So… it seems as though you are looking to purchase an RC boat. It also seems you are stuck at a dead-end and cannot decide which one to go for. Relax, take it easy – we’ve all been there. Making your mind about taking up a hobby and then actually buying the first piece of gear can be a tricky situation. I know because, once again, I’ve been there…. just like everybody else…

best rc boats

Table of content: Best RC boats

But this is not a dead-end! Actually, it’s quite the contrary – you’ll get a detailed batch of information around the most popular RC boats currently available for purchase. This is a drone-related site… I know, I know… But we’re not just drone enthusiasts. We consider ourselves admirers of all sorts of adult toys. And by adult toys, I don’t mean that kinky shit you see on XXX sites. Instead, I’m referring to all sorts of tech gadgetry for your average tech-savvy Joe.

The same goes for RC cars, helicopters, and boats. Today, obviously, we’ll be focusing on the latter and bring you some good insight no matter what your’re budget or usage-plan is. We’ll be sure to cover everything from entry-level models, beginner-friendly ones and even top-tier beasts that will take every penny out of your wallet. Are you ready? Let’s go!


Best RC boats under $100

Starting off with the cheapest models, we have 2 insanely affordable RC boats in store for you. If you’re on a tight budget but still want a decent experience, these 2 models can provide just that. Not satisfied with these 2? Perhaps taking a look at our full Best RC Boats Under $100 list might help!

NameImageSpeedRangeTimeBest Price
2. GordVE15mph150m8minSee best offer
1. UDI007 Voyager18mph100m8minSee best offer


2. GordVE

GordVE H100

Since we are starting with the most budget-friendly RC boats available, it’s only fair to give you 2 of the best ones. I’m referring to GordVe and UDI007 Voyager. For now, we’ll be focusing solely on the former. With a gorgeous canopy and solid performance (let’s not forget about the price either), this one seems like a no-brainer. But, is it really that good? Let’s find out!

Features and Design

Another thing I forgot to mention earlier is GordVE’s build quality. Even though we are talking about a dirt cheap RC boat, it’s actually made out of high-quality ABS plastic. It makes it impact resistant and allows it to come through several crashes in one piece. I don’t have to be the one to tell you this would not be the case with other entry-level RC boats out there. Additionally, GordVE also comes equipped with Capsize Recovery meaning you’ll be able to tilt it back up after a capsize. A handy feature if you ask me…


Numbers are looking pretty good for this little bugger. As a matter of fact, they’re amazing considering its highly affordable price tag. The best thing about it is definitely its long operating range which comes in at 150 meters. Not bad for an RC boat well below the $100 mark. Additionally, you’ll also be surprised to see a bulky 2S battery with 800mAh capacity. This can get you approximately 8 minutes of juice which is not to be taken for granted. Last but not least, you’ll want to save your speedometer with this one as it can only achieve up to 15mph. Not bad for beginners, but more experienced users will likely opt for something with a bit more power.



1. UDI007 Voyager

UDI 007 Voyager

Best Remote Control Boat

As I’ve already announced above, the second model on this mini-list is Voyager. To be more precise, UDI007 Voyager, a fine mini RC boat that is primarily targeted at casual (and even first-time) users. It’s really fun to play around with and sports several important features. Obviously, at this price point, it’s really amazing to see them. Anyways, let’s kick things off and see what does UDI007 Voyager bring to the table!

Features and Design

Starting off with build quality, I’m sorry to inform you that this boat is not made out of high-quality materials. Of course, something like that cannot be expected for such a low price tag. However, Pro Boat Recoil is still able to survive more than a fair share of crashes despite being made out of relatively cheap ABS plastic.


Inside the package, you will find an extra battery. Yup – you’re basically getting two 2S 1500mAh batteries. Each of them can give out approximately 6 to 8 minutes of runtime meaning you have roughly 15 minutes of entertainment straight out of the box. The balance charger is there as well.

As for the hardware, UDI007 Voyager comes with a miniature 370 brushed motor that takes the most out of those 2S batteries. Amazingly, it can achieve somewhere around 18mph. Some users are even claiming they’ve gone past the 20mph mark which I actually find quite difficult to believe. Whether this is true or not, I am not going to be the judge of that. Additionally, what also needs mentioning is the operating range. It’s not that huge, but you can’t expect beyond the line of sight numbers in this section of the market. Still, you’ll be getting around 100 meters which is not half bad.



