Ultimate list of top 10 drones for youngsters.

Today we’re here to talk about drones for kids. Many readers asked us to create this list, so here we go. So your kid is fascinated by drones, or perhaps you are a parent looking for child’s next birthday present. Well you have made the right decision, indeed a drone is an amazing and fun gift to offer. It will ensure hours and hours of fun, for you, your kid and your family. So let’s see what’s the best drone for kids you can buy!

drones for kids

Image source : dronelife.com

Press the 360º stunt button and the quadcopter will do a spin on air which will amaze everyone. Let your son or daughter record and photograph the entire house with their drone. Fly it both indoor and outdoor, take it to the city garden or the park! Have fun!

Comparison Table – Drones for kids :

NameImageCameraFlight timeRangeSkill requiredPrice
10. Syma X11Csyma-x11c2MP7 minutes100 metersBeginnerprice
9. CX-10CCHEERSON-CX-10C0.3MP7 minutes20 metersBeginnerprice
8. Hubsan H107C+Hubsan-H107D2MP7 minutes150 metersBeginnerprice
7. JXD 512VJXD-512v-10.3MP5 minutes15 metersBeginnerprice
6. HOLY STONE HS170HOLY-STONE-HS170NO Camera8 minutes50 metersBeginnerprice
5. UDI 818A HDUDI-818A2MP8 minutes100 metersBeginnerprice
4. HERO RC XQ-5hero-rc-xq-52MP10 minutes150 metersBeginnerprice
3. UDI U842dbpower-udi-u8422MP8 minutes100 metersBeginnerprice
2. JXD 509Gjxd-509w-2-12MP10 minutes100 metersBeginnerprice
1. HUBSAN X4hubsanx40.3MP6 minutes100 metersBeginnerprice

When elaborating this list, we at Drones Globe have taken into consideration both price and quality. Therefore, we can ensure all the drones mentioned on this list are not only very affordable but also the best in the low budget market. All of this drones are safe to use and not too easily breakable. Two most important factors to consider when buying a drone for a kid. After you buy drone for your kid, you may want to buy one for yourself.. so good place to start looking is our Drones For sale list + buying guide. So let’s find out what’s the best drone for kids!

IMPORTANT : This drones are meant for children over the age of 12. For children under the age of 12 parent supervision is advised

10- Syma X11C


You have probably heard of Syma before, we mention it a lot here at DronesGlobe, recent example is our list of Top drones for beginners. They have released great commercial hits such as the Syma X5 series and most recently the X8 series. But that is not all what Syma has to give, they have also come up with great micro sized quadcopters such as Syma X12 and Syma X11. Here we are discussing Syma X11C (X11 version with a built-in camera, the C stands for Camera). X11C is a great quadcopter especially for younger enthusiasts due to the following factors:

  • Protective Ring Case. An ABS plastic case sorrowing frame and motors will ensure the drone does not break or snap easily when hitting or crashing.
  • Built-in Camera. It’s better for the camera to be protected inside the drone, it won’t break as easily, once again, great when it comes to kids handling drones.

Now that we have seen how durable X11C is, let us discuss its features. First of all, the camera is surprisingly good quality, 2M HD (do not expect actual High Definition video, but still it is very decent). You can record video and take photos from buttons in your controller. All the files are saved into a 4GB Micro-SD card (including in the package). It has 6 Axis Stabilization System for smooth flight (stable and wind resistant). Control distance around 80 to 100 meters! Yes you read it well, X11C range is that good! Flight time of 5 to 7 minutes (depending on camera usage). And of course the 360º air stunt with just the push of a button.

Check price on amazon
Features Specifications
Built in camera Camera : 2MP
Blade protectors Flight time : up to 7 minutes
Crash resistant Control range : up to 100 meters


9- Cheerson CX-10C


Another company you may have already heard about, Cheerson.  Manufacturer of the top seller Cheerson CX-20. They have also succeeded with a more affordable release, a mini quadcopter named Cheerson CX-10, which is placed on our list of quadcopters for kids. Following its success Cheerson decided to produce a camera version of the CX-10. The Cheerson CX-10C (once again the C stands for camera), is a great little quadcopter, at an amazingly cheap price. When it was first released Cheerson CX-10C was the smallest commercially available drone with a camera. Camera is 0.3MP, but don’t be alarmed, you will be surprised with the quality of this camera. It is better than most 50$ quadcopters. Camera performs better indoor but you can also get some very nice footage in the outdoors with it. CX-10C is very stable, great for both indoor and outdoor flight. Control distance is only 20 meters, but considering it’s a very affordable quadcopter with a good 0.3MP built-in camera and smooth flight. It is well worth it! Videos and photos are saved into a Micro-SD card placed on the rear of the quadcopter. The package does not include its own Micro-SD, you have to provide your own. Overall, Cheerson CX-10C might just be the best bang for your buck, for less than 28$ you get a great stable drone with a good camera.

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Features Specifications
Very affordable Camera : 0.3MP
Led lights Control range : 20 meters
Suitable for indoor flights Flight time : 5 to 7 minutes


8- Hubsan X4 H107C+


After the great success of the Hubsan X4 H107 series, Hubsan has released an upgraded version of X4 H107 camera model (the H107C). I present you the Hubsan X4 H107C+, a drone with an astonishing design resembling a futuristic spacecraft (in white and blue or black and orange). H107C+ is super stable and easy to manoeuvre. Camera is 2MP with 720p resolution, good quality, won’t disappoint. Between 50 to 150 meters range (10 drones with longest range) depending on flight conditions. Battery can be charged through USB directly to your computer, it only takes around 40 minutes to charge and powers up to 7 minutes flight. Besides all this improvements from the former version, an Altitude Holder feature was also added to H107C. Set the drone to steadily hover in the same place in air. Allowing you to focus on the video.

