Cheerson CX-35 in depth review. Phantom for masses?

Hello and welcome to another review from a brand new Cheerson product. If you already are a fan of quadcopters most likely you have heard of Cheerson before. Jonathan from our Drones Globe team has recently reviewed a small Toy Grade quadcopter also manufactured by Cheerson.



Cheerson CX-35 Overlook:
Flight Time: 5 to 7 minutes
Camera: 2MP Real Time Video Transmission 100-110º FOV lens
Battery Type: 7.4V 1300mHh LiPo or 2S 120mAh LiPo
Range: 100 meters
Remote: 2.4GHz Frequency 4 Channels, built-in 4.3“ FPV screen
FPV Frequency: 5.8 GHz
Gyro: 6 Axis
Features: Altitude Holder (also known as Barometer Set Height), Low-Voltage Auto-Landing, One-Key Return, Automatic Landing and Take-off, Remotely adjustable camera
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One of the smallest WiFi FPV flyers out there in the market the Cheerson CX-10W! But today we are here to review a larger quadcopter, I’m talking about the recently released Cheerson CX-35, a large quadcopter with a complete FPV package ready to fly out of the box. If you are looking for a large FPV quadcopter than CX-35 might just be what you have been looking for. Keep reading our Cheerson CX-35 review 😉


First of all, Cheerson CX-35 is a great performer, easy to control even to beginners thanks to its 6 axis gyro, providing it an efficient stability. Suitable to everyone looking forward to learn and practice First Person View flights with a large (45 x 45 x 17 cm) quadcopter. It weighs 335gr, and is capable of carrying more than 100gr of extras attached to it. The propeller fender brackets are an option allowing safer flights.

Many features

cheerson-cx-35-on-roofCheerson CX-35 is not your average toy grade FPV quadcopter, Cheerson has included some greatly useful and very uncommon features on this drone. If you follow Drones Globe on a daily or weekly basis most likely you are aware of Altitude Holder function. Also known as Barometer Set Height, this function has been the focus of many new affordable quadcopters, Syma has even released a series of quadcopters mainly due to this new function. Since our aim is to always bring the best and most updated drone related information possible, we couldn’t stop from talking about CX-35. Cheerson has also stepped up their game and decided to introduce this new feature into their affordable quadcopters. Now, if you are new to toy drones, you may be asking, what is Altitude Holder (Barometer Set Height)? Through a sensitive barometric pressure sensor (barometer) CX-35 measures the air pressure and keeps the drone locked at the desired height, hovering by itself, without much pilot’s input. This allows the pilot to focus on recording the video, taking photos or watching the live video transmission. A very useful and feature to use and considering the affordable price of Cheerson CX-35 it is a nice addition. But the great features don’t stop here, CX-35 also has another uncommon and extremely useful feature: the low-voltage auto-landing. This means, when CX-35 is running out of battery, the quadcopter will start beeping a signal to warn pilot and it will, by itself, land to prevent crashes due to low battery. This is very useful, considering flying with low-battery at big distances and big heights may end up with sudden crashes. Besides this two useful features, CX-35 also comes with the somewhat more common features to expect in a quadcopter nowadays: One-Key return (drone returns to pilot), LED lights (for night flights) and 360º aerial stunt. We don’t recommend the latter due to CX-35’s large size, doing too much rollovers with a quad this big and heavy may burn the motors.

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First person view (FPV)

Cheerson-CX-35-transmitterNow let’s discuss the purpose of this drone, First Person View (real time video transmission). Cheerson CX-35 comes with a complete FPV package ready to fly out of the box, no assembly needed. Firstly, CX-35 comes with its own 4.3” FPV monitor which displays good quality live video with no delay. Transmission is done through 5.8 GHz frequency, it has an advertised transmission range of 500 meters, which may not be that useful for casual flyers since the control range of the quadcopter is only 100 meters. The camera (included in the package) is 2MP with 100-110 degrees Field of View lens, good image quality considering the price of the complete package. Camera can be remotely tilted allowing for different recording angles, much more useful than the manually adjusted cameras. Videos and photos are saved into a Micro-SD card (package includes a 2GB card has extra) which is placed directly into the camera.

Flight time

The flight time of Cheerson CX-35 is slightly below average, only 5 to 7 minutes, while the average flight time for quadcopters within this price range is 8 minutes. This reduced flight time can be explained by its higher size and payload (demands from the battery). CX-35 is powered by a 7.4V 1300mAh LiPo battery but is also compatible with a 2S 120mAh LiPo.


What do you think of our Cheerson CX-35 review? Is this the FPV large quadcopter you have been looking for? Are you a fan of Cheerson’s great products? Please let us know on the comment section below, we at Drones Globe are always happy to read your opinion on the drones we review! Don’t forget to share this article with any of your friends looking to have a go at real time video transmission flying for a very affordable price with all you need to fly right out of the box! Visit us regularly for more great reviews of the best and most affordable drones in the market! We wish you a happy flight! Have fun!

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Anthony Turner