Best RC boats under $200

You are looking for an entry-level RC boat but want to spend slightly more than $100? Well then, Pro Boat Recoil and FunTech Atomic might just be the right ones for you. If they’re not, you can always drop in and take a peek at the full Best RC Boats Under $200 list.

NameImageSpeedRangeTimeBest Price
2. Pro Boat Recoil
Pro Boat Recoil Table25mph150m10minSee best offer
1. FunTech AtomicFunTech Atomic Table35mph300m12minSee best offer


2. Pro Boat Recoil

Pro Boat Recoil New

For all mini RC boat fans out there, Pro Boat Recoil is definitely going to look like a great purchase. And really – it is! This 17-inch RC boat sports great hardware and isn’t afraid to show off its nasty side with a tacky graphics on its canopy. But, other than its design, there are several other key factors that make Pro Boat Recoil a great purchase. Let’s check them out…

Features and Design

The design is pretty standard. Nothing to add in that department except perhaps the fact that there’s a receiver antenna sticking out the build which is rarely the case with RC boats. Moreover, Pro Boat Recoil is made out of great materials that make it impact and scratch resistance. That’s thanks to high-quality ABS plastic which was the main building component of this RC Boat. Combine that with anti-tilt design and you got yourself a winner! Features are another story. In addition to a water-cooled propulsion system, Pro Boat Recoil can also brag with failsafe that will make your life a lot easier.


When it comes to specifications, Pro Boat Recoil definitely has a lot to offer. I’ll give you the numbers right away and then elaborate afterward. Runtime goes up to 10 minutes, operating range all the way to 150 meters and top speed, believe it or not, can surpass 25mph. Crazy specs coming from an affordable 17-inch boatie, right?!

This is all thanks to the provided 3S LiPo battery which gives out a decent amount of constant power. Further accompanied by a 2950Kv brushless motor and things slowly get into the right perspective. Pro Boat Recoil definitely has powerful hardware. If you want more power, you can always upgrade it. Despite that, I’m sure most of you will be just as happy with its stock configuration.



1. FunTech Atomic

FunTech Atomic

Best Remote Control Boat

Catamarans are really gorgeous, don’t you think? I mean, it is a matter of personal preference and nothing else… but dammit they look absolutely gorgeous. Especially this black and yellow color schematic with sleek decals and finishing touches. My oh my, FunTech Atomic is an unbelievably beautiful RC boat. However, that’s not its main selling point… Want to know what is? Keep on reading then!

Features and Design

Starting off with a fine array of features, FunTech Atomic definitely has a lot to brag around with. For instance, this little bugger incorporates a low battery alarm. Add to that 2 simple yet effective battery protection mechanisms and FunTech Atomic gets as safe as it can be. Not to mention the fact that its catamaran design provides greater stability than what’s the case with conventional RC boats. So yeah, if safety and functionality is what you are looking for in your next/first RC boat, there is no doubt FunTech Atomic can provide you with exactly that.


First things first, let’s say a thing or two about this little boatie’s battery. we are talking about a juicy 3S 2600mAh LiPo pack which guarantees high speed and long battery duration. More precisely, it offers 10 to 15 minutes of runtime and more than 35mph top speed. Impressive, right? The range is nothing short of brilliant either, thanks to a great receiver/transmitter combo. Much longer than the line of sight. All things considered, FunTech Atomic seems like a great option. It runs fast, agile and is easy to control. They don’t come more impressive than that, especially at this price point.



Best RC boats under $300

The mid-tier market can be a tricky task since there is an abundance of RC boat models available. Obviously, not all of them share the same quality so you’ll have to be careful. If you want to stay on the safe side, you should probably look into the 2 models explained below. However, they’re not the only good ones available at this price point. There’s plenty more of them in our Best RC boats under $300 list.

