GoolRC T5G comes with 2MP camera and 5.8GHz FPV – at very affordable price!

Past few months we’re witnessing release of many new drones in hobby grade drone market. Since Christmas is coming, shopping season is getting closer and closer.. Drone manufacturers are putting their best effort to sell as many drones as possible. That’s is completely understandable, and for us (customers) it’s great situation. Drones are getting better and cheaper in the same time. How amazing that is?



GOOLRC T5G Specifications:

Flight time : 6-8 minutes
Control range : 50-100 meters
Camera : 2MP
FPV Transmission : 5.8GHz frequency
Features : Headless mode, One key return, LED lights

Show me the price!
Just think about headless mode, LED lights, FPV, cameras… all that was very expensive and “premium” only few years ago. Now you get all that stuff for less than $100. That’s case with drone we’re reviewing today – GoolRC T5G review. This drone¬†caught my eye, keep reading and you’ll find out why.

Before we start with actual GoolRc T5G review, I’d like you to read few important notes:

  1. Please read the instruction manual carefully before flying the drone. RC drone is not a toy ,the suitable age is above 14 years old.
  2.  Matching the drone and controller successfully and installing the propellers on right position ,otherwise the drone will not take off.
  3. If the drone is flying to on side dramatically or spinning while hovering ,please switch off the power of both controller and drone and then match the drone and controller again.
  4. Avoiding overcharging and excessive discharging the battery


T5G comes in nice looking box that contains all you need to get you drone flying. You don’t need even AA batteries that usually goes to remote controller because this time, controller comes with its own 3.7V 550mAh built in rechargeable battery. All you need to do before your first flight is : assemble propeller protectors and landing gear. Also, you need to charge both batteries (one is used for drone, while other is used for controller).

GoolRC-T5G-equipmentPackage contains:

  1. T5G Drone
  2. Remote controller
  3. 2x extra propellers
  4. 4x propeller guard
  5. Landing gear
  6. Screws and screwdriver
  7. Charging cable
  8. USB and microSD card
  9. Manuals

Beginner friendly drone

GoolRC T5G drone comes with quality landing gear and propeller guards. Every beginner will appreciate this. When I flied it for the first time, I noticed it’s in “slow” mode. There are actually 3 speed modes : Slow, Medium and Fast. Slow is ideal for the first time flyers. It’s really hard to crash in that mode. Just be gentle with throttle stick to avoid hard up/down movements and you’ll okay. When you catch up with some basic flying patterns you’ll probably want to go little faster. My personal favorite is Fast mode.

Camera and FPV

As we mentioned before, T5G comes with 2MP FPV camera. Camera can both record videos and shoot photos. Camera quality is satisfying, it’s not some HD resolution but it’s definitely better that most of other drones in this price range. Since FPV uses 5.8GHz frequency to transmit video data, quality is much better than any other drone in this price range. Most of drones in this price range are using WiFi link to transmit video, and 5.8GHz is definitely superior to WiFi. Range is solid, you’ll be able to go 50-70 meters without losing FPV signal.


Flight time

Nothing special here, this drones comes with solid battery that will provide you with 6-8 minutes of flight time in average. That’s average in this price range. To be honest, other drones are not using 5.8GHz FPV that’s very power consuming. Overall, 6-8 minutes of flight time is solid result and we can’t ask for more for this price. As always, I don’t recommend it but there’s one simple way to increase total flight time. You can reduce drones weight by removing prop guards, landing gear, and even camera. I’m pretty sure you’d get 10 minutes of flight time that way. I still have to test it out.

Control range

GoolRC recommends to keep your drone in 50-60 meters range. Personally, I have tested it on 100 meters and it didn’t lose signal. This is slightly above average in this price range I’d say. 100 meters may sound little, but trust me that’s more than enough. Since this drone is mentioned for beginners and casual flyers and its FPV signal is around 50-70 meters you’re more than good in 100 meters flight range.

Final opinion

Overall, this is very solid product. I believe it’s one of the best drones you can buy for less than $100. If camera & FPV are very important factors for you, I can’t name any better drone that this one for this price. Since it comes with proper landing gear and propeller guards, you’ll be able to fly it indoors. It’s definitely very beginner friendly.

Larry Haller