Being a firefighter was on everyone’s ‘what do I want to be when I grow up’ list and no wonder that children are impressed with the call. Firefighters are brave, use cool tools, and drive in awesome big trucks. Children are especially fascinated with the fire truck as they produce intriguing sounds; they flash bright lights and have so many accessories like ladders that go sky high or fire cannon that puts an end to the biggest fires.

If your kid is dreaming of being a firefighter or desires to play on the fire truck, we have a list of the Best Remote Control Fire Trucks on the market that can be one of those gifts that will leave your kid speechless after unboxes it. From small scale to big scale models, extendable ladders going up to 4 feet high, variety of light and sound effect to fully functional water spray feature; these top five picks have it all.


5 Best Remote Control Fire Trucks


5. DEERC 162A

Our first selection comes from DEERC, a company that is specialized in RC cars and kid’s toys, which makes them an ideal place to seek out your toddler’s first RC fire truck.


The best thing about DEERC’s 162A RC fire truck model is that it’s not just a toy that you simply unbox and let your child play with, it offers far more than that. This little fella must be assembled first which makes it a two in one toy; a fun little fire truck and a learning tool that improves your child’s concentration and fine hand coordination. Assembly is straightforward and it’s adjusted for young children’s age, so no worries on that part, also every component is made from ABS material that’s environmentally friendly and completely safe since there are not any sharp edges. In the 162A package, you get truck’s mainframe, four wheels, water gun, electric drill, wrench, large durable screws, two figurines, and a remote controller; plenty of entertainment for every child.


The first thing that makes this toy perfect for a gift is its price. For of only $26.99 USD, you get a Birthday or Christmas gift for a boy or a girl over 3 years old up to 8. The second thing is the value that you get for the money spent. Not only that this toy is a great learning tool but it’s also very fun to play with. The controller is easy to learn and use, the car can drive in two directions and play three different realistic sound effects, two action figure drivers can change hands and feet shape, and the simulated fire high-pressure water gun is retractable, adjustable and it can rotate 360°.

  • Great DIY toy made of non-toxic and durable plastic
  • Simple assembly with low speed and safe electric drill
  • Wireless controller with a maximum of 20 meters range





The Joyin RC set is our second selection, and it offers far more than our previous choice for a rather higher price.


For only $34.99 USD you get an emergency rescue vehicle set, a fire truck, and the police vehicle with two controllers, and two figurines (firefighter and police officer). This set is also DIY, you need to assemble both fire trucks and a police vehicle but it is easy to do and adjusted to children from age 3 and up. Building tools are included in the set and they are completely safe, a power drill is a low speed and is accompanied by a wrench. The only thing that doesn’t come with this set is the necessary AA batteries, and you need to use ten of them.


This set offers tons of entertainment for your child, assembling both trucks is great for hand-eye coordination and motor skills. We all know how kids like to take things apart and build it on their own, so this set truly does the work. Once it’s built it is easy to operate, and with its dazzling lights, realistic three different sirens, and additional features like rotatable simulated fire water gun will keep your child entertained for hours. One of the best things about this set is that you can use it to play with your child by racing cars or becoming a mechanic and help him with repairs.

  • Two RC trucks in one package: a fire truck and police vehicle
  • DIY but easy to assemble with non-toxic and lead-free ABS plastic
  • Parents can also play with children by racing cars





Our third choice is coming from a famous Double E and their 1:20 scale simulation trucks and construction series. Great built, perfect size, and a large variety of features are qualities that are implemented in every product, and they made no exceptions with a Mercedes-Benz fire truck.


This fire truck is coming at the price of $59.99 USD but you definitely get a lot for the money spent. Some parents might not be thrilled with this feature but it has a water gun attached to the ladders and it sprays water from the water tank that’s easy to refill. The ladders are extendable and have 360 degrees rotation that is fully operated by 2.4G controller, just like everything else on this truck. Sounds and lighting are just like on the real fire truck, so you have everything needed to fulfill every kids’ fireman dream.


A powerful engine and a four-wheel-drive make this fire truck perfect choice for various terrains. Shockproof tires and sturdy plastic will make sure that your toy doesn’t get damaged after a few hits. Your child shouldn’t have any difficulties with controlling it since the operating functions are easy to learn and well organized on the controller. You can expect 30 minutes of play on rechargeable batteries that come within the package, just make sure to buy AA batteries for the controller.

  • Water spraying feature
  • Runs on rechargeable batteries
  • High quality built with easy to handle controller





Unlike previous models that were moderate regarding size our next choice is a step up into fire truck ‘game’. Bruder 03590 Scania R-series fire truck is a 1:16 scale model and it is quite a big toy. The manufacturer is a well-known German brand that always makes toys durable, incredibly detailed with plenty of fun features but the pricing is a little higher.


The best thing about this fire truck is the level of detail that the manufacturer took care of, and when you consider that in addition to the high-end quality production it is really worth the money spent. This toy won’t break that easily and it’s highly possible that it will last for a very long time. The fire truck is robust, made from high-quality ABS plastic, and reaches out up to 4 feet in height when the ladders are fully extended. But even we are talking about big toy Bruder didn’t make shortcuts on details. You have a fully functional nozzle on top of the ladders with a rescue basket, extendable support legs for stabilization of the truck when the ladders are fully extended, integrated water tank, a large storage compartment with foldable doors, light and sound module, doors that can be opened, outside foldable mirrors, and you can place a figurine inside the truck or in the seat in the base of the ladders.


