Yuneec YES! Brand New Warranty Program

Yuneec, a drone brand which hasn’t stopped amazing us ever since the release of their Q500 model. After that, the company made a huge breakthrough on the scene and, quite frankly, are now in an open fight with DJI in terms of premium drones.

This is partially because of their solid warranty plan which is attracting a lot of attention in recent months. In addition to their normal warranty options revolving around the below-stated drones, Yuneec also offers a special warranty plan called YES! AKA Yuneec Extended Service.

Here’s a quick look at Yuneec’s official basic warranty scheme that’s included in the main price of their models:

1-year warranty

  • Typhoon Q500
  • Typhoon H
  • Breeze

6-month warranty

  • Typhoon Q500+
  • Typhoon Q500G
  • Tornado H920

Additionally, Yuneec also has a 1-month warranty on their accessories as well as LiPo batteries which could save you a ton of nerves if something goes wrong as soon as your new Yuneec drone arrives.


What is YES! – Yuneec Extended Service?

Yuneec Extended Service Just like it was already explained above, Yuneec YES! (Yuneec Extended Service) is a paid service fee that works in a similar way like many other top brands all around the world. In other words, it basically reflects popular plans such as AppleCare and DJI’s name here, both of which are enjoying quite the popularity.

If we are to be more precise, YES! runs concurrently to the default warranty, giving you another year of manufacturer defect services. While this does include software-caused crashes and flyaways, it doesn’t cover man-made errors. Realistically, what I’m trying to say here is – if you crash your Yuneec drone up against a wall at full speed or make a dive into the river… not even YES! will stop you.

Here is the price overview of YES! for different models. At the moment, only 3 models are covered by it, so here they are:

  • Yuneec Breeze – $59
  • Typhoon H – $199
  • Typhoon H +Intel RealSense $279

But, there’s another plan that could, in fact, be worth going for even more than YES! You see, in addition to Yuneec Extensive Service, there is also a thing called Crash Forgiveness. Let me tell you a bit more about this one…


What is Crash Forgiveness?

Crash Forgiveness is a bit more expensive warranty gimmick from Yuneec. This time, you won’t get an extra year on your warranty but instead 2 non-warranty crash repairs. However, if your drone is completely ruined and requires a replacement, your Crash Forgiveness contract will be considered as fulfilled, meaning it’s as good as gone. Well, technically, it’s not… since you’ll get a special 50% off for further non-warranty repairs.

Here is how the price chart looks as far as Crash Forgiveness is concerned:

  • Yuneec Breeze – $89
  • Typhoon H – $229
  • Typhoon H +Intel RealSense $299


Anything else noteworthy?

So, to summarize on these 2 plans:

YES! – extends your warranty for an another year.

CF – gives you 2 non-warranty repairs free of charge.

But, there is one more aspect that is included in both of these warranty plans that is bound to get overlooked by a fair share of potential customers.

Special discounts!!!

You see, if you opt for YES! and you happen to be the perfect pilot and you don’t need a single repair or extra part, then you’ll be eligible for 30% off your next Yuneec purchase. Similar story goes for CF too. If you opt for this plan and you don’t use a single one of those 2 non-warranty repairs, you’ll get extra 20% off your next Yuneec purchase. If the basic plans weren’t good enough on their own for you, then perhaps these discounts will sway your mind and make you pay that extra bit of money for them.

Final words on YES! and CF

As you can see, the price gaps aren’t too drastic but are still noteworthy. What surprises me is the fact Yuneec Typhoon Q500 and Tornado H920 aren’t on the list for either of these warranty plans. As a matter of fact, it is also a trivial matter to see Typhoon H being listed at 2 different prices due to the presence of RealSense technology. I won’t go into the reasons why is that so since, quite frankly, I will be the first one to go for Crash Forgiveness plan, no questions asked.

Finally, a question for those of you who own a Yuneec drone – after reading this article, do you think you will opt for one of these 2 plans? Either YES! or Crash Forgiveness. As always, you can leave your comments down in the comment section. I’ll be happy to read them as I am very interested in your opinions on this subject.


Larry Haller