Runner 250 by Walkera: Drone racing isn’t Science Fiction anymore!

Welcome to our new article, today we’ll talk about Runner 250, racing drone that can be purchased for $330. Let’s take a deep look into this brand new product made by Walkera !
runner 250 is very fast


We have all grown up watching Sci-Fi films. We are all familiar with flying racing spacecraft’s (remember Stars Wars?). The dream has become a reality, unleash the inner-child! The future is here today and alongside the first era of drones we are living in came the racing drones. And it is as great as you had imagine. Today we are here for a Walkera Runner 250 review, Walkera’s drone class 250 for FPV (real time transmission video) racing.

Runner 250 specs:

Flight time: 12 – 14 minutes
Camera: HD 800TVL
Battery Type: 11.1V 2200mAh 25C 3S LiPo
Maximum Speed: 35-40Km/h
Range: 1000 meters
Remote: DEVO F7
Motors: WK-WS-28-014(CW/CCW) Brushless
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Drone racing isn’t Science Fiction anymore

FPV Drone Racing used to be mainly a hobby for more hardcore pilots, due to fact no fully mounted products were available in the market. Hobbyists had to build their own racer with different parts from various machinery. Walkera is one of the companies now changing this, releasing pre-build solutions in the market. They provide all the necessary hardware (motors, propellers, boards, motors, screws, all of it) followed by simple instruction manual. The pilot mounts his own 250 Runner easily in few steps (there are always YouTube tutorials on this) and is ready-to-fly. Runner comes in different packages which we will discuss further on our Walkera Runner 250 review. Compared to other drones listed on our homepage, it’s the fastest one, without any doubt.

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Strong and resistant

One of the great things about this quadcopter is the material it is made of. A strong carbon fiber frame structure resistant to heavy hits and falls. This is one of the most important factors of racing drones, resistance to impact. FPV drone racing also means crashing a lot into trees and walls (believe me, it will happen). The lightweight frame of the Runner 250 ensures no harm will be done to the quadcopter during these bound to happen incidents.

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walkera runner 250 on the floor

How fast can it fly?

Let us talk about speed. Runner is a great racer to initiate pilots into FPV racing without having to build a drone from scratch. Allowing for more casual users to get into racing. Runner 250 can go up to 40 km per hour thanks to WK-WS-28-014 brushless motors powered by an 11.1V 2200mAh 25C 3S LiPo battery. Although they are not as powerful as T-Motors, brushless Runner’s motors do get the job done and is faster than a BlackOut Mini-H. The battery gives around 12 to 14 minutes of flight time depending on use of the camera and extra weight. One negative thing about this drone is the battery not having its own compartment. Instead its hold through a trap included in the package. If speed isn’t that important for you, you may be interested in another great drone in same price range, check out Blade 350 QX3.

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Camera and FPV transmission

Runner 250 has its own HD camera 800TVL. It is decent quality and fits the overall price of the quadcopter, together with the image transmission module (5.8Ghz antenna) its ready for FPV with no delay in transmission. You won’t have the usual lag in the video. While this camera may fit the needs of the pilot in the first races, you may want to upgrade to a GoPro. It is able to carry any GoPro or Mobius camera.

runner 250 drone racing


DEVO-F7 is the 2.4Ghz radio receiver (controller), it has 15 model memory, works on 5.8Ghz real time image transmission frequency and has a LCD display of 3.5”. This LCD displays not only quadcopter menu but also FPV flight image. Another great FPV drone with LCD screen we’ve reviewed is JJRC H8D.

SF features

For the most hardcore enthusiasts or the ones simply seeking a much more engaging race or even for pilots competing on racing events, Runner 250 is compatible with Goggle 2. A futuristic looking FPV glasses which will allow you to watch in first person what the drone is seeing in real time. For example in longer distance races, or through places like woods, it is a great add-on feature. If connected to a camera on a Gimbal, as you tilt your head the gimbal will also tilt in real time allowing you to watch other angles. Sit back in your chair, grab your remote, put on the glasses, and go in for a totally engaging flight experience. Have you liked our Runner 250 review? Share your opinion with us using comment form below.

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