JJRC H28W – affordable and easy to fly FPV drone with good flight time & range. [+ VIDEO]

Here we are, once again reviewing yet another great product by JJRC. This Toy Grade RC manufacturer has been one of the most active companies in the low-cost market lately. Releasing a great deal of products which have come to set the bar very high for other market competitors.



JJRC H28W Overlook:
Flight Time: 8 to 10 minutes
Camera: Advertised with 2MP but in fact is a 0.3MP WiFi FPV
Gimbal: 1 Axis (tilt upward, downward)
Battery Type: 7.4V 1200mAh battery
Range: 200 meters
FPV Transmission Range: 100 meters
Remote: 2.4 GHz Frequency
Gyro: 6 Axis
Features: Headless Mode, One-Key Return, Continuous Aerial Rolling, Modular Design
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We have previously reviewed the camera version of the JJRC H28 model (featuring modular design!), which you can check on our JJRC H28C review. Today we have another look into this model series by JJRC (with a unique modular design) but instead we are reviewing the First Person View (real time video transmission) version of this model. I bring you our JJRC H28W review, a greatly affordable WiFi quadcopter which will surely please many drone enthusiasts looking for a good and affordable Toy Grade FPV drone. If you are curious about other amazing drones by JJRC feel free to check our other reviews. Now let us take a deeper look into this large (47 x 47 x 19 cm) FPV quadcopter. Don’t let its size fool you, H28W design is made with easy transportation in mind. H28W is an extremely easy to carry FPV drone, great to take anywhere.


First of all let’s discuss the camera included on JJRC H28W package, much like the H28C model the camera is advertised as 2MP, however its quality resembles much more a 0.3MP. As always it is our duty at Drones Globe to always bring you the most accurate information possible. Therefore we must warn you about this. On the other hand if the camera is not actually 2MP it is not however bad quality. H28W does have a decent quality camera, it does have some ‘jello effect’ but considerably less than the H28C model. The 1 Axis gimbal can be remotely tilted upward and downward through the RC controller. An ideal affordable Toy camera for aerial footage and live video. WiFi FPV Transmission range is slightly less than the actual control range of the drone, only 60 to 100 meters. Enough to please most casual flyers, but may not be what more experienced flyers look for. Transmission is done via WiFi connecting directly to pilot’s smartphone or tablet through a free application available for both Android and iOS. By doing this JJRC is able to save buyer’s some money, producing a less cost effective quadcopter.

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Features that makes JJRC H28W stand out from the shelf

There’s a feature which makes JJRC H28W stand out from the shelf. If you are looking for an easy to carry FPV large quadcopter for a very affordable price, H28W might just be one of your best choices. H28W modular design allows pilot to easily dissemble the quadcopter’s arms and landing gear. Place it in your backpack and take it anywhere you need without any hassle. Besides the modular design H28W also includes more great features such as Headless Mode for easier orientation despite where drone’s front is pointing at; One-Key Return (drone comes back to pilot, however this function is not very accurate in this drone). Besides this functions it also includes the more common LED lights for night flights and 360º aerial stunt with just the push of a button. If you keep pressing this button, quadcopter will perform continuous aerial rolling. However I would not advise this due to the size of the quadcopter (47 x 47 x 19 cm), you will end up over-heating the motors and consequently burning them.

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Long range + long flight time = happy drone owner 🙂

JJRC products are known for their long range and long flight time. H28W is no exception, although it has slight less control distance than other JJRC products. H28W has a good control range of 200 meters (above the average 100 meters of drones within this price range). JJRC H28W is powered by a 7.4 voltage 1200mAh battery providing a flight time of 8 to 10 minutes depending on camera and FPV usage. An above average flight time. However and since this is a quadcopter with modular and you probably wish to take it on travels or outdoor events you may want to purchase an extra battery. Ensuring you always have battery time for whatever you need to do with JJRC H28W.


Overall if you need an easy to carry large FPV quadcopter JJRC H28W is the best choice at the moment. Even though camera quality is not amazing, considering its price, H28W is a great fit for a traveller’s needs. All you need at a very affordable price, JJRC surely is good when it comes to manufacture products particularly aimed at a specific feature in this case: easy transportation.

Have you been seeking an easy to carry FPV quadcopter but you are on a low-budget? Worry no longer, we ate Drones Globe have found the best fit for your needs. JJRC H28W arms can be easily dissembled and assembled back. Allowing you to easily place it in a backpack. What do you thought of our JJRC H28W review? Are you considering buying this new JJRC product? Let us know in the comment section below. Drones Globe is always happy to read your opinion on the drones we review. Also don’t forget to share and bookmark our review, surely some of your drone enthusiast friends will be looking for a quadcopter with this features and specifications. Visit us daily for more guides and reviews concerning this amazing drone industry. Happy flying!

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