X8G by Syma is new model from X8 series

Hello to another article from Drones Globe team. Today we are going to talk about the Syma X8G, new model from X8 series.

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X8G Specs:

Flight time : 7min
Camera : HD 5MP 1080p 30fps
Battery Type : 2000mAh LiPo
Range : 100 meters
Transmitter Frequency : 2.4 GHz

We have previously discussed Syma X8W, an affordable FPV choice (check it out here), now it’s time for Syma X8G review. X8G brings vast improvement from X5 series, a much better camera, bigger range, more stability. All a beginner enthusiast wants and needs. One of the good things about Syma is their complete packages. They include all the pilot needs to begin flight right away (except batteries for the transmitter), everything else comes in the package including a 4GB memory card (white brand) to save your photo and video files. It has been said before here on Drones Globe, but we will say it again: if you are a beginner looking to give first steps on unmanned aerial flights or are just looking for the best present to offer this Christmas, at an affordable price, there is no going wrong with a Syma X8 series.

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Flying experience

Equipped with the latest 6 axis flight control system, X8G ensures a direction stabilized flight. Both indoor and outdoor, this drone is easy to maneuverer, in outdoor it is capable of flying on medium wind. Since it has a bit of power, and it is a large and heavier drone (50 x 50 x 19 cm), don’t worry about it flying away with the wind. You safe. X8G also features headless mode, in this mode, the pilot has no need to recognize the position of the quadcopter head, he just needs to control the aircraft according to with the direction of the remote controller. If you enjoy performing air stunts, the controller has a button, when clicked, the drone performs a 360º eversion stunt in air. Fun to take it to the park and amaze everyone with some aerial tricks!

Bright LED lights will able pilots to fly during night and blade protectors and a (somehow fragile) landing gear will keep your drone safe from casual crashes. Most important, X8G packages comes with a holding case for the camera. While it is not a gimbal or anywhere near, it is an affordable version of a mount, which will be absolutely useful to protect your camera.

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The camera is better quality than any other Syma quadcopter currently in the market, 5 megapixels with 30fps in 1080p resolution or 60fps in 720p resolution, depending on pilot’s video preferences. Camera takes good quality photographs also. Everything is saved into your 4GB memory card (placed on the quadcopter) immediately after you take photo or record video. Camera can only be used with the quadcopter, it does not work as an external camera, must be attached and plugged with Syma in order to work.

Battery life

Unfortunately, Syma X8G battery life time is not the best, only around 7 to 8 minutes. The average for low-cost quadcopters, but a bit on the low side comparing to newer models from other companies. On the other hand, other drones do not have a 5 megapixel camera to power. Syma uses the same 7.4V 2000mAh lipo battery on the X8G model as they do on the X8W model. X8G would have required a more powerful battery, something for Syma to keep in mind for their next release or update. On the positive side, battery can be charged through USB cable, which, in my opinion, is always very useful.


The control distance range is of 100 meters, within the standard range for low-cost quadcopters, but an improvement from the X8W model and the X5 series. If you are into modding, you can always increase the flight range of your quadcopter (check videos on Youtube). If interested in learning how to increase the antenna range of quadcopters, please leave a comment so we can write you a guide on how to do it step-by-step! Hope you have enjoyed our Syma X8G review!

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Anthony Turner