Syma is back ! Meet X8HG, their new toy grade drone with camera and some cool features.

UPDATE: This drone does not have FPV function. Writer who published this review (Julio V.) is no longer working for us.

Remember Syma? Manufacturer of widely sold Toy Grade drones such as the Syma X5SW and Syma X8W? They have recently released two new series of drones which we will review during this week. Today we are reviewing drone Syma X8HG. The WiFi FPV (First Person View) model of the new X8H series a continuation of the X8 models.



Syma X8HG FPV Overlook:
Flight Time: 5 to 7 minutes
Camera: 0.3MP or 8MP WiFi FPV
Mount: Compatible with Syma action cameras and others
Battery Type: 7.4V 2000mA Lipo Battery
Range: 50-70 meters
Remote: 2.4GHz Frequency
Gyro: 6 Axis
Features: Headless Mode and Altitude Holder also known as Barometer Set Height

Show me the price !

Syma is targeting the low-cost FPV quadcopter market with this drone Syma X8HG model. X8HG has some great positive aspects on its favour but also some negative (and somewhat outdated) specifications which we discuss further on. However don’t let the specifications demotivate you, if you are a photography and videography drone enthusiast looking for an affordable and large FPV drone, Syma X8HG might surprise you.

Syma X8HG FPV is the first drone of this new Syma model series we are reviewing. Visit DronesGlobe daily to stay updated on the latest drone models to hit the market. For now, let’s move on to Syma X8HG review, a WiFi FPV large (50cm x 50cm x 19cm) quadcopter.


Pros of new Syma model

Let’s start by analysing Syma X8HG strongest characteristics. Since it’s a FPV (real time video transmission) drone meant for aerial live video and recording, this strong factors lay on both camera, the mount and a useful feature. First of all Syma X8HG may come in different packages with different types of camera all produced by Syma. On this review we focus on the 8MP camera version as it has the best quality, most reliable and best value for the money. Camera is HD 8MP and capable of recording at 720p resolution with just a slight ‘jello-effect’. It’s a camera of the Syma brand and it does compete with the low-cost sport action cameras. Besides including this camera, X8HG also comes with a mount capable of carrying Syma Camera as well as other GoPro clones such as the SJCam. X8HG does not include its own FPV monitor, instead it uses pilot’s smart device has monitor for live video. This FPV connection is done via WiFi directly to the device through a free application available for both Android and iOS. Transmission is done in good quality, however do not expect amazing live video.


“Altitude Holder” is feature you’ll definitely like

Another greatly positive thing about this quadcopter, making it stand out from the shelf, is the Altitude Holder also known as Barometer set height. This feature is very useful in camera drones because it allows pilot to lock the height of the quadcopter. Consequently X8HG will be able to maintain height autonomously. Such feature is still very uncommon on low-cost drones and it is likely to be on-growing trend on low-cost camera drones in 2016.Since we are already discussing the features, it is also important to mention other functions on X8HG. These are more common features nowadays and they are 360º aerial stunt (with just the push of a button). LED lights to perform night flights without losing track of the quadcopter. Headless Mode, for easier orientation despite where drone’s front is pointing at when began flight. Fun features, easy to use, a great fir for beginners and even experts which love Syma series.

Control distance and flight time could be better

Syma X8HG has two negative specifications which unfortunately are very common on Syma products. Syma has yet been unable to produce quadcopters with above average control distance and flight time. If Syma products stand out because of its easy control and low price, range and flight time have yet to match the new same budget drones. Powered by a 7.4V 2000mA Lipo Battery X8HG has a flight time ranging between 5 to 7 minutes depending on flight conditions and it takes around 200 minutes for battery to charge. Slightly below the average battery power nowadays. Another negative aspect is the control distance if JJRC drones are known for their huge control distance, Syma is known for their lack of it. X8HG can only fly as far as 70 to 80 meters depending on obstacles that may interfere with connection.


syma-x8hg-controllerTransmitter is fairly simple to use and comes in white and orange colour. It works at 2.4 GHz frequency and its use is very intuitive. Through buttons on this transmitter you can turn-on and off drone features, change its yaw rate allowing it to go faster or slower and take photos instantly and record video into the Memory Card. A great extra of this transmitter is the built-in phone holder for pilot to place its smartphone device to watch live video from the app. Useful add-on which expert FPV fliers will find very useful.


