DJI Spark 2 : Release date, News, Leaks, Speculations, Rumors and More

Even though DJI Spark has been released this June, there are already more than a fair share of information revolving around its successor. Knowing DJI’s nomenclature, the most likely name is going to be DJI Spark 2 (or DJI Spark Pro). However, what we don’t know yet are the official specifications nor features. We can only guess, and that’s exactly what we’ll do in the next couple of paragraphs!

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In addition to guessing, we will also analyze all the date we’ve found so far and give you some insight on what sort of upgrades could we see on DJI Spark 2. Enough with the introduction, let’s jump straight to business!

DJI Spark 2 / DJI Spark Pro Rumors : Could We See OcuSync?

DJI Spark 2 has already been the focus of several rumors. That’s partially coming from proven sources and partially from people who are just speculating about the additions to the second generation of DJI Spark. OcuSync is probably the most anticipated upgrade and there are already a good number of rumors stating that DJI will, in fact, implement it in the second generation of their Spark model.

But, in addition to that, some people are also claiming there will be no such thing as OcuSync is reserved for flagship series such as Mavic Pro, Phantom and Inspire.

What do the masses want?

We shouldn’t take people’s opinions for granted either! During the last few weeks, a lot of speculations (and wishes) were brought to life by DJI fans from all around the world. They are making their voices heard by explaining what exactly they want to see in the second edition of DJI Spark. Let’s go through their wishes and see what are they all about!

Improved range

As previously mentioned in the DJI Spark Pro rumors section, the improved range is a top priority for DJI at least when it comes to the second generation of their Spark model. With a rather humble app-controlled range and troublesome controller one, it is safe to say they need to work on their transmission technology for the Spark 2.

I’m sure some of you recall that DJI users were reporting a lot of problems with the range. DJI official statements showed the maximum range (with the controller, of course) being topped at 3000 meters. However, some users were not getting anywhere near that. To be more precise, they were stuck at 300- 500 meters which is unforgivable even when DJI is in question.

WIth all that in mind, one thing is for sure – if DJI wants to boost the sales of DJI Spark Pro, they need to sort out their WiFi controlling issues. Preferably, with the introduction of their well known OcuSync technology which would give a significant boost to DJI Spark 2’s max range. Undoubtedly, it would be on par with other flagships which would mean around 7 kilometers. Wouldn’t that be awesome to see on such a small drone?


4K camera

DJI Spark 2 Camera4K capable camera is another wish of the fans. Even though the original Spark sports an amazing FHD camera that, combined with a 2-axis gimbal, makes extraordinary aerial shots and videos… there is still room for improvement on new DJI Spark Pro.

The 4k camera would kick things up a notch and I don’t see a reason why DJI would opt out. After all, Yuneec Breeze (a direct competitor to the Spark) already sports a 4K sensor and could steal potential buyers in the long run.


Foldable design of new DJI Spark Pro

Even though DJI Spark is a lot smaller than Mavic Pro, some people still want more portability. Mainly, what they are asking for is a foldable design such as Zerotech Dobby. Considering Spark’s size, I doubt a traditional foldable system would work. On the other hand, DJI can learn from the new GDU drone which implements an innovative folding design which would do a world of good to DJI Spark 2.

Some people are even asking for a serious weight cut. The weight of the current Spark clocks in at 300 grams and people seem to really want that number to go below 250g. For those of you unaware of the reason – it’s only because going under that weight would make DJI Spark bypass certain FAA restrictions. There would be no registration required and would practically classify DJI Spark as a toy-grade model in the eyes of the FAA.

However, I can hardly see this happening since I firmly believe Spark is at the lowest possible weight at the moment… getting it lower than 250 grams would be next to impossible. The only way I see this happening is if DJI decides to go easier on the battery which would result in less airtime and probably piss off a huge number of potential buyers.


3-axis gimbal

dji 3-axis gimbalAnother huge upgrade that people want to see is the gimbal. As stated above, DJI Spark currently sports a tiny 2-axis gimbal. It does its job well, there is no doubt about that, but a 3-axis one would do it a world of good.

Also, some users are complaining that the gimbal controls are too jerky and they are unable to control it the way they like. All of this would probably be resolved with an even tinier 3-axis gimbal than that on DJI Mavic Pro.

However, such a small gimbal is a true technological feat and would require all manpower from DJI to be brought to life.


Battery upgrade

DJI Spark batteryI am sure some of you know that the original DJI Spark sports a tiny 1480mAh 3S LiPo. It is capable of providing up to 16 minutes of flight time which beats all of its direct competitors such as Yuneec Breeze, Zerotech Dobby, and XIRO Xplorer Mini.

Despite that, people are still wanting more. While the 3-cell system isn’t requiring an upgrade, the capacity sure is. People want at least 2000mAh which would supposedly increase the flight time somewhere around the 20-minute mark on the new DJI Spark Pro.

What do you guys think? Is 20 minutes of flight time a realistic approach to DJI Spark 2? Let us know in the comments below!


What are the expected upgrades on DJI Spark 2?

Now that we have seen what do the masses want, let’s take a closer look at what are the most probable upgrades that we are likely to see on DJI Spark 2:

We will most likely witness a camera upgrade. Whether there will actually be a 4K sensor on the line or no, I’m afraid we cannot tell at this point. However, certain upgrades are bound to happen such as improved facial recognition software, more autonomous shooting options and perhaps even a 3-axis gimbal.
I’m afraid that DJI will keep OcuSync to their flagship models and merely make an upgrade in Spark’s current transmission system. The most important thing for their users is to fix WiFi transmission issues and really push the range to the 3000 meters limit. 300-500 meters is way below the expectations of many users and I’m sure the sales will suffer if this happens to be the case with Spark 2 as well.
In terms of the battery, I suppose we will get a slightly more capacity that will allow the Spark to fly as long as 20 minutes. It’s something that the majority of fans want and I really believe DJI will listen to their wishes and do their best with the new battery.
As far as the design is concerned, I doubt we will see any major changes. As you had the chance to see above, many people want a foldable design and under-250g weight… Unfortunately, with Spark’s current design and technology available, I really doubt DJI Spark 2 will sport these changes. Perhaps Spark 3 will, but Spark 2… highly unlikely. DJI is known for making small upgrades in their lineup of drones and I don’t see how that could turn out to be any different with their Spark series.

DJI Spark 2 News

Now let’ see if there are any news surrounding this drone. Primarily, we’ll be focusing onDJI Spark 2 Release date and price as those 2 are the most anticipated info.

DJI Spark 2 Release date ?

DJI Spark 2 Price

At the time of writing this article, there is no information on DJI Spark 2 price. That’s completely understandable since the drone probably won’t be released anytime soon. However, given the fact that original DJI Spark goes for $500 (the basic package), I doubt DJI will go too far off from that number with the second generation.

Fly More Combo will probably stay in the picture as it brought good sales boost when DJI needed it the most. Plus, by providing 2 different packages to a single drone (this has already worked like a charm for DJI), they’re technically offering it to a much broader audience who want to shape the experience to their own desires (with controller or smartphone app).

DJI Spark 2 Release Date

It was already stated above that DJI Spark 2 release date probably won’t come out anytime soon. As a matter of fact, I highly doubt it will be released this year. Summer 2018 looks more likely as it would mark the 1-year anniversary of the original Spark release.

With that said, I am sorry to disappoint all of you who hoped they’ll see the release in the following few months. Right now, DJI is presumably focused on bringing their next big-time flagship from the likes of Phantom, Mavic Pro or even Inspire series.


Anthony Turner