Syma X8HC is upgraded version of extremely popular X8C model. Should you buy it?

Remember Syma X8C Venture? A large camera quadcopter manufactured by the globally known RC manufacturer Syma? Well I am pleased to inform you there already is an upgraded version of that X8C model. I present Syma X8HC from the new Syma series.



Syma X8HG Overlook:
Flight Time : 5 to 7 minutes
Camera : 2MP WiFi FPV
Battery Type : 7.4V 2000mA Lipo Battery
Range : 70 meters
Remote : 2.4GHz Frequency
Gyro : 6 Axis
Features : Headless Mode and Altitude Holder also known as Barometer Set Height
Price : check price on Amazon

This upgraded version of the X8HC focus on a new feature, the Altitude Holder, great for photography and videography purposes. In fact Syma’s new X8H serie models all have this feature, a feature which was only common on higher-budget drones. However, it seems that 2016 is the year of the low-cost Altitude Holder! If you want to check previous reviews from the new Syma models you can do it here Syma X8HG a WiFi FPV drone with a 0.3MP camera but with a 8MP Syma camera package version (available on Amazon) and Syma X8HW also a WiFi FPV drone but larger and with a 1MP camera. All great affordable options. Today we review yet another low-cost Toy Grade drone by this manufacturer, welcome to our Syma X8HC Review!

Many new features

syma-x8hc-packageIf you are a fan of Syma X8C I’m sure this new upgraded version will appeal to you. Let’s start by discussing the features, if X8C only had Headless Mode than X8HC is a much more functional photography and videography large (50 x 50 x 19 cm) quadcopter. First of all, of course it includes Headless Mode too, it’s almost a requirement for most drones nowadays. Headless Mode allows easier orientation despite where quadcopter’s front is pointing at when it takes off. This feature is very useful for beginners and children as it makes the drone much easier to control. However, if you wish how to truly control a drone it’s important to perform non-headless flights. Let’s move on to what makes this drone really stand out from the rest, the Altitude Holder feature also known as Barometer Set Height. It’s great to see that low-cost drones manufacturers have started to include this function on their newest products. Altitude Holder is highly useful for both taking photographs and recording video. It enables pilot to lock the drone’s height, consequently the drone will maintain that height autonomously, allowing the pilot to focus on the photos and videos. Besides this awesome feature Syma X8HC also includes other common functions such as LED lights for night flight and 360º aerial stunt with the push of a button on the remote. However due its size (and like other the other drones from this series) I would not advise you to perform many 360º stunts in the same flight. You may end up over-heating the motors and burning them. Well, if you are looking for a drone with Altitude Holder feature but have low money to spend than X8HC is probably one of the best fits for your needs.

==> Read customer reviews on Amazon <==



Now let’s discuss Syma X8HC camera, unlike other previously reviewed drones Syma X8HG and Syma X8HW which came with a mount compatible with other cameras. Syma X8HC includes its own undetachable camera with no mount justifying its very affordable price. Camera is 2MP for photos and 1MP for video, not the best quality out there in the market but considering the price it’s reasonable. Photos are taken with just the push of a button on the 2.4 GHz remote, as well as record video. The real time video transmission (FPV) is done directly to your smartphone device through an application available for both Android and iOS. By making use of your device as a FPV screen, Syma was able to reduce the price cost of the product. Another good reason for its low price. Live video transmission is fairly good quality with a slight delay and ‘jello effect’. A great thing about Syma X8HC remote controller is the built-in phone holder for you to place your phone. Allowing a better FPV experience.

==> See user ratings on Amazon <==

Flight time and control range

syma-x8hc-in-airSyma X8HC does have two negative aspects which don’t work on its favour. I’m talking about flight time and control distance, Syma’s biggest producing weaknesses. Syma products have always had a flight time and control distance slightly below the average for its price. Powered by a 7.4V 2000mA Lipo Battery X8HG only has a flight time of 5 to 7 minutes, while the remote provides a control distance of 70 meters. Nowhere near the amazing specifications of a JJRC product. On the other, slightly cheaper. Keep in mind that if you don’t use the camera and the FPV flight time will be much better as the battery powers all those functions.

Bottom line

If you are here looking for an affordable drone featuring Altitude Holder which at the same time is easy to control and includes a decent quality camera, Syma X8HC is a very good choice for you and possible one of the only choices within this price range. Syma has done well focusing this new feature as it will surely be one of the most sought for features this year. Syma X8HC is a good learning and practicing drone, good fit for beginners and children.

What do you think of Syma X8HC? Do you consider it an improvement from the previous X8C model? Is Altitude Holder one of the features you have been looking for on a Toy Grade drone? If this is not your first time reading about Toy drones you surely have heard about Syma before. What do you think of their new series? Do you have a favorite? Let us know on the comment section below! We at Drones Globe always read your comments as we love to see what you have to say about the products we review. Do you have a friend looking for a drone with this specifications within this price range? Link them this article! We hope you enjoyed the Syma X8HC review. Happy flights!

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I bought a Syma X8HC drone and flew it 3 times. The last time I flew it the black wire going to the wiring harness on the drone itself became disconnected from the wiring harness. The compartment on the drone for the battery to tuck into is way too small for the battery and wires without pushing them in, making the wire connection vulnerable for damage. When I brought this up to the manufacturer, they said that the damage was my fault and they wouldn't replace it. 3 times I flew it. If anyone asks me about Syma drones (and particularly the company that makes them) I will tell them NOT to buy it. A company that won't stand behind their products is not a company I'll ever do business with again.


Hi all i am new to drones. I was wondering if i could put a fpv camera on my syma x8hc please


I appreciate your review of the X8HC, but it is not an FPV camera that comes with it. I purchased this drone for my son after reading your reviews and was disappointed to learn the camera does not have wifi. I should have purchased a X8HW or HG. Now I have to purchase another wifi camera that is compatible with the HC.



i just started to learn to fly with Syma x5c. Nice to fly, steady, control OK.

Now i read about Syma x8g with 8 mp camera. Also starter-drone.

Now my question....... the controller x5c ... will this controller work for x8g ?

best regards





I'm a newbie with quadcopters. Recently, i bought a replica of the Syma X8C. Everythg looks the same with the original Syma. Problem is, the headless mode doesn't really operate well. The manual says that a certain button on the remote controls the headless mode, but upon pressing it, it doesn't do what it's supposed to do. It goes haywire.. Haha. I know the best way to learn is to fly without headless mode, but as a beginner, i think that's an important feature for me. Especially when the quad flies far away from me & i get disoriented on its position..

On top of that, it doesn't have the altitude hold feature, which makes my drone fly up & down like a yo-yo & tend to crash it every now & then...

So, i came to conclude that both of these features are quite important for newbies like me. I have to agree with your post.. Hehe.

Meanwhile, i was looking through which Syma drone should i buy & narrowed down to the Syma X8HC & Syma X8HW.. Wouldnt wana get a Syma X8HG coz I'm thinking of using my own gimbal & GoPro.. My question is, what is the difference between a Syma X8HC & a Syma X8HW? Your reply will really help me make a decision. Thank you.


Saw the Syma write up and was intrigued at how vast the writers knowledge in the product was. My budget is quite so low but I am a beginner and without having to spend 6-$700.00 I would like some thing that I can eventually grasp and wrap my mind around. I would like to know if your writers have any suggestions. I would, however like to include that I would prefer something with a little sI've and some weight. Thank you, Orlando [email protected]