First Syma review around this new “wave” of new models introduced by the company. What do you think of Syma X8HG? Are you giving your first steps in First Person View flight? It surely is great to have an 8MP camera plus mount compatible with other cameras. Syma has done a decent job with this low-cost Toy solution to GoPro drones. Let us know your opinion in the comment section below, we would be very happy to read your opinion on this matter. Share this review with a friend looking for a large WiFi FPV quadcopter. Happy flying!

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i am looking for a wifi camera for my X8hg syma drone and hoping you might tell me where I can purchase one.


Alright - I've found a discrepancy which I think is worth noting. There has been clearly a misinformation on part of Syma or someone close to them. One thing I'm noticing different between my Syma X8HG (not advertised with Wifi FPV) and the one reviewed here (with WIfi FPV) which may be a distinguishing trait is the markers on the front prop arms. In the submitted photo by the author (Anthony) his markers appear to be an glossy white, the quad I have they are clearly silver metallic/glossy (as seen in in the dimensional/"barometer set height" photos). Although this may be just a physical difference, I have a feeling the WIFI FPV models were a limited release or weren't even supposed to be released at all. I don't have nearly the issues with range, flight time etc that others are experiencing or noted.

I flew mine last Saturday in 10 MPH/15*F conditions and easily got 150 meters away (I still had a strong signal, I just lost site of her and sat her down for manual recovery in our field) and got nearly 14 minutes of total flight time with multiple take offs and landings with a 2200mAh battery (not stock)


Hello all.

This will answer your wifi question. The x8hg does NOT have the wifi capability, but the x8hw does. the model number is broken down for you. The X is the copter, the 8 is the megapixal camera, the H is HD video, The G or W is wifi or not, but GoPRo type mount.

Get a SJ 4000 wifi camera ($50.00) on ebay. And get the GOPRO mount bracket ($10.00) and you will solve all your issues. You will have wifi capability, as well as camera control on your android device, and be able to record to SD card at the same time. Also, the "jello effect" will be gone, due to not using battery on copter, and you'll get a longer flight time.

Mike L.


This was the second quad I learned to fly with and it was an absolute blast! You really can't beat it for the price. The camera took really great photos and video (considering the cost) and altitude hold worked extremely well. It also handles itself really well when flying in windy conditions. (5-10mph)
While it was odd that my X5C had FPV built in and my X8HG didn't, it didn't really bother me for a couple of reasons: 1: it doesn't fly far enough away for this to be super useful. 2: as a beginner type quad, using FPV will only cause more crashes and make it more difficult to fly. (unless you're in a wild open field of course) Sure, it was fun to see exactly what the camera was seeing, but that quickly grew old due to the poor video transmission. And since these types of quads only fly around 70 meters anyway, it shouldn't be a "make or break" issue when you're looking into purchasing a quad of this caliber/price point. This is an amazing quad for the price and you'll be very pleased with the photo/video it produces.
One thing to point out: even though it provides decent 720p video, there is no gimbal or stabilization for this camera and so you'll want to keep that into consideration when filming. In other words, when you're taking photos or shooting video with this quad, fly up to where you want to take a photo, let the bird hover in place and THEN take your photo or start shooting video. This way the bird will be more stable and you can slowly pan left or right capturing some really nice footage. Of course, as you learn and become more proficient with your flying, you'll then learn to smoothly capture video WHILE you're flying and slowly panning the quad to get some great footage.
With this type of quad, you'll always want to pick up at least 6-8 spare batteries. For some reason it takes forever to recharge these small lipo batteries, so having multiple batteries will enable you to enjoy a nice afternoon of flying without having to worry about running out of juice.
There are a number of quads out there in this price range that are just as nice. But if you're looking to purchase the Syma X8HG as a beginner quad, you'll be pleasantly surprised and extremely happy with just how much fun this bird is to fly.
Enjoy and fly safe! 🙂


I got what appears to be the Costco version of this. It is branded as "SkyThunder RC" and used the Sky Thunder FPV App, but is not listed on the website.

Physically it looks like the X8HG with the 8MP camera and mount but the camera _does_ have WiFi FPV.

