X600 by MJX is ideal for learning how to fly a drone

Follow us as we take on the sky and review X600, hexacopter made by MJX. The most affordable, long control distance drone with headless mode. Perfect for beginners, great for enthusiasts.
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From time to time it is good to diversify, to try new things. To take life up a notch. Today is one of those days here on Drones Globe. We mostly review quadcopters, as it is the current tendency of the market, but ‘oh boy’; six rotors sounds pretty promising too. Today, we’re here for a MJX X600 review.

X600 Specs:

Flight time : 9 minutes
Battery type: 700mAh LiPo Battery
Range: 125 meters
Transmitter Frequency: 2.4GHz
Features: Headless mode and one key home return
Price range: Check price on Amazon

One of the first details you will notice on this hexacopter it is the capacity to achieve high yaw rates, allowing him to fly at an amazing speed. On the fastest yaw mode, it may become harder to manoeuvre as it carries more momentum. Unless you are an experienced pilot, it is better if you only fly the X600 on the outdoor. That is where you will get the most of it, mainly due to its long range of 125 meters, much higher than other price range drones. In the same price range, you can buy JJRC H8D.

The X600 is the largest of a series of three hexacopters recently released by MJX R/C, it also features a new six-axis gyro flight control system. X600 is more stable and easier to operate than other series models. While the pilot should obviously expect a toy graded flight, MJX X600 does in fact manage to be a smoother flyer than same price ranged drones. This is one of the advantages of having six rotors, the drone fights the wind much more effectively and has more power to keep it steadily hovering in air.

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Battery life

One of the most impressive key elements about MJX X600 is its battery life. A 7.4V 700 mAh battery powers flights of up to nine minutes. Yes, the X600 does not have a camera, hence its unusual large flight time for its price. But, if you think X600 does not support a camera, you are wrong. MJX X600 drone came with a loadable FPV module which can be bought separately (includes: C4006 camera; FPV bracket). Allowing, not only, to record your flights but also to connect to an application available for both iOS and Android devices. Once connection is established, pilot can watch on its smartphone placed on the transmitter the real time video transmission. Keep in mind, this is an optional extra, if you are not into FPV flight and just want to have some fun with family and friends, X600 brings all the essentials to do it right of the box. If your budget is not limited to $150, why don’t you take a look at Blade 350 qx3?


MJX has featured two of the most current top modes on low-cost drones: headless mode and one key return to home. Another reason why X600 is a very viable affordable choice. Headless mode is meant to facilitate pilot’s drone orientation. X600 will fly in any pointed direction, despite where the head of the drone is pointed to. This mode makes it easier for beginners, but to truly learn how to control a drone eventually you will have to know how to fly without it. One key return to home, the name might be a bit misleading, as it does not literally mean the drone will come back to the point where began flight. It in fact means, the drone will fly backwards (contrary) to the orientation where began flight. Eventually, and supposedly, it will get back to its pilot.

MJX X600 is also good for doing air tricks, such as a 360º, in fact it has a single button just to perform this stunt and astonish your friends. Make sure the drone is flying 3 meters above the ground before you do it. The transmitter features two modes, left and right, so you will be able to control it with the same transmitter, despite flight preferences. Have you enjoyed our MJX x600 review?

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Anthony Turner