The world of RC vehicles is ever-expanding. With huge technological advancements over the few last years which helped shape up today’s prices, their popularity is rapidly growing. And why wouldn’t it? Not only have the prices dropped significantly but they’re also faster, sturdier and more fun than ever. As a matter of fact, there are even DIY drones that can teach children the basics of STEM.

rc boats for beginners

But, let’s not forget about the main purpose of these RC buggers and that’s providing a ton of fun for children… and adults who feel like that. No hard feelings though, I fall into the same category as much as anyone of you. Even to a greater extent since I’m actually in love with them. Not just RC boats, of course, but drones, RC cars, and all that good stuff. That’s pretty much why I’m here and providing you with all those numerous guying guides. In fact, here’s one for you right now…


Table: 5 Best RC Boats for beginners

ImageNameSpeedRangeTimeBest Price
5. UDI001 Venom15mph50m15minSee best offer
4. Feilun FT01228mph100m10minSee best offer
3. UDI007 Voyager18mph100m8minSee best offer
Pro Boat Shockwave Table2. Pro Boat Shockwave25mph*300m12min*See best offer
Traxxas Blast Table1. Traxxas Blast20mph400m20minSee best offer

* represents the approximate numbers with a 3S LiPo battery


UDI001 Venom

5. UDI001 Venom

Starting off, we have a nimble little boatie which has already made quite the name for itself in the low-end market. As you can see, I am referring to UDI001 Venom. It is made by UDI, a well known RC vehicle manufacturer with plenty years of experience backing them up. They always offer great value for money which is exactly the case with this RC boat. But, other than that, I’m sure you’ll find its controlling scheme really entertaining and pleasing. So, if you’re looking for your first ever RC boat, I don’t see a better option currently available on the market.

Design and Features

Design-wise, you’ll be surprised to find out UDI001 Venom is actually a miniature 13-inch model. It’s small, yes… but that doesn’t mean it’s less fun than bigger models. On the contrary – this little bugger can provide you or your kids with a ton of fun. Additionally, it can also flip itself back up after being capsized which makes up for a hassle-free experience. Awesome! Not only that but it also sports a water-cooled propulsion system. However, that’s something we won’t discuss here but in the specs section down below! So, let’s get right to it…


Starting off with specifications, I suppose I got to mention that water-cooled propulsion system. This ensures that its brushed motor remains at an optimal temperature, significantly extending its lifetime. Moreover, UDI001 Venom is powered by a 2S 600mAh battery. It’s a hefty little thing, that’s for sure… especially when we take into consideration the size of this little bugger. Still, it can provide a solid runtime. We are talking around 10 to 15 minutes of active playing. Not bad, right?

Range, on the other hand, goes only to 50 meters which is a tad bit under my expectations. But, considering I was barely able to see it in action at this distance, my initial disappointment was gone. Lastly, this battery (together with the motor) allows quite the top speed as well. You can expect around 15mph (cca 25km/h) under ideal conditions.



Feilun FT012

4. Feilun FT012

Feilun FT012 might not be the most expensive boatie out of this bunch, but it sure as hell has an awesome overall performance. Plus, it comes with its own dedicated stand which is always a huge plus with these toy-grade RC boats. Furthermore, its build quality is nothing short of brilliant and well exceeds the standards in this price range. So, with all that in mind, it becomes quite obvious that we are talking about a great RC boat for beginners. But, will we change our minds after taking a closer look at it? Well, there’s only one way to find out!

Design and Features

Don’t you just hate it when you are playing with your RC boat and it flips upside down? It renders it unusable and obliges you to swim all the way up to it and flip it back up again. It’s a troublesome (and wet) task… but a needless one if you have Feilun FT012. That’s because it sports the ever so popular Self Rightening feature which does the job for you without needing to get wet. If that’s not awesome then I really don’t know what is…

Additionally, it also needs to be said that Feilun FT012 is an 18-inch model with great build quality and little-required maintenance. So, as long as you keep its water cooling system clean and its metal parts nicely oiled, this little bugger will last you a long time.


As far as the hardware and specifications go, I already gave you the assumption that we are talking about a mighty RC boat here. To be more precise, Feilun FT012 runs on a 3S 1800mAh LiPo battery with a 25C rating. It’s just enough to provide a decent amount of torque and help this boatie achieve top speed up to 28mph (45km/h). This battery is also responsible for roughly 10 minutes of runtime which I’m sure is just enough for the price you’re going to pay. And finally, the range goes almost all the way to the end of your line of sight, standing tall at roughly 100 meters.