There are other difference between X8HG and the Costco version. The Costco unit uses a proprietary batter case and connector. Inside the battery case is what looks like a standard Syma battery with flat plugs.

The transmitter is also different. It has no external antenna and no display. And the range sucks.

Does anyone else have one of these units? Or know anything about them?

I'm most interested in spare batteries.


I just bought shyThunder HD 8500wh from an online auction site. I saw it was SYMA but could not find it on their site. If not for you I would not have known it Costco


Has anyone had any luck with the falso fpv advertising. If so I would like to know what SYMA is doing to fix the issue. Do they even produce anot 8 MPLAYER cámara with wifi/fpv capabilities. I'd like to pick one up. Any help would be appreciated.


Can anyone offer some advice please. My daughter was given this for Christmas and a Skyrc imax b6 balance charger.

I am unable to connect the battery to the xt60 connector. I purchased what I thought was a bigger xt6p connector but clearly this is also wrong as it was the same size.

Can anyone advise on the correct connector to charge with the balance charger?


you need to get an adapter to connect the banana plug that the 7.4 battery uses to connect to the deans connector on the charger cable on the imax check ebay


I received my X8HG yesterday, waste my whole nite to surf how to connect the wifi camera. I couldn't detect the wifi signal. Until I saw this page & the comments only I know it doesn't built in WIFI on this model camera. Very disappointed !!!!!!!


I know this is an old post, but I thought I would respond for those folks who are looking into purchasing this quad in the future.
You can download a separate app that will enable FPV flying, but in my opinion it's a waste of time. It will not only drain your battery MUCH more quickly (giving you only 3-4 minutes of flight time max), but the image quality is so poor, it's not worth messing with. If you want a quad with really nice FPV features, expect to pay at least 2-3 time what you paid for than this quad.
Have fun flying this quad "as is", and learn to pilot it without turning on headless mode. Soon you'll be able to master flying a much more expensive higher end camera quad like the DJI Phantom series, or a more expensive racing quad.
If you have any other questions please don't hesitate to ask.
Have fun!


Yep Same as Dan. I bought one of these expecting FPV and the drone s HD cam DOES NOT have wifi capabilities despite being advertised as such. Extremely disappointing. You will have to attach a secondary FPV camera to achieve this or use an action camera that has wifi. Rubbish Marketing. I am going to complain to SYMA and get some sort of answer as even on their website their are photos of a users operating the app on a smart phone.


hi buddy are you referring to the syma x8hg as I have just bought one as it state that it's wifi and fpv on the box but no matter what I do I can not link this drone to my Samsung Galaxy s7 . please advise


I've read on multiple sites that this drone is a wifi FPV drone. I bought this drone because i wanted both FPV and the great camera quality. Come to find out that THIS IS NOT A WIFI FPV DRONE!! these sites are all WRONG. check your facts The point of a review is presenting the FACTS and your opinion based on use. Did you even test all of the specs you claim this drone has???? Don't worry, your site isnt the only one i'll be leaving this comment at. Apparently all of you review sites just copy and paste each others specs. Keep up the great work!


Oops meant BayangToys X16...


How about a review of the Baygongtoys X16. Seems to be a nice brushless quad. Copies the Syma but improved power. Add the Syma HD cam (mount is the same) and it's cheaper?


Can you please check your sources on this, according to syma the x8hg does not have FPV mode, only the x8hw has wifi fpv, is it possible you received something else, or this is an error?


I have thoroughly searched the web for information about how to set my new SYMA X8HG quadcopter up with the described wifi FPV, there is also nothing in the manual about it either.

I am thinking advertizing this quadcopter with wifi fpv is a scam to sell more quadcopters. 🙁


hi buddy i have just got my syma x8hg and I am have the same problem with the WiFi connection to my phone is have the Samsung s7 and I've done everything to the letter and no matter how many times I try I can't link it for live video feed . have you have any luck . vinnie . [email protected]


How correct is this site for stating this model (X8HG) has wifi fpv


The x8hg does not have fpv.


I would like to see either Syma, or an after market company, provide three-blade propellers for the X8-series quads. When you modify them such as with a larger (and heavier) battery for longer flight duration, the extra lift capability can be appreciated.