DJI Phantom R | News, Release Date, Speculations

DJI is known for their serious approach to high-end products. They don’t like compromising on quality and they’re making it pretty clear with all of their products. The likes of Mavic Pro, Phantom and Inspire series are lean mean flying machines equipped with state of the art cameras capable of recording professional-grade footage.

With all that in mind, it’s kind of safe to say that DJI is already covering the entirety of high-end drone market. With compact devices (Mavic Pro and Spark), the top flight aerial photography drones (Phantom series), drones for industrial use (Agras, Matrice, Spreadwings) and professional aerial cinematography solutions (Inspire series), they’re pretty much all covered. All except racing drones. Yup, you read that right… The only link missing in DJI’s chain are racing drones, and they might just surprise us all with a brand new drone!


Easter Egg in the Latest Video

With their latest product, DJI Goggles Racing Edition, it seems as though now would be the perfect time for DJI’s endeavor into FPV racing. Not only do they work with OcuSync and Lightbridge transmitters but all 5.8Ghz analog ones too. Plus, there was a huge Easter Egg in the announcement video for these goggles showing these words:

DJI Phantom R?

In fact here’s a snapshot at the exact moment in the DJI Goggles RE – Go Further video on YouTube:

DJI Phantom R Easter Egg

It lasts for a split second until a weird looking Phantom (ish) styled drone takes off and zooms past the scene. Could this be a clear indication that DJI is planning on releasing a brand new Phantom… but this time oriented towards FPV racers?

One thing is for sure – it looks like a great idea and I know for a fact many people would love to get their hands on a DJI FPV racer… I for one would be thrilled!


Design and performance

As for the performance, I believe it’s obvious that we are not talking about another aerial photography drone here. This is an FPV racing quad in every sense of the name… So yeah, it’s going to have acro mode available so you’ll reckon it’s going to be quite a beast.

Take a closer look at the snapshot below and tell me what you see in the comments section. I see a huge ass battery strapped to the top of the drone. Also, look at that neat angle – there’s no doubt this thing is freakishly fast!

DJI Phantom R Snapshot Battery 2


In fact, look up DJI Phantom R on YouTube and you’ll find people modding their Phantoms into fully fledged FPV racers in a very similar way. This is most likely where DJI is heading with their version too – a premium FPV racer worthy of top-tier competition!

As for the design, it seems as though DJI Phantom R will keep its signature white body. Whether or not this will turn out to be a bad idea, I can’t tell yet. Perhaps this is only a prototype and the real thing will come with some sort of a carbon fiber build. Heck, maybe that white body is purely for aesthetical purposes. It wouldn’t surprise me at all…

DJI Phantom R price

If this little fella is going to be released soon, I reckon it will have a pretty hefty price to its name. I expect a premium FPV racing drone, and so are many others. If DJI managed to improve their OcuSync technology to the point they have less than 50ms in HD resolution and implement the technology into DJI Phantom R, then I’d be happy to pay a premium price for it… and once again, so are many others.

But, at the moment, there isn’t any concrete information regarding the official price tag. It does not mean it is not coming in anytime soon. Stay tuned and you’ll get the freshest info here as I’ll update this article frequently; every time something new shows up. Don’t miss it!


DJI Phantom R release date

So far, there is absolutely nothing regarding DJI Phantom R release date. Don’t be alarmed though, rumor has it that it’s going to be available in the first half of 2018. That would mean we’re only months away from the first official announcement. Hopefully, there will be something official right after the holidays. Fingers crossed!



Anthony Turner