JJRC H28C – unique modular drone that’s easy to carry no matter where you go.

Here we are, once again reviewing another great product by JJRC. We in the drone community have already gotten used to JJRC’s low-cost innovative products and H28C is no exception. If you follow Drones Globe regularly you have surely noticed how much we love JJRC drones and with reason to be!



JJRC H28C Overlook:
Flight Time: 8 to 10 minutes
Camera: Advertised with 2MP but in fact is a 0.3MP
Gimbal: 1 Axis (tilt upward, downward)
Battery Type: 7.4V 1200mAh Lipo battery
Range: 200 meters
Remote: 2.4 GHz Frequency
Gyro: 6 Axis
Features: Headless Mode, One-Key Return and continuous aerial rolling
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Most likely you have already come across our Top 10 Lists and Ultimate Buying Guide on which we rank JJRC products very highly. If you are interested in other JJRC’s affordable drones before we move on to review H28C we would like to advise the following great drones by this company: JJRC H26D a 3MP camera drone with a 2-Axis Gimbal, JJRC X1 a brushless motor quadcopter, H25G a FPV (First Person View) drone, H11D an affordable FPV drone and H8D. However, there might be something you have been looking for but you haven’t found on a Toy Grade camera drone: ease of transportation. JJRC H28C modular design which allows pilot to remove the quadcopter arms and easily fit it into a backpack. However, H28C does have a big negative side which we will discuss further. Let us move on and analyse this quadcopter with unique modular design at a very affordable price.

What makes H28C so unique?

Let us start our JJRC H28C review by talking about what makes this low-cost quadcopter so unique. If you love both drones and travelling most likely you have come to the sad conclusion that most large drones are very hard to transport. Most of the times it is not even due to its size but rather the shape as the arms, propellers and landing gear may break or bend. JJRC has produced a low-cost solution for this problem. H28C arms can be easily detached from the quadcopter’s main body and can be easily attached again, allowing it to fit almost anywhere. This modular design is also useful as it allows the pilot to replace a damaged arm or motor, just detach it and replace it with a new one, very simple! The perfect drone for travellers or anyone who wants to take it out to the park or the beach in a backpack.

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Control distance above average

JJRC is famous for producing low-cost drones with control distance above average for products within the same price range. Thanks to its 2.4 GHz remote controller H28C can fly as far as 200 meters! A very good range considering the average control distance for drones within this budget is around 100 to 150 meters. H28C has a 6-Axis system which enables it to be very easy to control, with a smooth flight and a stable hovering. Even the most of beginners won’t have much problems learning how to control this quadcopter. Yaw rate can vary through buttons in the remote allowing both beginners and experts to enjoy this quadcopter according to their pilot skills.


jjrc-h28c-led-lightsH28C is aimed at low-cost Toy Grade photography and videography. However it does have a negative side, the camera quality. As always Drones Globe aims to provide the most accurate and updated information possible, therefore it is our obligation to warn you about this camera. It’s advertised as 2MP but in fact it’s a 0.3MP (640 x 480). Image quality is decent but it does have a considering amount of ‘jello effect’. Consequently do not expect amazing aerial footage from this camera. H28C also includes its own 1 Axis Gimbal capable of manually tilting upwards and downwards. If you are looking for an affordable camera drone by JJRC we advise you JJRC H26D with a 3MP camera as previously mentioned.

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One thing about JJRC is that they always include useful features on their drone products. Such features combined with the great range and the tendency to produce drones aimed at a specific need make JJRC one of the most reliable companies in the low-cost market at the moment. H28C is no exception and includes Headless Mode which allow easier orientation despite where the drone’s nose is pointing at (great for beginners and kids). Another great feature is the One-Key Return very useful considering this drone’s control distance of 200 meters. With One-Key Return H28C comes back to pilot, however this function in this quadcopter is not very accurate. It may not return to the exact position. It’s important to mention that H28C has a “continuous aerial rolling” function. Basically if you keep pressing the 360º aerial stunt button, H28C will continuously perform 360º stunts. H28C also has LED lights for night flights.

[ytp_video source=”nHJayWEAhmU”]

Battery & flight time

Besides the awesome control distance, JJRC products also have an above average flight time. H28C is powered by a 7.4V 1200mAh battery which provide 8 to 10 minutes flight time. Also slightly above the average flight time for a quadcopter within this price range. Besides being easy to carry, great for travelling, H28C can also be charged via USB, again very useful for transportation as you can charge it on your PC (150 minutes charging time). H28C is the best fit for travellers with a low budget to spend on a drone.


What do you think of this drone and our JJRC H28C review? Have you been looking for an easy to carry large quadcopter? Are you considering buying JJRC H28C? Let us know on the comment section below we at Drones Globe are always happy to read your opinion on the drones we review! Do you have a friend looking for an affordable Toy Grade drone? Link them our review and see what they have to say about it. Happy flying fellow drone enthusiasts!

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