DJI Goggles Racing Edition – What’s all the hype about?

Yes, we know – DJI Goggles already came out less than 1 year ago… but this here is a completely different set of FPV goggles. Well, not completely – DJI Goggles Racing Edition bear the exact same (and highly comfortable) design. But, that doesn’t mean there aren’t any differences. Perhaps on the outside where everything except … but the inside is a different story.

DJI Goggles Racing Edition

Considering they’re labeled as Racing Edition FPV headset it comes as no surprise to see different hardware used for video transmission.

“Is it a brand new version of OcuSync that has roughly the same latency as the 5.8ghz analog transmission?”

Unfortunately, no… But you’re on the right track. You see, DJI Goggles Racing Edition sport the well known digital video transmission made by DJI – OcuSync. This means they can be used with Mavic Pro which sports OcuSync straight out of the box. But, there’s some new stuff inside as well…


What’s New?

In addition to digital video transmission (DJI’s OcuSync), DJI Goggles Racing Edition can also catch analog 5.8Ghz signal. Yup – this means you can use these goggles with your FPV racing drones. It doesn’t matter whether they’re 25, 200, 600mW or anything in between – DJI Goggles RE can catch the signal as long as it’s on 5.8Ghz channels.

In order to change from digital to analog signal, all you have to do is place a 5.8Ghz antenna in the SMA port, tamper around with the menus to change the frequency to manual and then to your desired channel. It’s really simple so no worries in that department.

5.8 Ghz Antennas

Another cool thing is that it sports a microSD card slot which will be used as storage for your analog videos… if you choose to record them. It basically means DJI Goggles RE sport DVR function which is a must-have for all serious FPV racers.

Best of all – analog transmission quality is extraordinary. It might just be those 2 awesome FHD displays. We are talking about a 1280 x 960 HD feed which is not too bright and with a solid amount of contrast. One thing is for sure – all that makes the videos a lot better than high-end Fat Sharks!

That’s not all…

DJI Goggles RE also sport 2 more features which set them apart from the standard version. First of all, they sport Sphere pano photo viewing which is probably something most of you won’t use that often. What you might use is the local video playback software; the lack of which was the biggest downside of the original. Now it’s fixed and supports MP4, MOV and MKV formats.


Besides 5.8Ghz, what devices do DJI Goggles RE support?

In addition to Mavic Pro which comes with OcuSync straight out of the box, there are other drones that are fully supported by DJI Goggles RE. However, you won’t be able to connect wirelessly but via HDMI cable. It’s not the perfect solution but a simple one nevertheless! This enables them to communicate with a wider range of drones including Inspire 2, Spark, Phantom 4 Series; basically all DJI devices with the Lightbridge transmission technology and the ones that sport HDI.


Can it connect to other devices via OcuSync transmission?

Now many of you must be wondering whether or not DJI Goggles RE will function with other OcuSync-powered devices? Wait, there are other OcuSync devices out there besides Mavic Pro? Well, here’s something that will blow your mind – you can buy OcuSync Air Unit and OcuSync Camera which can be mounted on all of your builds. Whether you’re into FPV racing and would like to try out 50ms OcuSync FPV or you’re building your own long range rig for various other purposes, Air Unit and Camera are all for you!

DJI OcuSync Air Unit and Camera

With support for 2.4 and 5.8Ghz dual freq transmission and FHSS up to 19 fixed channels, long range and low latency are both guaranteed. More precisely, you can expect 50ms of latency at 480p resolution and up to 7 kilometers of operating range. Maximum video transmission resolution is 1280 x 960 at 50fps thanks to the 12MP Global Shutter and CMOS sensor within the camera.


Final words on DJI Goggles Racing Edition

If I were to take the entire story and say it as a single sentence, it would go something like this – DJI Goggles Racing Edition is what the standard edition should’ve looked like!

Many people were disappointed with the original just because of the lack of 5.8Ghz video transmission. DJI has finally fixed this with Racing Edition. At the moment, it’s the complete package delivering on all fronts. One FPV Goggles to rule them all, some would say… and they would be right – DJI Goggles Racing Edition have what it takes to replace all of your current goggles into one simple, stylish and efficient solution!

So are they worth the price tag they go for? Well, considering they’re not that far off from certain Fat Shark goggles that only support 5.8Ghz transmission, I’d say DJI Goggles RE are definitely worth the money. Not only are you getting 5.8Ghz but OcuSync and HDMI transmission as well. It’s a win-win combo if I’ve ever seen one!

Zoran Valentak