IRIS+ by 3D Robotics has many good and only few bad sides

3D Robotics launched this advanced quadcopter with autonomous capabilities as a totally upgraded version from the previous model (1.0). 3DR IRIS+ is ready to Fly “out-of-the-box”, and it remains to this day one of the greatest and most technological advanced quadcopters in the market.

3dr iris+ controller


IRIS+ can’t be directly compared to any of drones we’ve reviewed because of all it’s features and functionalities for reasonable price. Today we bring you a 3DR Iris+ Review, determining what makes it such a great quadcopter and where did 3D Robotics failed.

Iris+ Specifications:

Flight time: 16-20 min
Charging time: 45-60 min
Battery type: 5100 mAh 3s
Payload: 400g (.8 pounds)
Autopilot Hardware: 32-bit Pixhawk with Cortex-M4 processor
GPS: uBlox
Motors: 950 kV
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There are many reasons why it is featured on our homepage. First of all, one of the great things about this drone is the variety of controller options the user has. Can be remotely controlled via Android or iOS device (either smartphone or tablet) through an app or a nine-channel radio transmitter with on-screen telemetry for instant accurate flight data. This mobile app besides enabling the pilot to control the quadcopter, also has some neat easy to use features such as automatic take-off and landing with just a push of a button. The most hyped and awesome feature of 3DR Iris plus software is the user-friendly Mission Planner software, just by tapping on a map and drawing the intended path for Iris+ to fly. This software is compatible with all three most used operating systems Windows, OS X and Linux. User will be then able to upload this path into memory of drone allowing it to perform the planned mission by itself.

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Design of this model is meant to allow for greater camera angle in case the user wishes to add a Go Pro to which Iris+ is compatible. The arms and legs of are made of zytel nylon, an impact and heat resistant material which is also lightweight thus not increasing the payload of the quadcopter. Personaly, I like how this quad looks, it looks minimalistic and “strong”. But still, I think Yunnec Q500 Typhoon looks a bit better!

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It comes with a high-performance 32-bit Pixhawk autopilot system built on ARM Cortex-M4 Processor that runs it on real time NuttX operating system and uses ST Microelectronics sensors. The powerful electronics do not end here, 3D Iris also has an integrated motor-control board that distributes power thus reducing weight and increasing quadcopter payload (capacity to lift objects). This makes Iris+ a great quadcopter to lift some heavier objects.


An internal GPS enables pre-programed professional-grade mission capabilities, for example mapping, scripted cinematography, scientific research, and other applications where repeatable flight plans are needed.

One of the most, if not the most, hyped feature is the 3PV Follow Me mode. Drone will follow any ground station device equipped with a GPS antenna and a 3DR telemetry/control radio. This is a great feature for cinematography or amazing sporting “selfies”.


Iris+ uses a 5100 mAh 3S 8C high-capacity flight battery, allowing it for maximum flights of 16 to 22 minutes, while it still is a decent flight time, same budget drones are able to fly longer while still recording FPV (real time video transmission). Example : Blade 350 QX3 can fly up to 13 minutes while it cost $300 less than IRIS+. 3D Robotics should have done better. Yet, it is 16 minutes of pure professional aerial fun. When battery is running low, Iris+ has a flight protection which will make it land automatically. This flight protection is also activated in case Iris goes out of range.

If you wonder about range, 3DR Iris+ will not fail to disappoint you, it can go up to 1000 meters vertically and horizontally while flying at up to 64km/h (40 miles/h).


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3DR Iris+ price has reduced around $200 in last two years, considering it is still a great quadcopter packed with innovative technology. It is a wise time to purchase one of this amazing sky beasts. Currently, it’s on sale and you can save $270 buying it. Hope you enjoyed our 3DR IRIS+ review, please share your opinion with us using comment form below!

Anthony Turner