DJI Mavic Air 2 is coming out on April 27th?

dji mavic air 2 leaked photo

It seems as though we’re finally going to see DJI Mavic Air’s successor in action! What was one of 2018’s best foldable drones is finally getting an upgrade worthy of its name. The original Mavic Air was a superb device, no doubt about that. It was released in January 2018 and was meant to offer an in-the-middle solution between the prosumer-friendly Mavic Pro and the consumer-centric Spark.

With a 4K camera, HDR support, obstacle avoidance, and solid all-around performance, the original Mavic Air was a proper beast. It was, however, “replaced” by the much-smaller DJI Mavic Mini, which took over the mid-portion of the market. Can the all-new DJI Mavic Air 2 announcement shake things up in the already stale drone industry?

As you can see, the new DJI Mavic Air 2 design looks more like a new Mavic Pro than the original Mavic Air. Of course, we might be looking at a prototype here, mainly because it’s highly unlikely that DJI would release the second-gen Air without friskier color choices that became a staple in Mavic Air’s design.

According to The Verge, and several other websites, the second-gen DJI Mavic Air could start shipping pretty soon. More precisely, we could see it launch as soon as April 27th, just like the image below implies.

Another reason why the second-gen Mavic Air could be coming pretty soon is the fact that the original Air is running out of stock on DJI’s official store. Stock depletion typically happens before the introduction of a new model, which is what we’re probably looking at here.



DJI Mavic Air 2 Announcement

dji mavic air 2 photo leaked

Pricing, Release Date & Specs

Earlier today, DJI Mavic Air 2’s manual was leaked online on a Brazilian FCC-equivalent website. It possesses a ton of critical information regarding the drone’s overall performance and specifications. For starters, it seems the all-new DJI Mavic Air 2 will have a 48MP camera capable of shooting 4K at 60fps and supporting intelligent flight modes like ActiveTrack 3.0 and Point of Interest 3.0. QuickShots and  other smart flight modes should be present too, delivering exceptional performance at all fronts.

That’s not all – the leaked DJI Mavic Air 2 manual also shows the battery – LiPo 3S 3500mAh that yields upward of 40WH capacity. Speed-wise, DJI Mavic Air 2 will be able to go as fast as 43mph, which is almost 69km/h. Last but not least, the specifications have received massive boosts across the board. We’re talking roughly 34 minutes of flight time and reportedly 5 miles (8 kilometers) of the operating range. Those are definitely massive increases over the original Mavic Air which could reach 4 kilometers and 20 minutes.

As for DJI Mavic Air 2 pricing, there is no concrete info to dissect at the moment. Looking back at DJI’s pricing trends, we can safely assume the new second-gen Air will cost just as much or even slightly more than its predecessor.

And finally – release date! As stated earlier, the drone could launch on April 27th, but we shouldn’t expect it to start shipping immediately. If it’s starts going out by the end of May, we can call it a win-win situation for everyone involved!


Anthony Turner