Easy drone XL Pro can stay in air (much) longer than any other drone !

Welcome to 2016! People and companies are looking for new ways to reinvent their business and drones have allowed for a wide range of new prospects. Unmanned Air Vehicles are already part of our daily life, either we have already realized it or not. We cannot turn on the TV without eventually crossing our eyes with a scene shot from a drone. Even professional photographers are taking photography to an all other level thanks to powerful professional drones.



XL Pro specifications:

Flight time : up to 55 minutes (yes, 55 minutes)
Camera : Supports GoPro and Professinal Cameras
Battery Type : 6 cell, 8000 mAh
Motors : 400 KV
Payload : 1.4 Kg (3lbs)
Remote : 2.4 GHz Frequency

The drone industry is booming! While many companies such as Walkera, DJI, Syma, among others, are already grounding their place on the market. Many more startups are trying to get into market with amazing prototypes which unveil new features and specifications. Until now, one of the drone’s industry biggest issues was battery life. As powerful and featureful as many drones already are, battery life always seems a big disappointment to many consumers. Although newer quadcopters such as Phantom 3 Professional, 3DR Solo and Walkera X350 PRO, have batteries able to support 25 minutes flight, it is not yet ideal. Fortunately, for us consumers, technology tends to advance quickly. Remember how other technologies were before? And how they improved so fast? Drones are advancing ten times faster, and battery life is becoming less of an issue.

Among a few interesting drone projects in Kickstarter, there is one which stands out the most to enthusiasts. Easy Drone XL Pro, a quick assembly quadcopter able to stay on air during 55 minutes! Almost an hour! How better is that comparing to other quadcopters on the market? 30 minutes better! How is this done? First of all, it has a big, yet, very lightweight frame of 700mm (28inches) from motor to motor diagonally. Excellent to carry big and heavy cameras and gimbals, without having the extra payload of useless hardware on the drone itself. Simple and functional. Secondly, and most important, the battery. ED XL Pro supports two types of battery: the one which comes included in the package, 8K MaH battery; second, and more powerful the optional 10K MaH battery. 8K and 10K are high-end batteries which will take a couple hours to charge but will power an average of 45 minutes flight. Of course, weight affects flight duration, lighter cameras and gimbals increase flight time, and heavier decreases it. Here is a table on the flight time you can expect:


Flight Length, 8K MaH Battery, 10K MaH Battery

Mirrorless back+ gimbal, 25 minutes, — —

GoPro Camera + Gimbal, 40 minutes, 45 minutes

GoPro Camera, 45 minutes, 50 minutes

FPV Camera, 50 minutes, 55 minutes


Besides GoPro, ED XL Pro supports other common cameras in the market, such as Nikon 1, Sony Alpha series, BlackMagic Pocket, EOS-M series, among others. The pro package includes a 2D Gimbal for you to place your camera in.


BagED XL Pro can be easily folded and placed inside a backpack. Its propellers, although big, can be folded too. It weights much less than other quadcopters, only 5.2 lbs (2.3 kgs), making it the perfect quadcopter to carry on your outdoor adventures. Man’s best friend in air.

Since this drone is only a project for now, people who pledge for it on Kickstarter, will have one on the first wave of production, before it hits the markets. Different amount of donations, enable different drone kits. Pro kit includes: „Frame with powerful 400KV motors and foldable 15in propellers, FlyBot – proprietary modular command unit with built in video transmitter, Remote, Video Receiver, USB Telemetry module, 6 cell 8,000 Mah battery comes standard (10K Mah optional), Charger with built in power supply and digital display, Backpack – with custom cut foam, convenient for travel.“

The XL Pro Pack Remote transmits in 2.4 GHz and has a 7“ video screen, useful for FPV flights. Transmitter uses FlyBot software. The endurance kit comes with a 2D Gimbal for your GoPro camera.

If you are wondering on how reliable a Kickstarter drone is, let me tell you this is not the first drone Easy Aerial produces and releases into the market with the aid of Kickstarter. In fact XL Pro is an upgraded version of their old module. The only factors which have not been changed is the design and the extras such as the backpack.

It is a big step in drone industry, opening to horizants and possibilities, three years ago the world had drones only able to stay on air for a couple minutes. Now we are reaching for the one hour mile! A few more developments and sci-fi movies will be closer to reality as we send our drones into the sky for hours or perhaps even days. Hope you have enjoyed our Easy Drone XL pro review, feel free to share your opinion with us using contact form bellow.

Anthony Turner