This is one of those gifts that you simply can’t miss with. Excitement and eruption of joy are basically inevitable while you watch your kid unwrap his gift, but that pleasure will cost you approximately $165 USD and it’s totally worth it. Realistic as it is, it will make your child feel like a firefighter hero and provide him hours of good times.

  • Larger scale fire truck model with extendable 4 feet tall ladders
  • Plenty of details like truck support legs, water spraying feature, and foldable outside mirrors
  • Four different light and sound modules:  horn, engine sound, indicator light, and siren





For our number one pick, we have selected Bruder 02821 Mack Granite Fire Engine Truck. Bruder trucks are holding top spots on our list for a reason; quality of the product, attention to detail, and reasonable prices are the qualities that you just can’t ignore.


Mack Granite Fire Engine Truck is quite similar to the Scania R-series fire truck, which makes sense since it’s the same manufacturer. They both share features like retractable 4 feet high ladders with functional nozzle, rescue basket, support legs, water tank, storage compartment, and light and sound module. Mack Granite has some extra features like a hood that opens up and exposing an engine and a lot of chrome parts that make this fire truck truly eye candy. With all of its details, this toy is so realistic that it will keep your child entertained for hours.

Recommended age is 3 years and up, and even though this truck weighs about 7 pounds it still has small parts that are potentially harmful to little children.


Level of details in this truck with fade-resistant no glue or screws construction and shiny chrome parts makes this toy not just a perfect gift for children, but also a hobbyist toy or collectible item. Pricing is reasonable with a $96 USD tag on it, so it’s really a no brainer if you are looking to buy the best fire truck toy on the market.

  • High-end production with fade-resistant, no glue or screws construction, and chrome details.
  • Four different sound options: engine noise, police yelp, police siren, fire siren.
  • Runs on 2 AAA batteries


Remote Control Fire Trucks: Q&A

After breaking down the top five RC fire truck models we believe that you have a better insight into what to expect when you decide to buy this eye-glazing toy for your child. Hopefully, you’ve found the perfect model in this list, but if you’re still indecisive and have some unknowns we’ll walk you through most common questions.



Fire trucks from our list are all made from ABS plastics that are non-toxic, lead-free, and designed without any sharp edges. ABS plastic is the one that is used in LEGO toys, so yes it’s completely safe for children. The only thing that needs to be pointed out is the choking hazard for children age 3 and under! Most of the models are recommended for age 3 and up, but some models have small parts like action figurines and you need to be very careful with that; so we advise to choose a model that doesn’t come with it.


These toys have many features and several options on the controllers but they are easy to learn and children found them quite challenging and fun. There is nothing too hard and there is no need for grownups intervention, just let children play with it and discover fun features step by step.


Most of the trucks’ come already assembled and the only thing that you need to do is to either charge batteries or buy them and put it in. However, some models need to be assembled and that is not a random thing. Some models feature the learning part and they come with tools like a power drill and a wrench. Sure, they are toys, not the real ones, and are specially designed to be suitable only for that toy. Selecting a DIY fire truck is a great choice if you want your child to work on concentration and fine hand coordination.


Yes, remote controllers are wireless with a transmitter operation frequency of 2.4GHz and usually hold two AA batteries that in most cases are not included in the package so make sure to buy them in case that you don’t have them at home.


Each remote controller operates his designated truck, so no worries you can play with multiple toys or trucks without any interference in the control. These trucks are also perfect for a group play so your child can go play with his friends and form a fire fighting unit without any glitches in the process.


Some models are not adequate for outdoor usage and they are typically smaller scale models that are suitable for a younger age. On the other hand, some models come with sturdy plastic, and shockproof wheels that are built perfectly for outdoor usage.


Most models do have water spraying feature besides several sounds and light effects. They can spray water pretty far and basically turn off small fires so those trucks do serve their purpose. Children just love that feature, and the best thing about it is that the water tank is easily accessible and you can refill it in no time.


  • Children’s age since some models can be pretty big and robust?
  • Is it for indoor or outdoor usage?
  • What additional features do you prefer: sound and light effects, water spraying feature?
  • Is it a collectible item or toy just for fun?
  • Do you want a model with researchable batteries?
  • Does it come assembled or not?
  • What is your maximum budget?

These questions should cover all your unknowns when selecting a fire truck, so hopefully, we got you covered and ready for selection. Keep in mind that price itself doesn’t have to mean much, you have plenty of budget-friendly models that are perfect, and perhaps buying an expensive one you just might miss the point. Keep in mind what’s the kid’s age and what are his or her preferences, and you won’t miss.



We are hoping that you liked our top five remote-controlled fire trucks selection and we really tried to cover all age groups and playing features. In-kind we were also surprised by how many features they are on the market for low price toys, and not a single of them is lacking inbuilt quality. From small scale models to goliath four feet tall Bruder models you have all covered. Having a water spraying feature is just a super cool addition to the already rich arsenal of features that highlights most models especially Double E Mercedes-Benz fire truck. Toys are greater than ever and today children can really have the best time while playing with them and develop their motoric and cognitive skills so electing a fire truck as a gift is definitely a winner.

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