I am continuing with my price tier lists featuring the TOP RC cars money can buy. Today, we are going to take a closer look at the under $300 RC cars which will, quite frankly, amaze you with their quality. While we already had some of these models featured in our best RC cars under $200 list, they are still a minority.

The majority of below-listed models belong to the $200 (RC Cars under $200) to $300 price range, we’ll go from #10 to #1 best RC car under $300. That’s the golden area for middle-tier models which are having quite the battle going on. There’s a whole heap of them on the market and each sale is considered precious.

With all that in mind, why don’t we take a closer look at some of the finest RC cars under $300 out there? True, there are other RC cars that you can choose from, but in my honest opinion, these 10 represent the best value for money!


Table: Best RC cars under $300

5. Laegendary Legend30mph1/1030minSee price now
4. Redcat XBE Pro40mph1/1025minSee price now
3. Arrma Granite60mph1/10+30minSee price now
Team-Redcat-TR-MT10E-1_10_table2. Redcat TR-MT10E55mh1/10+30minSee price now
1. Traxxas Rustler55mph1/10+30minSee price now



5. Laegendary Legend 1/10

The first model we’re going to inspect here comes from Laegendary. Nope, that’s not a typo, that’s the actual name of the brand behind this model. As you can see, the Legend is a 1/10 model that boasts with stuff like extra batteries, outstanding top speed and highly affordable price tag. Let’s see does it have any downsides…

Great Packaging

There’s a ton of stuff that come with Laegendary Legend. Not only are you getting the truck itself but the charger, cables, transmitter, mini carrying case, and an extra battery. Yep, you’re getting all that for under $200. Of course, that’s not all; there are plenty of additional things this 1/10 scale model excels at.

Pretty Sweet Deal

Laegendary Legend sports two speed modes, incorporates oil-filled metal shocks, and runs on oversized wheels that help it achieve excellent off-road performance. Ground clearance is admirable, and the overall strength and durability ought to impress you.

For well under $200, this is by far the cheapest RC model on this list. Yes, I know our topic for today is best RC cars under $300, but this one is technically a good fit, although I reckon you wanted to explore more expensive models that are closer to the $300 mark. No worries, there are four additional RC models that ought to be more up your alley.

Product Highlights
  •         Roughly 30mph top speed
  •         Great value for money
  •         Extra battery in the package
  •         Sweet design




4. Redcat Racing Blackout XBE Pro

Slowly, we are approaching the most advanced RC cars under $300 and that’s what this model really is! It’s a proper beast, that’s for sure! Why is that so? Well, the next couple of paragraphs will make that quite obvious!

Brushless Majesty

Starting off with the potent KV 3800 brushless electric motor, It is nicely tucked away and secured with a shockproof design allowing it to perform to its maximum without any significant durability issues. It is really powerful so beginners should be extra careful. In addition to that, it is also important to add its 4WD and oil-filled shocks that both make up for quite an enjoyable experience.

Moving onto the juice provider – the stock battery is 2s LiPo 7.4v 3200mAh but you can easily upgrade it to a 5800mAh one. They’re widely available so purchasing one should not be a problem.

Solid Choice Under $300

This will allow Redcat Racing Blackout XTE Pro to run as long as 25 minutes on a single full charge. All the rest of its electronics are top noth (so is the ESC), making this little fella great at driving through mud and puddles. So, if you’re looking for a powerful and versatile RC truck, one thing is clear – it does not get much better than Redcat Racing Blackout XTE Pro!

Product Highlights
  •         Solid 2S 3200mAh Lipo included in the package
  •         Runs on a potent 3800Kv brushless motor
  •         Features oil-filled shocks and four-wheel drive




3. ARRMA Granite 1/10 3S BLX

The bronze place medal goes to ARRMA Granite BLX. It is a 1/10 model of a monster truck with texturized rubber tires and a nice green/black body details that make up a damn fine outer appearance. But, as I’m sure all you know, it’s not the outside that counts – what counts is the inside!

Won’t Disappoint You

Don’t worry, if ARRMA Granite BLX was all show and no go, it would not be placed at the 3rd spot! It runs on 3S Lithium Polymer batteries which allow it to run on up to 60 miles per hour. That’s an amazing top speed especially considering this is not a racing RC car but an off-road one.

Such speed is not only due to its motor and batteries but because of its sensorless ESC and an aerodynamic design that grips onto the terrain like a real champ. And that’s not all… Here’s some more useful info about this speedy little fella.

Both Off-Road and On-Road Goodness

ARRMA Granite BLX works with the Tactic TTX300 radio system that allows seamless controls up to 100 meters of operating distance. In addition to all that, it is important to mention that it does not sport 4WD, just 2WD. But, what it does sport is a 4-pole motor that makes up for its great off-road experience.

Product Highlights
  •         Can achieve upwards of 60mph top speed
  •         Gorgeous aerodynamic design
  •         Lacks all-wheel drive but does sport a 4-pole motor




5 Best RC cars under $300

2. Team Redcat TR-MT10E 1/10

Okay, okay, okay – if you’re looking for the best RC car under $300 that will make your jaw drop at the very first sight, then this bugger is what you’ve been looking for all this time. Yep – Team Redcat’s TR-MT10E is one of the world’s most gorgeous RC cars! No matter which color scheme you go for (two are available at the moment), the canopy and the overall chassis design will absolutely amaze you!

More Than Just Looks

Needless to say, for this kind of money, you’d expect much more than just drop-dead gorgeous looks. Luckily, the folks over at Team Redcat didn’t fail to deliver – this thing is a proper beast no matter which way you look at it! Allow me to elaborate:

Stuff like oil-filled big bore shocks, tunable suspensions, shocks, gear differentials, adjustable ground clearance – it’s all there! Not to mention extra stuff like adjustable cambers, toe angle and multiple shock mounting positions. All these things will greatly influence how this feller drives and feels, and will definitely be of crucial importance for more experienced RC racers.

