H11D by JJRC : affordable quadcopter with good real time video transmission

JJRC is going to release its newest product this November 18th. The H11D! A FPV equipped drone, ready to fly out of the box. Continue reading our review and find out more details!

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H11D is a toy rated quadcopter at a very affordable price, but don’t let the word “toy“ fool you. This new JJRC model has some great unexpected features and specifications. In fact, among RC enthusiasts, H11D is already known as a possible Syma X5C and WLtoys V686G killer. Why? Follow us as we take a deeper look into this upcoming drone. Drones Globe is always here to review and inform you on the best and most affordable quadcopters on the market, and today we bring you JJRC H11D review.

H11D specifications:

Flight time: 10 minutes
Camera: 2mp FPV
Battery type: 3.7V 1100mAh LiPo
Range: 120 meters
Transmitter Frequency: 2.4 GHz
FPV Frequency: 5.8 GHz
Features: One press automatic return, 360° eversion, remotely adjustable camera
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First of all, the 3.7V 1100mAh Lip battery works amazingly well in this quadcopter. Powering flights of over 10 minutes (without camera) and around 8 to 9 minutes with camera. When battery is running low, the bright LED lights of the quadcopter will start flashing, as a warning to the pilot.



Secondly, it’s most appealing factor, the real time video transmission. H11D might just be one of the best and cheapest toy rated FPV quadcopters. One thing is for certain, it does promise to have a good quality camera. Capable of taking awesome photos and record decent quality videos. The 2MP camera also has a very useful function, it can be remotely tilted up and down through your remote controller. This is great for aerial photography and videography, and even for your FPV flights to obtain a better angle view. H11D includes its own FPV monitor, which accurately displays battery current status on screen. Transmission is done in 5.8 GHz frequency. Also includes a SD Card of 4GB to save your photos videos, as well as a USB card to plugin it in to your computer.

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Although H11D will most likely be the next big hit in the low-cost drones market, not everything is good. The control distance on H11D is its most negative factor. A range between the 100 and 120 meters nowadays is below average, new and lower priced quadcopters have longer control distance.

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H11D also has some nice features, such as the one press automatic return, meaning the quadcopter will come back to pilot. 360º eversion, with just a push of a button H11D will do a flip on air. Headless mode for easier orientation despite where the drone’s head is pointing at. Fast replaceable batteries, the new system implemented on H11D allows the pilot to quickly replace batteries within 30 seconds. A good system for more avid flyers who like using extra batteries for longer enjoyment. Each battery takes around 2 hours to charge.

Bottom line

The best bang for your buck if you are into real time video transmission quadcopters, great for beginners, hovers very well and has good yaw and sideways pitch. On the other hand it is not the most wind resistant quadcopter, so think about only taking it out to fly on calm weather.

If you are interested in checking out other JJRC products, read our JJRC H8D review here. I hope you have enjoyed our JJRC H11D review. Feel free to share your opinion with us using comment form below.

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