H501S X4 by Hubsan brings us some features that no other drone in this price range have!

Welcome to another informative article here on Drones Globe! Today we bring you review of new model from Hubsan, H501S X4. Most likely you already are familiar with Hubsan manufacturer, they have produced several drones which have been a success in the market. As such, they have done it once again with their model H501S X4 released back in 2015.


H501S X4 Overview:

Flight Time: 18 to 20 minutes
Camera: 1080P HD camera
Battery Type: 7.4V 2700mAh Lipo
Range: 300 meters
Remote: 2.4GHz Frequency
FPV Transmission: 5.8 GHz Frequency
Gyro: 6 Axis
Features: GPS Position Hold and Barometer Altitude Hold, Headless Mode, Follow Me Mode, OSD Live data, One-Key Return and Landing
Price : check price on Amazon.

Features, many features :

First of all, let’s start by discussing Hubsan H501S X4 features, in my opinion one of H501S X4 strongest aspects. A very feature rich quadcopter with all you need for high-quality performance flights for a very affordable price. Firstly, it includes a GPS in both quadcopter and remote, which enables Follow Me mode. As many drone enthusiasts are mentioning, it is the perfect affordable quadcopter for “selfie” photos.

hubsan-h501s-x4-remoteSince the drone tracks the remote and autonomously follows it, without any pilot’s input, it is perfect for selfies. Focus on the photograph or video, while drone automatically follows you! Other amazingly useful features are Barometer Altitude Hold (drone will lock on a specific height and maintain it autonomously without pilot’s input), Headless Mode (drone will fly towards the exact commanded orientation despite where the front of the drone is pointing at). More great features include OSD Live data, directly displayed on the FPV (First Person View) monitor built-in into the remote controller. OSD displayed information includes: quadcopter position, altitude, speed, battery power, among others). Lastly, but also very important and useful is the One-Key Return Landing, as the name suggests the drone will return to where began flight (thanks to tis GPS system) and will automatically land.

As you can see this Hubsan is one of the most feature rich quadcopter within its price range. If your priority when buying a drone is the set of features, than H501S X4 is the best bang for your buck! This small (22 x 22 x 7cm) quadcopter besides the wide set of features and First Person View camera, also has brushless motors! Hubsan H501S X4 might just be one of the best drones ever produced by Hubsan. You will be amazed at its specifications! And of course, we at Drones Globe are always delighted to bring to you the most accurate and important drone related information. Without further due, let us move to our review!

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==> See customer reviews on Amazon <==


If you are a camera fan, and if you specially love real-time video transmission or are just looking forward to try it.  Than I’m happy to tell you this drone comes with a complete FPV package ready to fly out of the box. H501S captures the image with its 1080p resolution HD camera. The camera is built-in inside the quadcopter (on-board) and cannot be removed. Much like other Hubsan products. The drone transmits live video directly to the monitor built in the remote controller. Live video works in 5.8 Ghz frequency and 4 channel remote controller in 2.4 Ghz, therefore there is no disturbance in transmission. Besides watching the live video, you can also take photos and record videos which are saved into a Micro-SD card. All of this can be accessed via the remote controller.

Flight time

H501S X4 has one of the best flight times for drones within its price range. This drone makes use of a larger than normal battery, a long and powerful 7.4V 2700mAh Lipo battery which is able to power up to 20 minutes of flight time. Considering the average flight time for drones with this price range is 15 minutes, than we can tell how H501S X4 once again really stands out from the rest.

Flight range

H501S X4 has a wide set of useful and powerful features, a longer than average flight time, a complete FPV package, what else do we need? We need long range, and Hubsan delivers it! This drone features an astonishing 300 meters, somewhat of a long range considering other drones with its price. The only other toy manufacturer which is capable of featuring a 300 meter control distance in a toy drone and still keeping it at an affordable price is JJRC. H501S X4 battery weighs 105g and takes around 150 minutes to charge.

