Let’s face it – everyone wants a piece of the RC action. Whether we’re talking about drones, trucks, or cars, RC models were and still remain the most popular toy for adult kids and nothing will ever take that flattering title away. However, for one reason or another, many of us can’t afford one of those massive, premium models that can go faster than 50mph. Some can’t afford the price; others can’t afford the space. Whatever your reason may be, I’m sure you’ll be happy to know there are numerous mini RC cars that can satisfy your RC cravings!

best mini rc cars

In the past, mini RC cars were the epitome of bad quality. They were made from cheap materials, possessed only the basic functions and had little to no spare parts available. Nowadays, the narrative surrounding the best mini RC cars is completely different. These days, not only are the mini RC cars made from quality materials but their overall performance isn’t half bad either.

You still can’t expect premium-grade performance from them, especially considering the low prices they go for, but they’re miles better than their last decade equivalents. In other words, if you’re interested in awesome mini RC cars, now is the time to buy one!

Without further ado, let’s check out the five best mini remote control cars that are currently available on the market!


Table: Best Mini RC Cars

ImageNameTop speedSizeBatteryPrice
5. Rooya Baby 1/1810mph1/1825minSee best offer
4. Tuptoel RC Car10mphN/AN/ASee best offer
3. HaloFun 1/4310mph1/4325minSee best offer
2. Vatos 4wd 1/2015mph1/2015minSee best offer
1. Laegendary Triton20mph1/2020minSee best offer


5. ROOYA BABY 1/18


Let’s start with an awesome looking 1/18 buggy by ROOYA BABY. Yes, 1/18 is borderline mini but its small ground clearance and overall compact design make it fit right into today’s max dimensions. There’s a whole bunch of stuff to say about this little bugger so let’s get right to it!

Impressive Mini Buggy

As far as performance goes, this model supports remote controlling up to 130 feet (roughly 40 meters) and can endure cca 30 minutes of playtime thanks to the provided batteries. In terms of top speed, you can’t expect record-breaking numbers. Still, a solid 10mph is more than what I expected after seeing the price this thing goes for.

However, the best thing about ROOYA BABY’s model is the price tag. Nope – you won’t have to spend $50 on this sucker. Nope, $30 is still too high. $20 – yep, you’re about right! $20 for an 1/18 RC car that’s actually good? Yep, 2022 is here and it paved the way for aggressively priced mini RC cars, that’s for sure!

Wholesome Packaging

The package is rather wholesome too. Just like most of these affordable, cheap mini RC cars, ROOYA BABY’s 1/18 buggy also comes with a dedicated controller, charging cable, and two 1S 500mAh Lithium Ion batteries. Yep, you get all that for $20… making ROOYA BABY 1/18 among the best mini RC cars you can get your hands on at the moment.



4. Tuptoel RC Car Water&Land


If you’re looking for an insanely cheap, waterproof mini RC car that can do all sorts of stunts, then Tuptoel’s newest Water&Land model is exactly the one you’re looking for! This device is nicely poised with innovative design, massive wheels, and outright gorgeous looks. So, let’s take a closer look and see if it’s worth the hype!

Unique Mini RC Car

If you compare this little bugger to all other mini RC cars available for purchase, you’ll notice this one is unique in every way. Not only does it feature a completely different design to the usual culprits, but it also sports a few unique characteristics too. For starters, it runs on two brushed motors, has four-wheel drive, and can run on water too. On top of all that, it can do vertical 180-degree flips which is something no other RC car on the market can pull off. Well, technically, there are similarly designed copycats but Tuptoel’s work of art is the best one!

Great for Children

As you could’ve guessed by now, Tuptoel RC Car Water&Land is a great choice for children of all ages. It’s miniature, doesn’t possess that much power, but features a whole lot of fun. Best of all, it packs everything together in one single box, meaning you can buy this thing as a present without having to worry about additional prerequisites.



3. HALOFUN 1/43


Yep, that’s not a typo – we’re looking at a 1/43 scale model. It’s small, not much bigger than its (also miniature) remote controller, but can still provide hours of fun! So, if you’re on the lookout for mini RC cars to buy as a present, then Halofun’s micro model might just be the one you’re looking for!

What’s so Special?

First things first, Halofun’s 1/43 RC car is absolutely tiny, coming in at 13x8x6 cm. If that’s not small, then I don’t know what is. However, the miniature form factor isn’t the only thing that separates HALOFUN’s RC truck from other competitors on the market. For starters, the packaging contains everything you need to get this sucker rolling. On top of that, we’re looking at roughly half an hour of runtime per charge and cca 10mph top speed. Unfortunately, the operating range isn’t the greatest, but it’s justified with an impressively low price tag.

Awesome Price Tag

Yep, Halofun’s micro RC car isn’t going to be everyone’s cup of tea. It’s small, not particularly fast, and can’t do any tricks or flips like the aforementioned Tuptoel’s model. However, what makes this little bugger so awesome is the insanely cheap price tag. Believe it or not, this thing goes for as low as $15, meaning you can buy three of them for slightly more than a single Tuptoel’s model. Make that four for the price of a single VATOS. Halofun’s 1/43 RC car does have its downsides, but still makes for a great present!



