DJI Inspire 2 Is Getting a Brand New Zenmuse X7 Supercamera

Not long ago DJI finally announced their newest aerial photography/cinematography solution for their Inspire 2 model. As the title suggests, I am referring to Zenmuse X7, a brand new model in the Zenmuse X series. Continuing with the fashion of extremely high-end models, Zenmuse X7 sports lots of incremental improvements that make it, looking at the grand scheme of things, the best aerial camera out there.

Zenmuse X7 Announcement

I’m sure many of you can’t wait to find out more about it so I’ll cut straight to the chase… Let’s see what’s so special about this highly expensive camera!


What’s new with Zenmuse X7

Zenmuse X7 has more than a few impressive improvements over the X5 and X5S. Don’t worry, we are going to go through all of them to show you what’s all the fuss really about:


4k vs 6k resolution

Unparalleled resolution

As for the resolution, Zenmuse X5S already touched the border of craziness with its 5.2K 30fps CinemaDNG videos. But, X7 takes it one step further by incorporating 6K 30fps CinemaDNG and 4K 60fps H.264. Also, I should probably mention the fact it takes 24MPX raw DNG stills making it a great all-around device providing a great dose of user creativity. All in all – it rocks!

Stops of Dynamic range

Dynamic range improvements

One of the biggest mysteries to non-photographers is surely dynamic range. It’s a “feature” that allows high-end cameras to capture brilliant range of brightness values in high contrasts scenes such as a sunset or a sunrise. More precisely, Zenmuse X7 has 14 stops of dynamic range allowing it to deliver unparalleled color brightness differences in every frame you manage to take.

ISO Range example

ISO range

Another aspect worth mentioning is the ISO range. In addition to the dynamic range, ISO range also has something to do with different scenes. This camera comes with astonishing 100-25600 ISO range which can do equally well in all lighting scenarios. Combine that with 14 stops of dynamic range and you got yourself a proper professional-grade camera for aerial photography.

Zenmuse X7 Super 35mm sensor

New sensor

Zenmuse X7 incorporates a brand new sensor that will outright amaze you. It’s called Super 35mm sensor and, my oh my does it make a difference… It leads to an incredibly cinematic and shallow depth of field than virtually all other drone cameras available. Plus, it snags even the smallest of details no matter if they’re far off or out of focus. It’s amazing what X7 is capable of.


Available lenses

As far as lenses are concerned, Zenmuse X7 has a wide collection at its disposal with a total of 4 lenses. 16, 24, 35 and 50mm pieces that are made with carbon fiber. They also sport advanced optic elements ready to take you on for one hell of a ride. All 4 lenses also sport the so-called DJI DL mount which is, you’ve guessed it, available for DJI Inspire 2 drone. Thanks to them, you will be able to capture a huge array of different shots and create your own images of the world as you see it… there is no doubt about it!

Zenmuse X7 Lenses


Build quality makes a difference

DJI has gotten its users accustomed to only the highest performance and build quality with their high-end products. Nothing different can be said about Zenmuse X7 which is the best aerial imaging solution out there… not just by performance but build quality too. It is highly compact and feels solid from all angles. Gimbal arm connector and the gimbal lock feel very secure and reliable as well as the button for changing lenses. The presentation is firm and definitely breathes confidence for the long run. If that’s what you are craving for then I’m happy to inform you Zenmuse X7 delivers!

Final words on DJI Zenmuse X7

Now that all has been said and done, it is only logical to make a summary of this magnificent new camera. So, what does Zenmuse X7 bring to the table and who is it meant for?

Well, obviously, this camera is no joke and its price tag suggests that at the very first glance. With that said, Zenmuse X7 is created for professional users who want the very best in terms of aerial cinematography and photography solutions. And it really delivers – with an amazing 35mm sensor, great tech sheet and impressive 6K 30fps videos well worth the money… and the hype.


Anthony Turner