DronesGlobe was founded in August 2015. Initially, it was founded by two friends who were crazy about drones. Since then, 3 more drone enthusiasts have joined them and right now DronesGlobe is runned by 5 young drone enthusiasts.

inspire 1 drone on sunset

Drone on sunset. Author : Aldryn Estacio.


I still remember Christmas 2012, my dad bought me some cheap RC Car Toy. I think it was Mercedes G Class.. In that time I was age 18 and you’d probably expect guy in that age not to have fun with some RC toys, but you’d be wrong! It was amazing experience, I have really enjoyed it.

Next year, I bought RC Helicopter. It was pretty hard to fly and not wind resistent at all but it was awesome experience. Flying toy, isn’t that what every kid want? 🙂 As you can guess, drone was my next step. In 2014 I bought my first drone. Spent about $200 on it but it has generated hours and hours of fun. I can still remember how my dog was running after it trying to catch it haha.

Why we started this website?

Since drones are very popular last 2 years, and will be even more popular in following years, we’d like to help people who are interested in drones. We’re here to help you with :

  • drone flying regulations
  • buying guides
  • drone reviews
  • drone related news
  • tips to save money when buying drone
  • flying tips

We have made huge job in past 6 months, written more than 100 articles and received hundreds of supporting emails. With your help, next 6 months will be even better!

Thank you for your time spent on our website, we hope it was useful!


Drones Globe team.