JXD 509W comes with cool features and it’s really easy to fly

If you follow Drones Globe on a daily or weekly basis, by now you have realized how much we love the JXD quadcopter series by Pioneer. Why? Well besides being affordable and powerful quadcopters featuring FPV (real time video transmission), JXD series has innovated the low-cost market by featuring a low-cost drone with Altitude-Holder.

jxd 509w + controller with phone

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JXD 509W Overview:

Flight Time: 6 to 8 minutes
Camera: 0.3MP FPV (WiFi transmission)
Charging time: 60 – 90 minutes
Range: 50-100 meters
Transmitter Frequency: 2.4 GHz
Weight: 140g (with battery and camera)
Features: Altitude Holder, One-Key Home Return, Headless Mode, Automatic Landing
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JXD 509W vs 509G


Author : thedronefiles(dot)net

We have previously reviewed other quadcopter from this series, the 509G one of the affordable drones with most potential currently in the market. What is the main difference between 509G and the 509W? Well, even though 509G is very affordable considering all the great features and specifications it has, 509W manages to cost even less. Pioneer JXD 509W achieves this by using your own Android or iOS device as a FPV (First Person View) monitor. By relying on your device instead of using a 5.8GHz monitor (included in the 509G package), 509W allows the buyer to save some extra money. A very affordable drone, rich in features, innovative, easy to control. 509W might just be the affordable FPV drone you have been looking for. As always we at Drones Globe seek out to find the best bang for your buck currently in the market. Ensuring your money is well spent on the best drone your budget can afford. Welcome to our JXD 509W review let us take a deeper look into this quadcopter features and specifications!

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First of all let us start with what makes 509W so unique: features. Every company, every drone, targets a specific feature or specification which will make it stand out from the rest on the shelf. Pioneer listened to the public demands and produced a rich feature Toy Grade quadcopter at a very affordable price. You may already be familiar with Headless Mode (easier orientation despite where the nose of the drone is pointing at), One-Key Home Return (drone returns to place of take-off) and Automatic Landing (lands itself, also functions when drone hits low battery). All of this features are great and very useful, essential to almost any drone being released in 2016. Pioneer, has pushed the game a bit further by implementing a feature that was formerly only seen in higher-budget drones: Altitude Holder. What is Altitude Holder? Well, this feature allows for the pilot to focus on recording video or watching is real time video transmission. Altitude Holder locks the drone’s height at a certain position (drone maintains steady height) which makes it easier for pilot to control it. This is one of the breakthroughs in Toy Grade drones for 2016 and JXD 509 series already have it! Another more common features are the LED lights for Night Flights and the 360º aerial stunt, all at the press of a button in your RC controller or App. Give it a try you won’t regret it!



Author : thedronefiles(dot)net

If you are looking for an affordable FPV flyer, you are in the right place. On top of all this great features 509W also includes a 0.3MP camera which transmits video directly to your smartphone or tablet device through WiFi connection. 509W provides its own WiFi hotspot, you only have to connect to it through a free application available for both Android and iOS.  FPV video signal range is a bit less compared to the 5.8GHz model. The WiFi FPV video is smooth with almost no image delay. However, as the drone flies further and further the transmission quality will decrease as expected with any low-cost FPV drone. But still, an amazingly reliable affordable drone which will amaze everyone.


509W can be controlled in two ways, via the 2.4GHz remote controller with 4 channels (included in the original package) or the free application I mentioned previously. You can choose to either fly it with the remote or use the phone as FPV monitor on the phone holder (built-in the 2.4GHz controller) or just use your phone or tablet as a multipurpose device. Whatever best fits your needs. JXD 509W has a flight control range of 100 meters, a control distance within the average meters for a quadcopter within this price range.


Both the drone and the FPV camera are powered by a 3.7 voltage 600mAh 30C Lipo battery. It has slightly less flight time than the 509G, nothing to be concerned about, 509W is still capable of getting as much as 8 minutes flight time from its battery (depending on camera usage). This flight time is also within the average battery time for a drone within this price range. Take it to the park, on your vacation, buy an extra battery and change it between flights. Battery takes around 70 minutes to fully charge and can be plugged via USB to your computer to charge.

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jxd-509w on the floor

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Another thing you will surely notice is its design, 509W and 509G have been designed with the shape of a X. A futuristic black colour design resembling the high-budget Yuneec Q500. It is not your usual looking quadcopter. Pioneer also took the design into consideration and manufactured a drone which will stand out from the rest both in the shelf and in the sky. It is made of ABS plastic and the propellers are flexible for 90º, ensuring it won’t bend or break easily when hitting and crashing. JXD 509W will definitely spark the ‘cool factor’ among other drone enthusiasts.


What is your opinion? Do you like our JXD 509W review? Do you prefer 509W, 509G or 509V? Do you own any of them or are you considering buying one? Share your opinion in the comment section below or ask us anything about this amazingly affordable drone. We at Drones Globe are always very happy to read what you have to say! Give 509W a try and you will see what we are talking about by yourself! Don’t forget to visit us daily and share the footage from your 509W! Happy flying!

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