JXD 509G is the best device you can buy at this price?

Hey guys, today we’re here to talk about JXD 509G, futuristic looking drone that comes at an affordable price. Is it really best buy? Let’s find out!

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Flight time: 9-10 minutes
Camera: 2MP FPV (5.8 GHz transmission)
Battery type: 3.7V 600mAh Li-Po
Transmitter Frequency: 2.4GHz
Modes & features : Altitude holder, one key home return, headless mode, automatic landing
Price range : Low

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JXD 509G review :

Much like the WLToys Q212G we have recently reviewed, JXD 509G from Pioneer is a very capable FPV drone. It has a very futuristic design (resembling the Yuneec Q500), contrary to other standard looking quadcopters we have come to get used to. This model has been a great hit on the low-budget quadcopter market, mainly due to its excellent and affordable FPV quality, accurate hold feature and unique design. Let us take a deeper look into this cool looking brushed quadcopter, follow us on our JXD 509G review! 🙂

Flight time

One of the best things I first noticed about this quad is the flight time it gets from its 3.7V 600mAh Li-Po battery (around 60 minutes to charge). It does incline more to the 9 minutes than the 10, but still, considering it transmits real time video in decent quality with no delay, it is very nice for a low-budget quad. The Q212G from WLToys we reviewed recently, is on a higher budget and does not achieve this flight time.

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The 2 megapixel camera (720p resolution) could be better quality on the recording of the video as it does have a considering amount of “jello” effect. However, the live video transmitted to your FPV screen, directly installed on your controller, is surprisingly good quality with less ‘jello’ effect. The camera can be tilted to 20º degrees. Included in the package there is a LCD screen to display your live video and a 4GB Micro-SD card to record videos and photos.


Among its features we can find the now common headless mode (easier flight regardless of drone’s position. Locking on the direction to where the drone started flying). One-Key Home Return (push the left control to the opposite direction you started flight, drone should return to you). Other great function is the Automatic Landing (automatically descends to a landing at the press of a button, it also works as a safety function when 509G hits low battery).Finally, and most useful function is the Altitute Holder (high density air pressure sensor which can precisely hold the height), great for recording video, allowing you to focus on the camera.

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jxd 509g box

Crash resistant?

509G also resists most crashes, made of a very flexible material, it will bend, preventing pieces to brake or snatch on harder hits. The light frame is capable of resisting a somewhat strong wind, not much though. Prevent from flying it on very windy days. As far as distance goes it can reach around 150 meters, which is decent for an affordable quadcopter with a complete FPV package like this.

Other common specifications are the 6 axis gyro which give stronger stability, 360º degrees air trick with a push of a button, colorful LED lights suitable for flying in the dark at night.

The complete package includes: 509G RC Quadcopter, Transmitter 2.4Ghz frequency, 2.0MP 720p Camera, 5.8G FPV, USB Cable, 4G Memory Card, Card Reader, LCD Monitor, FPV USB Cable, 3.7V 600mAh Li-Po Battery, 4 x Spare Main Blade, Screwdriver.

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Anthony Turner