJI Mavic 2 Air!


Autel Robotics EVO with Transmitter

2. Autel Robotics EVO

The second best drone you can buy right now is the famous Autel Robotics EVO. This orange badass excels in every department, delivering professionally-viable performance at an aggressive price tag. Don’t get me wrong, you’ll still have to pay upwards of $1000 for the package, but at least you’ll get a whole bunch of accessories, including extra batteries to improve already excellent flight times.

Camera and Features

Autel Robotics EVO packs quite the punch in the camera department. Yep, in other words, this birdie can shoot fluid 4K videos thanks to its beefy camera and sophisticated 3-axis gimbal stabilization solution. It’s the perfect mixture, creating a very usable camera no matter the type of use you put EVO up against.

The feature set is absurdly good. Autel Robotics EVO basically offers everything all other high-end models offer. It’s basically nitpicking at this point since Autel Robotics EVO sports awesome stuff like orbiting, viewpoint, waypoints, dynamic tracking, and offers full VR headset support.


Specifications are coming right up. Starting off with the flight time, Autel Robotics EVO sports a hefty but highly optimized battery which can endure close to half an hour on a full charge. The same goes for the range, which caps out at around 7 kilometers. Let’s be realistic, when will you need more than 7 kilometers of range, really?

Larry Haller