Impressive Electronics

When talking about the driving power, the TR-MT10E has plenty of stuff to write home about. For instance, it runs on 550 4400KV brushless motor coupled with a waterproof 80A ESC. The steering servo is waterproof too, and the whole thing comes preassembled which means you won’t have to spend a ton of time setting everything up. Keep in mind though – you’ll need to provide your own 2S LiPo batteries (and something to charge them with) as well as 4 AA batteries for the included transmitter.

Product Highlights
  •         The provided 550 4400KV brushless motor does wonders
  •         Plenty of adjustability delivers a highly-customizable racing experience
  •         Absolutely dashing looks!




1. Traxxas Rustler 1/10 – Best RC car under $300

I am sure most of you are already well familiar with Traxxas Rustler. This 1/10 model is undoubtedly one of the most popular choices on the market due to its incredible performance and durability… and not to mention its breathtaking outer appearance that makes kids of all ages go crazy when they see it. But, what else is good about this model? Did the hardworking folk over at Traxxas make Rustler a generally great model? Let’s check it out and see…

Brilliant Specs

It is safe to say Traxxas did everything right with Rustler… at least when it comes to hardware solutions. It features their powerful Titan 12-Turn 550 motors combined with XL-5 ESC for neck-breaking speeds. To be more precise, Traxxas rustler can achieve up to 35 miles per hour with all stock hardware inside which is not to be taken for granted.

If you’d like to make some upgrades, I’d advise you to start with the 7-cell NiMH battery. Now, it’s not weak by any means, but there are much better 3rd party options out there that will give you over 40mph top seed and more than half an hour of running time.

Even More Awesomeness

Lastly, I’d like to conclude this entire list off with mentioning Rustler’s Torque-Control slipper clutch, extra durable steel gears, texturized tires, waterproof electronics and TQ radio for seamless and intuitive controlling. All of this is bound to provide you with an enjoyable experience. So, with that being said, I am confident in saying that the folks over at Traxxas outdid themselves with Rustler. Needless to say, it is an amazing model decorated with an affordable price tag. If that isn’t going to attract more buyers, then I do not know what will. So yeah, long story short – if you’re looking for best RC cars under $300, they don’t come any better than the Traxxas Rustler almighty!

Product Highlights
  •         Plenty of adjustable, advanced features
  •         Spare parts available virtually everywhere
  •         Features the popular Titan 12-Turn 550 motor and XL-5 ESC



Brushed vs Brushless motors

Instead of boring you with the definitions and technical details/numbers regarding these 2 motor types, I’m actually going to tell you their practical advantages and disadvantages in real-life scenarios. After that, I’ll even go out of my way to give you advice depending on the speeds you want to achieve with your RC vehicles. So, without further adue, let’s start!


Brushed motors


Brushed motors are exceptional options for vehicles intended for rock crawling. That’s because they offer a much better low-speed control which is of crucial importance to these types of RC vehicles. They are much cheaper than brushless motors… but that comes with a grain of salt because… they aren’t exactly the most durable options.


They require maintenance and don’t have great lifespans. That’s because they have brushes (as their name suggests) which wear out with constant use. Brushed motors require some maintenance as well, in the form of occasional bearing lubrication.

Brushless motors


Well, for starters, brushless motors have a much longer lifespan due to the lack of brushes or any other similar parts that wear off with use. Additionally, they also provide much more power than brushed ones and are also better in terms of power/weight ratio. So, if you are looking for high-speed RC cars, you are better off with brushless motors.


However, if you are looking for more precise low-speed control, then brushless motors aren’t for you. Also, brushless motors tend to be more expensive than their brushed counterparts so bear that in mind before making your final decision about buying a specific drone.


Which motor type should I go for?

If all of the above did not help you with your decision, then here’s a quick guide on what motor type to buy for different racing speeds:


If you plan on driving your RC vehicle of choice at approximately 8mph constant (for example, rock crawlers and obstacle course vehicles), then brushed motors are the obvious solution due to their superior low-speed control.


If you’re aiming at 15mph cruising speeds on rough (but not overly demanding) terrain, then I’m afraid you’re up for a tough decision. My advice, if you want more speed go for brushless; if you want more precision and rock crawling capability go for brushed.


For high-speed enthusiasts, the answer is quite obvious – brushless motors are the only viable options for constant speeds higher than 20 mph. Plus, brushless motors will release your hot rod of extra weight and give it an extra dose of durability.


Is $300 a lot of money for an RC car?

Believe it or not, $300 is not that big of spend in the world of RC vehicles. As a matter of fact, this price tier isn’t even near the high-end portion of the market. That story begins at $500 minimum and tends to stretch over a thousand.

However, if you are somewhat serious about this hobby, you might want to consider getting yourself a DIY kit. In terms of hardware, they usually bring better value for money than RTR (ready to race) models. But, there’s also the DIY section of the purchase which isn’t everyone’s cup of tea…



That’s it, guys… at least when it comes to the TOP 10 RC cars under $300. It’s been a real pleasure providing you with so much useful information about these models. Now, don’t think this list was made in half an hour. No! It took me a good amount of time to first do thorough research and then test out a few models that I could get my hands on to.

It took a lot of time to finish it which is why I would like to hear about your thoughts down in the comment section. All feedback is welcome! In the end, I’d just like to express my hope that it helped you better understand certain models. I was once a beginner in RC hobby as well. In my time, there was no internet so I had to learn everything on my own… That’s why I know what it means to be a beginner! Don’t give up, guys! RC racing is a great hobby and I am sure you will get great at it!