UDI 007 Voyager

RC Boats For Beginners 2020

3. UDI007 Voyager

If you are looking for the best value for money then look no further as UDI007 Voyager has you covered. As I already told you in Best RC Boats Under $100 article, this is the best you can buy at that price point. Hands down! With brilliant build quality and great performance, no other boat below $100 comes near UDI007 Voyager. But still, I understand if you don’t want to go buy it just because I told you so. Instead, I’ll give you some cold hard evidence right down below.

Design and Features

If you are not only interested in playing with your RC boat but displaying it in your home too… then I’m sure you will be happy to know it comes with its dedicated stand. It fits nicely into every living room and will definitely be a conversation-starter. Additionally, it’s also important to mention the extra battery that comes in the package. Last but not least, UDI007 Voyager also incorporates self-rightening as well as 2 additional safety features. Of course, I am referring to out of range and low battery alarms. They’re bound to help you in times of need, you can count on it. Now that you know everything there is to know about Voyager’s features, I believe it is time to take a closer look at its specifications and general performance.


So, let’s start with the backbone of this entire build – the motor. UDI007 Voyager runs on a 370 brushed motor combined with a 2S 1500mAh LiPo battery. In fact, you will even get an extra one that will effectively double your runtime. And what about runtime, what sort of a number can you expect. Well, I have been getting around 7 to 8 minutes after a full charge. So, you’ll have around 15 minutes with 1 pit stop thanks to the extra battery. The operating range goes to 100 meters. Not half bad either, don’t you agree? Last but not least, you probably want to know how fast can this thing go. Well, you’re looking at cca 30km/h (18mph) which is a fair number considering the price tag.



Pro Boat Shockwave

2. Pro Boat Shockwave

One spot from the top of this list, we have Pro Boat Shockwave. This is a 26-inch beast of an RC boat with plenty of powerful parts underneath its smooth canopy. But, there’s a trick though – it is not ready to run package. This means you won’t be able to play with it straight out of the box. You see, you’ll have to provide your own LiPo battery as well as its respective charger. Once you get all that sorted out and you start your first session with Pro Boat Shockwave, you will realize just what a monster it really is!

Design and Features

As far as features go, Pro Boat Shockwave has a couple of shockers for you. First off, I should probably say a word or two about its electronics. More precisely, about the fact that they are waterproof. Yup, this boatie provides fully waterproof electronics meaning there is no room for stressing out when it flips upside down.

Furthermore, chances of Pro Boat Shockwave actually flipping are pretty small thanks to its deep-V hull which has an anti-tilt design. It’s highly stable as well, capable of delivering great performance no matter the occasion.


But, when it comes to specifications, that’s where the real fun starts. This is mainly because of a high-powered 2000Kv brushless motor running through a 30A ESC. Moving forward, there’s also a water cooling system that goes through the motor in order to keep it cool during demanding stunts. This entire mechanism is fully waterproof meaning there won’t be any leaks that could create rust. However, if you plan on using this boatie in oceans, you must (and I cannot stress this enough) rinse it and oil it after every session.

Operating range is great, standing long at more than 300 meters. Haven’t tested it that far though since I’ve lost track of it after around 200. Not the best eyesight, I know… And, once again, you will need to provide your own 2 or 3S (preferably 3S) LiPo battery in order to get this baby up and running. Once you do that, you can expect Pro Boat Shockwave to output approximately 25mph.


Traxxas Blast

1. Traxxas Blast

At the moment, the best RC boat for beginners is definitely Blast made by Traxxas. This marvelous boat can go on and on about its features and great general performance. But, in addition to all that it is also worth mentioning it provides easy upgradeability, plenty of available spare parts and simple general ease of use brought to life by intuitive and highly responsive controls from its TQ transmitter. All in all, if you want the best beginner-friendly RC boat money can buy, you simply cannot go wrong with Traxxas Blast.

Design and Features

First things first, it needs to be said that Traxxas takes the safety and reliability of their RC boats very seriously. As a matter of fact, this doesn’t work just for their boats but cars and drones as well. Safety first people – that’s what Traxxas is all about. With that in mind, you will be happy to know Blast incorporates fully waterproof electronics which are nicely enclosed and tucked away inside the build. As far as the design goes, Traxxas Blast is a fully-fledged 24-inch model with an aggressive deep-V hull design that will sweep you off your feet. It is stable, easy to control and extremely fast. What more could you want from an RC boat for beginners?


