Syma is back ! Meet X8HG, their new toy grade drone with camera and some cool features.

UPDATE: This drone does not have FPV function. Writer who published this review (Julio V.) is no longer working for us.

Remember Syma? Manufacturer of widely sold Toy Grade drones such as the Syma X5SW and Syma X8W? They have recently released two new series of drones which we will review during this week. Today we are reviewing drone Syma X8HG. The WiFi FPV (First Person View) model of the new X8H series a continuation of the X8 models.



Syma X8HG FPV Overlook:
Flight Time: 5 to 7 minutes
Camera: 0.3MP or 8MP WiFi FPV
Mount: Compatible with Syma action cameras and others
Battery Type: 7.4V 2000mA Lipo Battery
Range: 50-70 meters
Remote: 2.4GHz Frequency
Gyro: 6 Axis
Features: Headless Mode and Altitude Holder also known as Barometer Set Height

Show me the price !

Syma is targeting the low-cost FPV quadcopter market with this drone Syma X8HG model. X8HG has some great positive aspects on its favour but also some negative (and somewhat outdated) specifications which we discuss further on. However don’t let the specifications demotivate you, if you are a photography and videography drone enthusiast looking for an affordable and large FPV drone, Syma X8HG might surprise you.

Syma X8HG FPV is the first drone of this new Syma model series we are reviewing. Visit DronesGlobe daily to stay updated on the latest drone models to hit the market. For now, let’s move on to Syma X8HG review, a WiFi FPV large (50cm x 50cm x 19cm) quadcopter.


Pros of new Syma model

Let’s start by analysing Syma X8HG strongest characteristics. Since it’s a FPV (real time video transmission) drone meant for aerial live video and recording, this strong factors lay on both camera, the mount and a useful feature. First of all Syma X8HG may come in different packages with different types of camera all produced by Syma. On this review we focus on the 8MP camera version as it has the best quality, most reliable and best value for the money. Camera is HD 8MP and capable of recording at 720p resolution with just a slight ‘jello-effect’. It’s a camera of the Syma brand and it does compete with the low-cost sport action cameras. Besides including this camera, X8HG also comes with a mount capable of carrying Syma Camera as well as other GoPro clones such as the SJCam. X8HG does not include its own FPV monitor, instead it uses pilot’s smart device has monitor for live video. This FPV connection is done via WiFi directly to the device through a free application available for both Android and iOS. Transmission is done in good quality, however do not expect amazing live video.


“Altitude Holder” is feature you’ll definitely like

Another greatly positive thing about this quadcopter, making it stand out from the shelf, is the Altitude Holder also known as Barometer set height. This feature is very useful in camera drones because it allows pilot to lock the height of the quadcopter. Consequently X8HG will be able to maintain height autonomously. Such feature is still very uncommon on low-cost drones and it is likely to be on-growing trend on low-cost camera drones in 2016.Since we are already discussing the features, it is also important to mention other functions on X8HG. These are more common features nowadays and they are 360º aerial stunt (with just the push of a button). LED lights to perform night flights without losing track of the quadcopter. Headless Mode, for easier orientation despite where drone’s front is pointing at when began flight. Fun features, easy to use, a great fir for beginners and even experts which love Syma series.

Control distance and flight time could be better

Syma X8HG has two negative specifications which unfortunately are very common on Syma products. Syma has yet been unable to produce quadcopters with above average control distance and flight time. If Syma products stand out because of its easy control and low price, range and flight time have yet to match the new same budget drones. Powered by a 7.4V 2000mA Lipo Battery X8HG has a flight time ranging between 5 to 7 minutes depending on flight conditions and it takes around 200 minutes for battery to charge. Slightly below the average battery power nowadays. Another negative aspect is the control distance if JJRC drones are known for their huge control distance, Syma is known for their lack of it. X8HG can only fly as far as 70 to 80 meters depending on obstacles that may interfere with connection.


syma-x8hg-controllerTransmitter is fairly simple to use and comes in white and orange colour. It works at 2.4 GHz frequency and its use is very intuitive. Through buttons on this transmitter you can turn-on and off drone features, change its yaw rate allowing it to go faster or slower and take photos instantly and record video into the Memory Card. A great extra of this transmitter is the built-in phone holder for pilot to place its smartphone device to watch live video from the app. Useful add-on which expert FPV fliers will find very useful.


First Syma review around this new “wave” of new models introduced by the company. What do you think of Syma X8HG? Are you giving your first steps in First Person View flight? It surely is great to have an 8MP camera plus mount compatible with other cameras. Syma has done a decent job with this low-cost Toy solution to GoPro drones. Let us know your opinion in the comment section below, we would be very happy to read your opinion on this matter. Share this review with a friend looking for a large WiFi FPV quadcopter. Happy flying!

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Anthony Turner