Brushless motors

hubsan-h501s-x4-brushless-motorsAnother important thing to mention about this drone are the KV1650 PM1806 brushless motors, most toy drones have brushed motors, but not this one. Brushless motors, besides being slightly more powerful are much more durable.

What is your opinion on this review? What do you think of this small and yet powerful and fun quadcopter? Have you ever flown a drone with this many features and flight time? For a very affordable price you can experience this amazing drone! Don’t forget to let us know on the comment section below, we at Drones Globe always look forward to read your comments. Also, bookmark our page for more weekly reviews and guides on more affordable and interesting drones. Happy flying fellow drone lovers!

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Michele Renzullo

I've see JYU Hornet S , what you think of this compared with hubsan h501s?


The 501ss has muchore range than 300meters,with the advanced controller it easily gets 1km+ out of the box,and if adding external ant to standard controller same results, changing antennas you can get 2km+ and thats no exaggerating. And the drone is upgradeable software also,it goes on and on,great drone for modding also.Too much to list it all.


I recently ordered a Hubsan drone for 191€. On the first day, several functions do not work. The Return to Home mode, the Follow me mode and the Failsafe mode have all not worked.
On the second day I wanted to let the drone fly again. After a short time, the Drone has not reacted to the remote control, has made itself independent, has risen and then simply flown away
I then wrote to Hubsan. As a reason for the fly away and for the non-working functions W-Lan signals are to be responsible. Hubsan assumes no responsibility and does not want to reimburse. I wonder how Hubsan imagines this in 2017. W-LAN signals are everywhere in Germany.
After a long discussion they wanted to send me a new Drone for $165 without carton and accessories. I declined. Another $165 for a drone that flies away again? No thanks.
I am now waiting 19 days but fearing that I will receive no compensation.
That's why I put this rating in the hope that not even more people buy these bad products from Hubsan.
I spent over 250€ and had less than 30 minutes of fun with the Drone. If you want to buy a Drone should not buy Hubsan. You better make paperplanes out of money and throw them from a bridge. They fly longer.
I lost 250€ because of the bad products of Hubsan. I have not received a refund or a new device. Hubsan admits that their drones are very easy to influence but refuses to make a compensation. Companies like this should be banned selling something! I have the Drone as used in the instructions and it is nowhere in the instructions that W-Lan signals disturb the connection.
If you want a drone that can fly away at any time and a bad support that makes you angry? Then choose Hubsan


I have made the same experience with my Hubsan H 502S. It came with wrong screws, non working batteries, lousy manual and finally during the second flight the connection between battery and quad was disrupted due to a loose cable.
I complained to Hubsan - no answer.
Simular things happenes to my H 107 a time ago.
Never again Hubsan. It stands for bad quality.


Had mine for about 4 weeks now. Very impressed! Not exactly fast in GPS mode, but fast enough. Easy to handle and controls are responsive and adjustable. Video is clean & sharp on the record BUT video feed to controller breaks up a bit. Not horrible, just would prefer cleaner. Options to change video signal only made things worse. All functions work well. Return to home is handy when you loose orientation. Headless mode works but I've never used it except to try. Takes about 2 to 3 minutes to GPS lock. Surprised that it takes at least 12 sat signals before it will lock. You can turn all this off and go full manual. I have not done this ... yet ... but there are videos online. I just need the 'free' space to try it. I have the 'pro' version with the advanced controller. I like the size, weight, and feel of it. I thought it would feel 'big' but it's quite comfortable.
I've had several drones and this, by far, is one of the best in this price range.


Lots of upgrades and mods available, join a group or forum and learn all its capabilities.


I just purchased h501sx4 l was out flying it is a great dron for money


Ive seen people who talked about the standard version and says that now the controller have a plug for lipo battery? And if so wich one should I take?


Have just bought one and purchased 8xAA batteries for the transmitter only to find a LiPo H901A 1400mAh battery in the battery compartment waiting to be charged and plugged in. No mention of this 'extra' in the list of parts!


Excellent review. The H501S X4 is on my list as my first quad.


I have a Syma X5SW but I need to upgrade a smidge. Great job and very informative. It's on my purchase list