X5SW by Syma – Why are so many people buying it?

Syma is not beginner to the quadcopter business. After a few successful drones launched in the market, they now release X5SW. Main feature introduced by this brand new model is FPV (real time video transmission).

syma x5sw fpv


X5SW specs:

Flight time: 6-7 minutes
Camera: HD 2.0 MP WiFi FPV Camera
Battery Type: 3.7V 500mAh LiPo
Range: 100 meters
Channel: 4CH 6 Axis Gyro
Size: 31x31x8 cm
Price : Check price on Amazon

Follow us in this Syma X5SW review as we take a deep look into its features and specifications. Is it an improvement from previous models? Has Syma, once again, produced an affordable and fun drone for the most casual pilot? Is it able to compete with same price drones? Let us find out!

It’s is made for…

This drone is targeted to beginners or youngsters looking to get their hands on this new piece of technology that is the drone. Alike its predecessor (X5C1 and X5SC) it is easy to maneuver. Lightweight, responds effectively to pilot’s input. On the other hand it is not very wind resistant, and it will fly off when assuming higher altitudes during windy days. There is another drone very similar to X5SW you may be interested in, check out JJRC H8D review.

Battery & Flight time

Syma X5CSW has a 500mAh battery which only powers 6 to 7 minutes of flight time and takes 90 minutes to charge via USB. USB charging makes it a more convenient drone. Which means, user can charge it directly on PC or standard android charger.

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Headless mode

Features headless mode, which means X5SW will fly on the direction of your controller stick, despite its front (drone nose) or back. We’ve tested this feature in our Syma X5SW review, and it definitely makes it easier for beginners to adapt to flying a quadcopter, but it is not advised to always perform flights on this mode. It will prevent a beginner to learn how to master more difficult flyers. Because of all these features + low price, SYMA X5SW will be featured on our homepage in next few weeks.

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Built quality

Syma X5SW is made out of entirely plastic, although it resists to the average fall or impact against an object, harder hits will make propellers bend and landing gear to brake. Fortunately X5SW package comes with extra material. This quadcopter is adequate to fly both indoor and outdoor and can perform some 3D stunt tricks (roll-over in the air) with just the push of a button.

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Why do so many people buy it?

Now let us talk about the “seller factor” on X5SW, what makes it a cheap affordable choice for any hobbyist, drone enthusiast or the average costumer looking to have some fun. For a low price, X5SW comes with a 2.0MP HD camera with FPV via WiFi.


The camera is removable so user may opt to fly without it, this increases flight time, as the camera does not have its own battery, is instead powered by the quadcopter battery. The difference between this camera and previous Syma’s X5 series quadcopters is the FPV. FPV ready out of the box. The transmission is done via WiFi, in order to drop the price and make it more affordable, X5SW uses the pilot Android or iOS device as the monitor for transmission. Let us say, the user owns a tablet or smartphone, he just needs to download the free application and establish WiFi connection. X5SW provides its own WiFi, so it will be easy for the user to identify and connect. The app allows user to take photos or record videos. Each recorded video can have a length of up to 30 minutes. Since the camera does not use a MicroSD to store photos and videos, the files are saved directly into the device. Using the phone or tablet memory.


The transmitter works on 2.4 GHz frequency so it won’t disturb with the FPV WiFi, other quadcopters instead of WiFi USE 2.4 GHz or 5.8 GHz on the live transmission, which messes with the transmitter.

If you opt to choose a phone as your FPV hardware, X5SW’s package comes with a phone holder, making it simple for pilot to place the phone right above the transmitter. Have you liked our review?

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