NameImageSpeedRangeTimeBest Price
2. Pro Boat BlackjackPro Boat BlackJack Table30mph*300m12min*See best offer
1. Costzon Volantex35mph*400m10min*See best offer

Note – * represents approximate numbers with a 3S LiPo battery


2. Pro Boat Blackjack

Pro Boat Blackjack

Pro Boat is a stellar RC boat brand and they’re showing that on all of their models. This time around, you’ll have a chance to see a lot of info on their Blackjack model. Quick tip though – it’s an ARTR (almost ready to ride) package. With that said, if you’re a beginner you might want to read until the end to find out what it lacks out of the box.

Features and Design

Before venturing into the features and design of this little bugger, first, we need to clear out which particular model is in the focus. Pro Boat Blackjack V3 24-inch version is the name and it sure does sport a sleek catamaran design that will sweep you off your feet. It possesses a good dose of stability and is generally really easy to control. Also, Pro Boat Blackjack V3 incorporates a small drain plug for excess water disposal. Last but not least – you can enjoy a worry-free playing due to a completely waterproof electronics tray.


It was already stated above that this little bugger is not an RTR package. To complete it, you will have to provide your own 2 or 3S Lipo battery. These are usually $20 – $30 so they’re not that big of an investment. However, if you don’t have one already, you’ll be forced to buy a balance charger too which could up the total sum to around $50. Keep that in mind before purchasing this one.

Once completed, you can expect roughly 25mph top speed and cca 10 minutes of runtime. Not bad, right? On top of that, the range of this little bugger is greater than your line of sight. No need to worry about losing control range with this one. Sweet!



1. Costzon Volantex

Costzon Volantex

Costzon is a fairly unknown name in the industry. It is not a popular brand by any means, but that isn’t stopping its workers from creating awesome models. Take Volantex as the perfect example – this miniature ARTR RC boat (just like Pro Boat Blackjack) features a great design and interesting pieces of hardware. However, it does lack certain parts to make it fully functional. But, we’ll talk more about that in the specifications section down below. For now, let’s take a closer look at its features and design.

Features and Design

First of all, let’s see what you’ll need to provide from your own arsenal to complete this build. Start off with a 2-3S Lipo battery accompanied by several AA batteries for the transmitter. Last but not least, you’ll need something to charge your battery. More precisely, you will need a LiPo balance charger to complete this build. It’s all going to be worth it though, there’s no doubt about it.

Furthermore, Costzon Volantex 70 works with a high-end transmitter that has several advanced configurations available. It communicates over FHSS protocol and can provide this 27-inch beast with a great operating range… But more on that below.


Since I’ve already mentioned its range, I should continue to the actual number – 400 meters. Yup, it’s not a typo – this thing can go over 400 meters which is, of course, way beyond anyone’s line of sight. Other important traits aren’t far behind either. For instance, it sports a 40g waterproof servo alongside a 40A ESC. This combo allows it to reach roughly 35mph with a solid 3S battery… as well as roughly 10 minutes of runtime.



Best RC boats for Beginners

A good portion of RC boat market is filled with beginner-friendly models with questionable quality. However, there are several hidden jewels that are well worth the money. Mainly, I am referring to Pro Boat Shockwave and Traxxas Blast. Both of these models sport great hardware and are bound to amaze you. You can also take a look at the full list of Best RC boats under $300 if these 2 aren’t your cup of tea.

NameImageSpeedRangeTimeBest Price
2. Pro Boat ShockwavePro Boat Shockwave Table25mph*300m12min*See best offer
1. Traxxas BlastTraxxas Blast Table20mph400m20minSee best offer

Note – * represents approximate numbers with a 3S LiPo battery


2. Pro Boat Shockwave

Pro Boat Shockwave

It doesn’t take a genius to realize Pro Boat has several top-class RC boats at pretty much every price point. This time around we will be focusing on Shockwave, a great mid-tier RC boat that offers solid performance and intuitive controlling schematics. What else is good about this little bugger? You can find out by reading the next couple of paragraphs!

Features and Design

First things first – Pro Boat Shockwave sports a great design with a beautiful canopy. It is impact resistant too, meaning it won’t break into pieces after first major crash. The transmitter is nothing spectacular though and doesn’t have advanced functions, but it will get the job done nevertheless.

Features-wise, Pro Boat Shockwave houses waterproof electronics. So, even if it catches a lot of water inside its body, you’re going to be sade from anything dying on you. Still, rinsing and draining all excess water is required after each session.