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Features Specifications
Beautiful design Camera : 2.0MP / 720p
LED lights Control range : up to 150 meters
Altitude hold feature Flight time : up to 7 minutes


7- JXD 512v


Small but powerful, that’s what we can say about JXD 512v drone. This new mini drone from JXD comes with 0.3MP built in camera, which may sound unsatisfactorily but trust me, it will be enough for your kids needs. Good thing about this drone is it has a blade protectors, that means your kids will be able to fly it indoors without breaking propellers when drone hits wall, ceiling, brand new LED TV or your head maybe? 🙂 It comes with it’s own remote controller, manufacturer claims it has a flight range of 10-15 meters. Again, it may sound unsatisfactorily but I’m sure it’s more than enough. You can’t see it on that distance anyway, so what’s point of flying it 30,40,50 meters away? 3.7V 180mAh battery should provide you with 4-5 minutes of flight time.

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Features Specifications
Indoor friendly Camera : 0.3MP
LED Lights Flight time : 4-5 minutes
Affordable price Control range : 15 meters


6- Holy Stone HS170 Predator


This was one of the best selling drones for kids during last holiday season. There are many reasons why’s that so. First of all, it’s price : this drone is very affordable which makes it attractive even to people who never planned to buy drone before. Second, it’s small enough not to make any damage when it crashes. It’s made of some type of elastic plastic which means it shouldn’t break if you crash it few times. Same as few previous models, it comes with blade protectors which makes it suitable for indoor flights. Flight range is somewhere between 30 and 50 meters while flight time is around 6-8 minutes. It does not have camera.

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Features Specifications
Blade protection Flight time : up to 8 minutes
Indoor friendly Control range : up to 50 meters
Headless mode Camera : no camera


5- UDI 818A HD


You’ve probably already heard about this drone. It’s very popular among beginners and first time flyers. It has all you need to start flying right out of the box. No need to calibrate it or assemble small pieces. It’s design reminds me of Parrot AR drone 2.0, which is considered to be one of the best looking drones in 2015. That’s positive, who don’t want to have good looking drone? It comes with built in 2MP camera. It has a headless mode and one key return functions. Flight time is somewhere around 6 to 8 minutes while control range is about 100 meters.

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Features Specifications
LED Lights Camera : 2.0MP
Frame Range : up to 100 meters
Headless mode Flight time : up to 8 minutes


4 – Hero RC XQ-5


King of night flights is here. LED light stripe wrapped around it will provide you great visibility during night flights. You can easily see it on tens, if not hundreds of meters away. Same as some of previous models, it has a foam frame around it which makes it suitable for indoor flights. Also, that will help it to survive most of crashes and it won’t make much (any) damage if you crash it on let’s say your father’s car. He won’t even notice it 🙂 7.4V 850mAh battery will provide you with 8 to 10 minutes of flight time, while control range is somewhere between 100 and 150 meters. It has a camera too, but we’re not sure what’s it’s resolution. Based on image quality I’d say it’s 2.0 MP.

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Features Specifications
Camera Flight time: up to 10 minutes
LED Lights Range : up to 150 meters
Blade protection Battery : 7.4V 850mAh


3- DBPOWER UDI U842 Predator


This is one of the largest drones on this list (but there are many larger drones in the market). I wouldn’t recommend buying it if your kid will fly it mainly indoors. For outdoor flights it will be perfect. It’s ready to fly right out of the box (after you assemble few pieces, it will take you only few minutes). It has a 2.0MP FPV camera, which means you’re able to see live stream on your mobile phone. Furthermore, it has two speed modes : slow and fast. Which will be very useful if you’re first time flyer. It’s much easier to start flying in slow mode because it’s harder to crash it that way. LiPo batteries will provide you with 7-8 minutes of flight time while control range is somewhere near 100 meters. Good enough!

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Features Specifications
LED Lights Camera : 2.0MP
Two speed modes Flight time : up to 8 minutes
Headless mode Control range : up to 100 meters


2- JXD 509G

jxd 509w drone

Another JXD on this list. Compared to 512V, this one is significantly larger. It has many cool features such a : altitude hold, headless mode and one key return. In fact, features are what makes it stand out from other drones in this price range. JXD did great job here. It’s made of ABS plastic which means it should survive most of your beginners crashes. It’s very popular among beginners. It has an 2.0 MP FPV camera. It comes with it’s own 4.3 inch screen.  Flight time is 8-10 minutes, while control range is somewhere near 100 meters. Design is beautiful, it reminds me of Yuneec Q500. It has a blade protectors so you can fly it indoors too.

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Features Specifications
LED Lights Camera : 2.0MP FPV
Headless mode Flight time : up to 10 minutes
Altitude hold Control range : up to 100 meters


1- Hubsan X4

hubsan x4

aaaand after 9 rounds, “best drone for kids” title goes to Hubsan X4. Hubsan is reliable company that’s well known for their both cheap and expensive drones. This one goes to “cheap” group. It’s small enough to be flown indoors without any problems, but it has more than enough potential to conquer local drone park or your backyard. Drone design is very attractive, and controller comes with built in screen where you’ll be able to receive live feed from 0.3MP built in camera. Flight range is 80 to 100 meters while 3.7V 380 mAh battery should provide you with more than 5 minutes of flight time. If you break some part of Hubsan X4, it shouldn’t be hard to find new one and replace it.

Check price on amazon
Features Specifications
LED Lights Camera : 0.3MP FPV
Headless mode Flight time : 5-6 minutes
Indoor flyer Control range : up to 100 meters

Now you know some of the top drones for childrens currently available on the market. For an explanation of some terms used on this article and a bigger list of the best drones in the market according to different budgets please go to: Drone buying guide.

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