JJRC X1 is their first brushless model – it looks like a great product

X1 is JJRC’s first brushless quadcopter. They have been one of the most active companies in the drone market, releasing new products frequently.
jjrc x1 with controller


Flight time: 13-15 minutes
Camera : No camera
Battery type : 7.4V 1300mAh LiPo
Range : 300-400 meters
Price range : Check price on Amazon

The quality of those drones varies from decent products to great commercial successes. X1 is definitely one of the best. In fact, X1 might just be the best low-budget quadcopter at the moment in terms of flight time and range. Follow us on our JJRC X1 review !

We’ll starting with negative things :

We will begin to focus on the bad aspects of it, and move on to talk about what makes it such a viable purchase. There are two things wrong with this quadcopter: number one is the material is made of, although ABS plastic is able to resist most common hits and crashes it still is a bit fragile and may break or bend too easily. Secondly does not have altitude holder, a feature this drone would benefit from. It does have the fun 360º trick with just the push of a button.

Other JJRC models : JJRC H11D review

…and we’ll continue with positive things :

During our JJRC X1 review, we found out what makes X1 one of the best if not the best low-budget drone currently in the market? First of all, it is the cheapest ready to fly brushless motor quadcopter you will find. It’s D1806 – 2280KV brushless motors with 6 inch props give it an outstanding lifting power, enough to lift most cameras and that includes the well-known and used GoPro. Such motors also make X1 a drone fiercely resistant to wind. Powering all this, we have a standard 7.4V 1300mah lipo battery. JJRC advertised a flight time of 15 minutes, this came to amaze some of the enthusiasts in the industry as it is uncommon for such an affordable quadcopter. It has been confirmed, indeed X1 is able to fly for 13 to 15 minutes between batteries, no other quadcopter between the price range of 50$-200$ can currently perform like this.

>> Read customer reviews on Amazon <<


>> Read customer reviews on Amazon <<

Another great important factor about JJRC X1 is the range. Transmitting on a 2.4Ghz frequency, X1’s simple controller (absent of LCD screen and flight information) lets you to fly well over the eyes can see. This range distance beats even the Tarantula X6 which had 300 meters. Once again, JJRC has excelled in the specifications. On the other hand, has I previously mentioned the included transmitter although great range, does lack a LCD screen with the common flight information. Probably this has been one of JJRC’s choices in order to decrease the manufacturing cost and consequently the quadcopter price, making it affordable, as it is.

X1 is extremely maneuverable, it may feel strange at first for beginners, but it will quickly become natural, turning X1 into a powerful and easy to fly drone, even for beginners. Enthusiasts of speed will enjoy X1, extremely fast quadcopter, able to maintain altitude at steep pitch. Although not clearly advertised X1 does have headless mode and return to home feature, two great features which contribute to the already great product JJRC has produced.

Package Contents: Quadcopter, Transmitter, English Manual, 4 x Propeller, 2 x Landing Bar, 4 x Propeller Protector, Charger.

NOTE: Although JJRC X1 has an antenna on top of the quadcopter, it is not a real antenna, does meaning no GPS. Apparently the fake GPS Antenna was just a prop design.

UPDATE: A special thanks to one of our readers (Sam) which contributed with information about JJRC X1 features.

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What drone would be identical to this but instead had a good altitude holder and maybe stronger design. Many thanks 🙂


The box and all the literature says 360 or roll, but the button does not do anything. I have not found one person that has found a way to use the roll button.


No FPV? I don't really see the point in any drone that can support a camera unless it has FPV. Quick question: What is the benefit of a brushless motor?


Hi Blake,

well, most of people think that until they really fly some drone without FPV. It's not that crucial, trust me. You can attach any Action camera to JJRC X1 and it will lift it without problems.. there are even some tutorials on internet telling you how to transfrom ordinary action camera to FPV action camera, so if you think that's necessary.. go for it 🙂

For the brusgless motors:

The most obvious advantage of a brushless motor is its lack of brushes and physical commutator. This difference means that there are many fewer parts that can wear out or break and need to be replaced than in a brushed motor.


How do you make it do a 360º flip?

"It does have the fun 360º trick with just the push of a button." What button? I'd love to know.


It has headless mode and return to home feature 🙂 As discovered in this video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Htl5-hitzcA) at around 5:50


Hi Sam, thank you very much! We have edited post and added credits to you at the bottom of article. Sorry for mistake, we're just ordinary people, sometimes we can overlook things 🙂