Excavator RCs really bring out the imagination in all of us. There’s something fascinating about the action and motions of heavy machinery as they shift earth to make the way for building. These mechanical behemoths are a hallmark of human ingenuity, even though they’re ultimate goal is to dig and move dirt. It’s no surprise the RC counterparts are a popular entertainment item for younger audiences, allowing them to recreate the awesome actions of excavators.

best rc excavators 2020

What better way to make things more exciting than with RC excavators. Total control gives a sense of wonderment to the “pilot,” and they make for great gifts. For enthusiasts and hobbyists, the attention to detail is also fantastic, and those who can appreciate the machine will find a lot to love about our picks.  Therefore, we’ve got a handy list of the current five best RC excavators you can find on market today, complete with a quick dive into what makes them great.

Our list will focus on everything from affordability to functionality, fitting criteria that make for a great gift or an addition to a hobbyist’s collection. No matter what though, there’s something in the list for everyone, so let’s dive in.


5 Best RC Excavators in 2022


Double E 1:20 RC Excavator

5. DOUBLE E 1:20 Scale

Our first choice is a well-sized, 1:20 scaled excavator that starts at a fantastic price point of no more than $50 USD, suited for all ages with some fun features included. It has everything an enthusiast would want, from great design to replica specific details so you really get a sense you’re handling a big machine.

Responsive and Realistic Performance

Part of a great excavator RC toy isn’t just looks, it’s how it functions, and the DOUBLE E does this well. A full 360-degree swivel control along with a responsive, fully functional arm gives it that wonderful allure of realism. With a fleet of these, you might as well build your own miniature city, thanks to the 1-to-1 functionality of its arm. It’s not for show, either, the arm itself has 3 included motors for surprisingly powerful performance, even relative to its size and design.

Great Distance Control

Part of the fun with any RC vehicle is maintaining control over a great distance, and thanks to its 2.4GHz transmitter. You’re looking at about 100 feet of fun control, encouraging users to bring this behemoth along for multiple environments. That’s the kind of fun factor you want when taking an RC excavator out for a spin. Combined with its arm, you can simulate any construction scenario!

  • 660-degree cab turning direction with triple-motor arm
  • 100-foot transmitter distance for ultimate control
  • 1:20 replica with realistic features like rubber tread tracks
  • USB charger and 4.8v 800mAh rechargeable battery included



Double E 1:16 RC Excavator

4. DOUBLE E 1:16 Scale

DOUBLE E hits us with another amazing replica-style excavator, this one even bigger than our previous listing! This bad boy comes with a lot of features you’ve come to appreciate along with some design improvements. At around $70 USD, it’s a great gift option for enthusiasts and children alike.

Steel and Strength

One of the design changes regarding this model isn’t only size, it’s the inclusion of metal. The arm shovel is made with durable metal for a truly realistic finish, accompanied by in-depth responsiveness and control. While you’re out shoveling rocks with this tiny titan, you can also enjoy realistic motor sounds too. But, if that gets bothersome (and it probably will) you can mute the audio and haul tread in various rough terrains.

Plenty of Functions

Looks aside, it’s not just a pretty face. It has all the expected functionality to perform well in rough environments, such as 680-degree cab motion. Users will get unprecedented control with its tread too and can take advantage of its triple-mother strength arm. Like its real-life counterpart, this machine is no slouch. As a bonus, it comes with two rechargeable 800 mAH batteries.

  • Replica style detail with metal attachments such as metal shovel
  • Anti-interference transmission control up to 165 feet
  • Full rotation capabilities and powerful motorized arm
  • 1:16 imitation size



DOUBLE E RC Excavator

3. DOUBLE E 3 in 1

If you liked the previous offerings by Double E but wanted a little more in terms of function, well the next option is a perfect alternative. Double E’s “3-in-1” is another excavator RC with emphasis on performance on detail, but, as the name implies, comes with a hydraulic drill, claw arm, and shovel. All components are fully functional and made with durable metal, simulating their real-life counterparts to the screws.

A Joyful Replica

Like we’ve mentioned, half the fun in using an RC excavator is its detail and realism. Well, the 3-in-1 isn’t just a whopper of a machine (1:16 scale), it’s also fitted with metal components, rubber treads, and detail-focused additions to make it stand out amongst competitors. Even better, its main draw is the inclusion of extra parts for more fun, the hydraulic drill and claw.

They’re not only for show, either, both these addons work completely on their own. No cheap plastic here, they really do function as described! Does this mean you’ll be able to mine for gold or transport extremely heavy material? Probably nothing so bold, but the functionality is an extra layer of passion making this option stand out.

Good Price, Good Fun

You’d think with all these extras, our pick would be a wallet burner. But not so, this one pops in at $70 USD. For what it does and relative to other RC’s, that’s still a good price. As for the rest, you can expect at most 100 feet of distance control, perfect for rigorous environments, while it only needs 80 minutes to charge. The best part? No extra batteries for the vehicle are needed, and rechargeable 4.8v 800mAh ones are included.

