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Let’s say a few words about the people and the idea behind DronesGlobe!

First things first – the website was founded way back in 2015, meaning DronesGlobe is one of the oldest and most respected drone-based websites out there. It was founded by Larry Haller, an MTI graduate whose passion for drones developed during his college days in Houston, TX.

What started out as a small and not particularly enthusiastic one-man project is now one of the leading websites in its niche. Readers, both beginners and drone veterans, respect DronesGlobe for its professional approach and in-depth guides covering a wide variety of scenarios and use cases.

DronesGlobe covers everything from the smallest, miniature toy drones and sophisticated foldable platforms all the way to massive, heavy-lifting behemoth capable of carrying professional cinematography gear. Most importantly – DronesGlobe staff loves what they do!

At the moment, DronesGlobe has four writers onboard, and they are all experts in a certain field within the drone industry. Their expertise covers all key areas of the industry and its supporting ecosystems, including high-end hardware, DIY platforms (commercial and racing DIY), and both consumer and prosumer „mainstream drones“ that take up the vast majority of the market.

DronesGlobe will continue providing you with the freshest drone-related news as well as extensive blogs and buying guides. This website is more than just a bunch of buying guides coupled together, it’s a movement fueled by nothing but passion, experience, and expertise!


DronesGlobe | Meet Our Team

Now that you know a thing or two about DronesGlobe’s baby steps and teething issues, here’s a closer look about the folk that keep bringing you the latest and greatest info from the drone industry!

Larry Haller - DronesGlobe Founder

CEO & Founder

Larry Haller

  • The man, the myth, the legend
  • Doesn’t like slacking at work
  • Thinks Anthony slacks at work
  • Doesn’t like Anthony


Zoran Valentak - Contributor

Drone Enthusiast

Zoran Valentak

  • Is way too proud of Croatia’s soccer success
  • Keeps buying the newest DJI models
  • Loves his Mavics more than he loves his GF
  • Doesn’t care about your opinion


Anthony Turner - Contributor

Certified Pilot

Anthony Turner

  • Looks and acts like your typical Chad
  • Can’t stand people who pronounce meme as mee-mee
  • Thinks DJI drones are overpriced
  • Secretly wants a brand-new Mavic 2 Pro


Douglas James - Contributor

Drone Enthusiast

Douglas James

  • Talks about vaping all the time
  • Probably the biggest hipster in TX
  • Will eventually start brewing his own beer
  • Has five sets of skins for his Mavic Mini

Our team may be small, but it packs a ton of enthusiasm for drones and all things RC… and, at the end of the day, that’s all that matters!