In depth review of JXD 510G, new drone that offers good value for the money!

Welcome to another drone review of a JXD product! Remember the 509 series from Jin Xing Da? We have previously reviewed two amazing quadcopters from this low-cost quadcopter line, the JXD 509W and 509G. Two affordable quadcopters featuring Altitude-Holder (also known as Barometer Set Height), a very rare feature among drones within this low price range. Today we’re here for JXD 510G review !



JXD 510G Overview :
Flight Time : 6 to 10 minutes
Camera : 2MP FPV
Battery Type : 3.7V 600mAh 30C Lipo battery
Range : 100 meter
Transmitter Frequency : 2.4 GHz
FPV Frequency : 5.8 GHz
Gyro : 6 Axis
Features : Altitude Holder (also known as Barometer Set Height), One-Key Home Return, Headless Mode, Automatic Landing
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Today, we are here for a new and great product manufactured by JXD, the 510G! In terms of design JXD has shifted a bit from the Yuneec Q500 style look and have aimed at a more unique design (resembling an aggressive alien spaceship). After the success of producing a cheap Toy Grade line of quadcopters with a good camera and packing a good set of features, JXD did well in updating their 509 series.

JXD 510G vs 509G. Credits :

JXD 510G vs 509G. Credits :

JXD 510G offer decent FPV experience

JXD 510G is another great addition to the low-cost FPV (First Person View) market. If you are a fan of real-time video transmission flights, you have come to the right place. Packed with a great set of features and a very decent quality camera 510G might just be what you have been looking for. First of all, if you are one of those FPV flyers which prefer a FPV screen capable of transmitting live video with no delay instead of having it displayed on your smartphone, than 510G the one. While the JXD 510W transmits via WiFi, 510G comes with its own 4.3” FPV monitor and real time video transmission works in 5.8 GHz frequency. The monitor comes built-in on the controller, it displays good quality video and it features something very useful. This useful addition is a sun protector, it reduces the brightness reflexion on daylight allowing pilot to perform FPV flights without having a monitor impossible to watch on daylight. Overall, in terms of hardware it’s the same transmitter presented with the 509 series, 4 channels, 2.4 GHz frequency, allows a control range of up to 100 meters.

What’s with camera?

JXD 510G is a great affordable Toy quadcopter for photography and video lovers, not only because of the good quality camera but also due to the drone features. We will discuss this amazing and useful features further on, for now let’s talk about the camera. JXD 510G comes with its own 2MP camera, it seems to be the same camera included with the 509 series. Although it’s not an improvement, it’s fair to say 509 series already had a good quality camera and considering the price range of 510G, it is expected to have the same camera. The image quality will please the most casual of flyers and even enthusiasts just looking for a Toy Grade drone with good camera and nice specifications at a very low price. The 2MP camera can be manually tilted 30 degrees, allowing pilot a different range of recording angles. On top of this, the original package (which we strongly advised and the link can be found on this review) includes a 4GB Micro-SD card and a USB card reader, two extras which will save you some money and allow you to record your photos and videos.


jxd-510g-emgency-stopjxd-510g-correcting-flying-levelIf you read both our JXD 509W and 509G reviews, surely you are aware that they represented a big achievement in this new drone era. Mainly due to the Altitude Holder (also known as Barometer Set Height) feature. Previously a feature only found on high-budget quadcopters, it can now be found in much cheaper models. Thanks to companies such as JXD, any drone enthusiast can try this feature without having to invest much money. Altitude Holder is one of the features that new Toy drones are focusing at. Check new Syma models review on our page, they were all produced with this great feature in mind. Now you may be wondering what is Barometer Set Height? Well, through a sensitive barometric pressure sensor (barometer) to measure air pressure and keep the drone locked at the desired pressure, 510G is capable of maintaining same height without much pilot’s input. Therefore allowing pilot to focus on recording the video, photos or the live video transmission. You will find this feature to be very useful together with the good quality camera. But the amazing features don’t stop here, through a start/stop button on the transmitter, JXD 510G is capable of gradually land itself (Automatic Landing), once it lands motors will shut off. Besides this two great uncommon features, 510G also includes the more common functions of Headless Mode (for easier orientation), One-Key Home Return (drone returns to pilot), 360º aerial stunt and LED lights for night flights. As you can see JXD new updated series, 510G keeps delivering great features within a powerful and yet affordable quadcopter.

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In terms of battery, 510G still uses the same lipo battery has its predecessors, a 3.7 volt 600mAh 30C. It powers a flight time ranging between 6 to 10 minutes, highly depending on camera, FPV and features usage. Expect around 8 minutes of flight time (the average for quadcopters within this price) if you flying FPV. On the other, if you have 800mAh batteries I’m happy to inform you that 510G is also compatible with those. Therefore, if you have any, you can extend the duration of your fun! Keep in mind that we advise you to let the motors cool off between changing battery, this will prevent the motors from burning and will allow them to be more durable.


What do you think of our JXD 510G review? Have you been waiting for an updated version of their previous models? Are you new to FPV flying and are just looking forward to learn and practice on an affordable quadcopter with the best features currently in the market? We had previously advised the 509 model, and we keep on advising this new 510 model. Although changes are mostly on its design, one or another, both series rank among the best for real time video transmission quadcopters within this price range. Let us know your opinion on the comment section below and don’t forget to share this review with any of your fellow drone enthusiast friends looking for an affordable and complete FPV package toy drone.

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