As for the specifications, things are looking pretty good for Traxxas Blast. Not magnificent though, but considering the upgrades this boatie supports, I’d say it is not a downside by no means. That’s because it runs on Nautica ESC which can go all the way up to an 18-turn motor which is quite the step-up from its stock one.

With all stock parts running inside, you can expect great torque but a bit of a backlash in terms of top speed. You’ll be getting roughly 20mph which is a bit surprising (on a bad note) for such a popular model. However, the runtime is a completely different story with close to 20 minutes of seamless entertainment. Combine that with more than 300 meters of operating range and you’ll know what I’m talking about here. One last thing – Traxxas Blast does not support LiPo’s which is, at least for me, the only real downside to an otherwise exceptional beginner-friendly RC boat.



FAQ: Best RC Boats for Beginners

Which of these RC boats provides the longest runtime?

Traxxas Blast Runtime

As far as the runtime is concerned, none of them beast Traxxas Blast and its 20 minutes. Once again, we are talking about a high-powered beast which doesn’t take no for an answer. It’s snappy, agile and sticks to the water, all of which is crucial for a fun experience. As a matter of fact, that’s what it’s all about in terms of RC boats.

However, Traxxas Blast takes it one step further by featuring a powerful ESC that can take 18-turn brushed motors. And those are beasts, trust me. The only real downside, again, is the lack of LiPo support. That would up the performance to a whole another level… But we can’t get everything for such a cheap price, right?!


Which of these RC boats has the fastest top speed?

Having the fastest RC boat among your friends is one hell of a bragging right. If that’s what you are looking for here, then look no further than Feilun FT012. Even though it’s placed humbly at the 4th spot, it’s still the fastest RC boat suitable for beginners. With top speeds going all the way up to 28mph straight out of the box, there’s no doubt about it getting this trophy. So, what are you waiting for? If top speed is all you crave for, Feilun FT012 is the obvious choice!


Are these RC boats suitable for children?

Considering the title of this article is Best RC Boats For Beginners, I believe children go without any questions. They are intuitive and easy to control. Minimal maintenance is obligatory though, but once you show your children what and how to do, I’m sure they’ll pick up the pieces and do well on their own. That will not only teach them a thing or two about electronics but also develop their creativity and DIY skills. It’s a win-win situation if I’ve ever seen one.

Furthermore, the majority of these drones possess Self Rightening feature which means children can play around with them without having to swim to them in order to flip them back up. This can be dangerous, especially when the boat is far from the beach as we all know young children aren’t exactly the most reliable swimmers.


What kind of performance can I expect from beginner-friendly RC boats?

Obviously, this heavily depends on the amount of money you are willing to spend. If you are thinking of buying an RC boat under $100, you can expect decent performance. However, if you up the price to $300 or even more than that, you’re looking at mid to high-end market section which has powerful beasts. Keep in mind though, those pricier models might not be suitable for beginners as they’re insanely powerful and can be difficult to control at times. That’s why, if you are a beginner (or first-time user), I strongly recommend going for one of the 5 models featured in the list above.


Do these RC boats require any maintenance?

Whether we are talking about brushless or brushed RC boats, the answer is basically the same – they do require maintenance. Not a whole lot of it, though, nothing that will keep you from having fun with them. This is especially true if you are using your RC boat in saltwater. They’re not meant for that so their inner parts may suffer. By suffering I mean there will become rusty over time from all that water touching those tiny metal parts. That’s why you should rinse your boat after every saltwater session. Oiling helps too as it will stop rust from getting to the metal parts. So rinsing and oiling are the basics of maintaining your RC boat and are bound to keep it safe and sound for a prolonged period of time.



After taking a closer look at those 5 beginner-friendly RC boats above, I’m sure you realize that it’s not really that difficult to get into this hobby. It is pretty straightforward and really simple once you get the hang of a few basic things. I believe the biggest obstacle for first-time users might be all that necessary maintenance. It takes a bit of time to get it right but doing it will significantly increase your boat’s lifespan… so bear that in mind guys.

With that being said, I guess that’s pretty much it when it comes to this article. Thank you all for reading and see you next time…