  • 3 metal parts – hydraulic drill, shovel, and claw
  • Great focus on detail and largest pick yet
  • Good price for the size and durability
  • Great range and perfect for rough terrain with roughly 30 minutes of playtime



TOP Race RC Excavator

2. Top Race TR 211

We’re nearing the end of our list, but that doesn’t mean the selections are any less robust. Top Race comes in with the TR 211, one of the best looking and performing RC excavators so far. It doesn’t take an enthusiasts’ eye to see the crisp, incredible detail, right down to the interior visible through its windows.

Tough as Steel

Does this little machine look durable? That’s because it is. The TR 211 doesn’t just imitate the image of a heavy-duty excavator, it is one. The finish is all designed with durable steel, meaning it can stand against rough terrain – precisely the kind of feature anyone will want during playtime.

Because of its high-quality material, you’ll be digging through the earth like the pros, utilizing the 100-foot control distance for ultimate enjoyment.

Controls and Motors

How does the mini-rig manage? With its three-motor system arm, it’ll pick up dirt like the real thing without issue, a surprising payload given its size. Additionally, users will have all sorts of control options for maneuverability and swivel. The cab possesses complete rotational movement, as do the treads, while arm can flex and extend as desired.



Top Race 23 channel rc excavator

1. Top Race Diggs 1.1 – Best RC Excavator

We’ve reached the end of our list, but what a mammoth to top it off! Top Race comes in with its biggest RC excavator yet, and for anyone, this is the crown to any collection. The Diggs is a whopper when it comes to size, detail, and performance. The price point reflects this too, because this big boy hits a price tag of about $540 USD. The question is, is it worth it? We think so!

The Powerhouse Choice

This might be the closest thing you can get to the real-life counterpart as an RC. The Diggs 1.1 is a durable machine built with stainless steel and a powerful motor to boot. It can lift big and perform big thanks to its 2000 mAH battery which nets it a total of 50 minutes of runtime per charge. That means hobbyists are getting maximum use from this goliath. But it doesn’t stop there!

A Hobbyists’ Dream

This thing is all about realism, right down to its add-ons. It has an additional clamp arm and drill to really shine like the real thing. How much digging power are we talking, though? How’s about 1.1 lbs per cubic inch of soil. If you’re looking to emulate big rigs, this is the one to do it. Like you’d expect, from the arm, direction, and swivel control, you’re given all the power to bring this behemoth to life. Get a fleet of these and you have your own miniature construction crew! It might be big in the price department, but that’s because this is a serious hobby-level craft right here, perfect for lovers of excavators who want to emulate the experience in their backyard.

  • Biggest unit yet with an incredible 1:14 scale
  • Dual charging batters with high load performance
  • 100-foot control range with durable steel frame and material for extended use
  • Three add-on attachments (claw, shovel, drill) made of metal for ultimate hobbyist experience


Well, now you’ve gone through our list of the best RC excavators in 2022, and as you can see, it’s a pretty substantial one. But before we wrap up, there are a few other things to touch base on.



Best RC Excavators 2022: Questions and Answers

You might have a few questions about one of these mini-rigs, so we’ll try to hopefully answer them here.


Do I need a certification for these RC excavators?

While some complex RC vehicles – like drones – sometimes require certifications, no, we can safely say you don’t need anything special to operate them. Granted, you’ll want to get familiar with the control scheme to operate them effectively, but that goes without saying.


Do I need extra batteries?

Aside from the controllers, no, you will not need batteries. Each of our listings all has included rechargeable batteries with their appropriate USB cables. Each max charge will vary depending on the listing.


Are these RC Excavators for all ages?

We like to think so, yes. Each one has a recommended minimum age, so follow that. Beyond that, though anyone can enjoy one of these RC excavators, hobbyist or no. There’s plenty to appreciate with each listing!


The RC excavator I’m looking at is under $100, does that mean it will break faster?

Not at all! Each of our selections was handpicked and carefully assessed to make sure they’re backed up by quality design. As long as each RC excavator is properly cared for, you can expect long service life from any of the listings. Remember, these are designed to be in outdoor environments, so they’re built to last. Take care of them and you’ll get a lifetime of use from them.


How large are these RC excavators?

Each of our selections has a scale size, such as “1:20.” Another way of imagining this is “it would take 20 of x to simulate the actual size of a real excavator.” That’s our roundabout way of saying they’re fairly large, at least 12 inches across and 14 inches high. The larger the scale, like 1:14, the larger you can expect the RC excavator to be.



That wraps our breakdown of the best five RC excavators for 2022. You can see they come in a variety of choices, suiting different users. For an easy gift that’s great for kids, our first Double E brand pick is an excellent option. But for those with some serious cash to spend and really want to add an item to their hobbyist collection, the Diggs 1.1 is a clear contender. We hope our list gives you some ideas, whether you’re looking to buy for yourself or planning a gift for a child/family member.


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