2. VATOS 1/20 4WD Monster Truck


If HALOFUN’s micro 1/43 models is too small, then VATOS 1/20 piece of RC tech will be more up your alley. It’s better than the aforementioned models in virtually every department, featuring powerful four-wheel drive, extra accessories in the box, and even LED lights in the front! There’s more to it than just this, so let’s roll up our sleeves and take a closer look at VATOS 1/20 4WD Monster Truck!

Powerful Beauty

Even though I’m not a big fan of RC monster trucks, I’m more of a buggy man myself, I have to admit VATOS did a good job with this one. Not only is the design sturdy enough for the speed (up to 15 mph), but it also features a gorgeous black and green canopy. Shock absorbers and independent suspension springs made out of metal are there too, allowing this little bugger to do quite well on rough terrain and various surfaces.

Off-Road Friendly

Even though it’s not the speediest of mini RC cars, VATOS 1/20 Monster Truck makes up for the lack of speed with off-road capabilities. It has a solid ground clearance and its four-wheel-drive combined with massive wheels and grippy tires allow it to get the best out of rough terrain situations. Folk over at VATOS claim it’s waterproof too, although I wouldn’t bet too much on that claim…



1. Laegendary Triton


Best mini remote control car in 2022.

This is it, fellas! We’ve reached the end of our list of the best mini RC cars out there. As the heading implies, I’m referring to Triton by Laegendary. It’s an interesting little device, primarily targeted at preteens, capable of delivering extraordinary performance with its four-wheel drive for a relatively affordable price tag.

Not Too Small, Not Too Big

If you’re not interested in micro racers such as the HALOFUN 1/43 model, but you’re still worried a giant 1/16 model would be too scary, then Laegendary Triton comes right at you from the middle. It’s a 1/20 scale model, meaning it’s pretty compact and doesn’t require massive areas for playing around.

Most importantly, though, Laegendary Triton is a great performer, featuring more impressive numbers than any of the previously featured models here. It runs on 2S LiPo batteries and can endure roughly 20 minutes per single charge. Yep, that’s a whole ton of playtime with this little bugger! Better yet – Laegendary Triton’s motor is quite the beast, allowing roughly 20mph on ideal terrain.

Awesome AIO Package

Last but not least – Laegendary Triton comes with everything inside the box. And by everything, I really mean everything! Yes, even the batteries; yes, even the remote controller. This baddie packs two 2S 500mAh LiPo batteries promising roughly 40 minutes of playtime. Combined, of course. Of course, you’re getting a LiPo charger too, meaning you can start playing around with this mini RC car right off the bat!


Things to Consider When Buying Mini RC Cars

When buying mini RC cars, there really is not much to consider. Even though they’re miles above their last-decade counterparts, there are only a few variations you can get your hands on. We’re talking about performance-wise variations here, mind you.


Price Tag

The first thing you have to take into consideration is the price tag. If you are aiming to buy an awesome mini RC car, that means you won’t have to spend more than $100. Heck, none of the above- featured models come even remotely close to that price tag, except perhaps for the $85 Laegendary Triton. Low price tags, however, don’t equal poor performance. These miniature RC baddies perform pretty well and will provide a ton of fun for younger users.


Size is the key question here – where do we draw the line within the mini RC cars categories? Some say anything smaller than 1/16 is considered miniature, but I’d like to argue otherwise. For me, 1/20 and smaller is the key answer. Yes, I know ROOYA BABY is a 1/18 model, but it’s on the small end of the spectrum so I gave it the benefit of the doubt. In essence, the size of your mini RC car is all up to you!

The End-User

The size of your mini RC car is all up to you, unless you’re buying it as a present for someone else. In that case, you have to keep the end user in the equation here. Primarily, you need to keep their age in mind. Even though all of the above-featured models are miniature, some of them can achieve quite the speed… and even though we’re talking about mere toys here, buying a 4-year-old a mini RC car that can achieve 30+ mph might not be the best idea, right?


FAQ: Best Mini RC Cars

Before we close our best mini remote control cars buying guide off with a conclusion, here’s a closer look at some of the most frequently asked questions regarding them!


Are These Cars Suitable for Children?

Yes! Even though some of the best mini RC cars featured above can reach admirable speeds, the majority of them are still primarily targeted at children. They are miniature, compact models, most of which don’t possess hardware powerful enough to hurt someone or damage something. So yeah, long story short, if you’re buying mini RC cars for a child, rest assured you’re making the right choice!

Where to Find Spare Parts?

Now, this is a rather tricky question when it comes to mini RC cars. How come? Well, as you could’ve seen for yourself, their price tags aren’t that high, so their makers don’t feel obliged to have a plethora of spare parts available.

Luckily, the majority of mini RC cars’ makers make their builds with generic parts that are available on most online hobby shops. Additionally, you can find a good deal of mini RC cars spare parts on Amazon too, but you’ll have to find their generic names and/or part numbers.



There you have it, guys! That was our short list of the top five mini RC cars that are currently available on the market. Once again – mini RC cars aren’t the end all be all of the RC market. There are much more powerful (read bigger) options available out there. However, they do have their charm, especially for younger audiences who aren’t yet ready for bigger models.

Additionally, miniature RC cars’ charm lies in their compactness which allows them to be used virtually anywhere. Yes, they might not have the most powerful hardware nor the biggest range and runtime, but the overall price/performance ratio is still decent, making them excellent entrances to the marvelous world of RC cars.