JJRC H26D is the best drone I have crashed in 2016 (it was my fault) ! ;)

JJRC has been one of the most active brands in the low-cost market lately. They have continuously released great affordable products with above average quality. I dare to say nowadays JJRC is the most promising company of the low-cost drone market.


JJRC H26D overview:
Flight Time: 6 to 7 minutes
Camera: HD 3MP 120º Field of View
Gimbal: 2 Axis (tilt upward, downward, right or left)
Battery Type: 7.4 V 1,200 mAh 30C LiPo battery
Range: 300 meters
Remote: 2.4GHz Frequency
Gyro: 6 Axis
Features: Headless Mode. One-Key Return
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After recent hits such as the X1 JJRC’s first brushless motor quadcopter; H11D an affordable FPV (First Person View) quadcopter; H8D a larger FPV quadcopter. Today we review JJRC H26D a large (46 x 46.5 x 20.5 cm) outstanding quadcopter with a 3MP camera included! It is very easy to fly even to the most of beginners. It hovers smoothly fighting medium wings without a problem. A responsive large quadcopter capable of knocking out the shelf most same-price drones currently in the market. If you are looking for a FPV flight experience, you will be happy to know JJRC has produced a FPV version of this product, the H26W, which you can find in place number two in our Top 10 Drones Under $100 list. Now, let’s start with our JJRC H26D review :

Better camera

jjrc--h26d2JJRC has been releasing incredible Toy Grade items into the low-cost market. On the H26D model they have chosen to invest on a better camera, releasing one of the very few quadcopters within this price range to feature a 3MP camera which records at 720p resolution. The camera has a genuine glass wide lens (120 degrees of Field of perspective (FOVV)) and records great aerial footage. On top of all that, H26D comes with a 2 Axis Gimbal which allows the camera to acquire four different recording directions with one button press through the transmitter. This transmitter is also included in the package and works at 2.4GHz frequency. The black and blue RC controller looks good, is light and simple to use.

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Control distance

One of the strongest specifications among JJRC products is the control distance, much like Tarantula X6 also from JJRC, H26D is also capable of flying as far as 300 meters! An above average range considering other same price drones only reach between 100 to 200 meters range. If you are afraid this distance might make you lose the drone: fear not! H26D features One-Key Return which we will discuss in a bit. For safety and protection H26D relies on ABS plastic protective frames around the motors, the frames are not bulletproof but will sill ensure resistance to most crashes and hits. The landing gear, unlike other Toy grade products, is strong and won’t bend or snap easily when crashing.


jjrc--h26dH26D includes somewhat already common features such as Headless Mode for easier orientation (for example, when you turn your drone 90 degrees to the left, it will go forward when you push the rudder forward (on a non-headless mode drone, it would make the drone turn left). H26D also features One-Key Return (drone comes back to pilot). Useful features and definitely fun to play with. Headless will make it easier for beginners to control the drone for the first time and One-Key Return will make sure you don’t lose track of H26D. Something you will definitely need due to its 300 meter range.


Flight time could be better

Probably the only negative side of JJRC H26D is the flight time. The 1,200 mAh battery is only able to power up to 6 to 7 minutes of flight time, a bit below the average. However, considering the battery has to power a camera and still lift this large quadcopter. It might be fair to say other specifications compensate the lack of battery time. On the other hand the battery has the advance of being able to be charged via USB directly on your PC (package includes USB charger). If you are the type of enthusiast looking for a quadcopter with great range, image quality and ease of use for a cheap price, H26D might just be the one.

Bottom line

What is your opinion? Do you own a JJRC H26D? Are you considering buying one? If you are looking to save some money and still get a reliable drone which will deliver what you expect from it any recent JJRC quadcopter will be fit for the job. But if you are looking for excellence in both image quality and control range H26D is the one. Don’t forget to leave a comment below, we at DronesGlobe would love to know what your opinion on this matter is! Happy flying!

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Anthony Turner