Pro Boat Shockwave isn’t shy in terms of hardware. It comes with 30A ESC (supports LiPo power) connected to an insanely powerful 2000Kv brushless motor. Once again, it doesn’t come with a battery so you will have to provide your own. Now that we’re all done with the hardware, let’s check out the specs real fast!

Why don’t we start off with the operating range? Considering this is a mid-tier model, it’s not that surprising to see more than 300 meters of lag-free controlling distance. What about top speed? Hmmm… if you pair it up with a hefty 3S LiPo battery I’m sure your Pro Boat Shockwave will surpass 25mph.



1. Traxxas Blast

Traxxas Blast

Now we are turning to the first out of two Traxxas models featured in this article. This one, apart from its gorgeous design, also has a great out of the box performance. Of course, it is beginner-friendly too. Not too fast but very agile… And that’s a wicked combination, am I right? It goes by the name Blast and it sure can provide you with a blast of fun starting from the first session.

Features and Design

It’s safe to say Traxxas Blast has a lot to offer in terms of features. First of all, its fully waterproof electronics need to be mentioned. Each and every one of the key electronic parts (including the receiver box) has been carefully designed and enclosed in a waterproof container. This means they’ll receive no damage at all even if they are completely submerged. Still, this is not an invitation to submerge your RC boat as that might void your warranty and destroy it.

On top of all that, you’ll be happy to know that this 24-inch model is really easy to control thanks to the provided TQ transmitter. It will not flip easily and comes fully assembled in an RTR package. Unfortunately, it does not support LiPo battery meaning you will have to switch out the ESC as well if you want LiPo power onboard.

Best Remote Control Boat Specifications

I’m sure we can all agree that Traxxas produces the fastest and mightiest RC vehicles in the world. They became the synonym for speed and are not planning on giving up that title very easily. Even though Traxxas Blast isn’t a mighty speedster straight out of the box (it can achieve roughly 20mph with stock configuration), it’s still a great all-around model. It sticks to the water nicely and is capable of making sharp turns. Plus, like I’ve said above, it is insanely easy to control. As for the battery duration, you can expect up to 20 minutes of juice per charge. The range is superb too, crossing the line of sight by a lot!



Best RC boats for Pools

If you are living nowhere near a lake or any other open water source but you have a pool, there’s no need to worry about anything. You’ll still be able to enjoy driving a boat on top of it. True, you’ll have to buy a smaller one in order to be able to nicely maneuver inside a small enclosed area. If you’re out of ideas which one to go for, perhaps these 2 will help you out. If they’re not good enough, make sure you read the full Best RC boats for pools article.

NameImageSpeedRangeTimeBest Price
2. UDI001 Venom15mph50m15minSee best offer
1. Feilun FT01228mph100m10minSee best offer


2. UDI001 Venom

UDI001 Venom

For small-pool owners, this little bugger is everything they’ve ever dreamed of. Coming in at just 14 inches, this miniature RC boat poses a great solution for pool-only use. It is highly maneuverable and can develop decent speeds. Its range is a bit of a downside, but that won’t be a problem for users who just plan on using it in their pool. All in all, if that’s why you’re buying an RC boat, then UDI001 Venom is a no-brainer.

Features and Design

After a couple of introductory sentences, I believe it’s time to say a couple of things about the features of UDI001 Venom. Let’s start off with the fact that you get a bonus battery inside the package which is a huge plus in my book. Features section is further improved by water cooling propulsion system and low battery alarm. The latter will surely come in handy as it will prevent you from completely draining the batteries. Last but not least, UDI001 Venom also sports the self-rightening feature. Long story short – you won’t have to get wet with this one unless you really want to…


In terms of specifications, UDI001 Venom is actually fairing pretty good, especially considering its humble price tag. First things first, it packs a solid 600mAh battery alongside a single brushed motor. At first glance, you might think this battery is not enough for an RC boat… but you’re wrong. After all, we are talking about a 14-inch model that doesn’t need a lot of power to burst right out of the pond.

As a matter of fact, UDI001 Venom can reach close to 15mph. As I stated above, the operating range isn’t going to amaze you since UDI001 Venom can only go to about 50 meters. Still, it’s more than enough for your neighborhood-friendly pool. And finally, it can endure around 10 to 15 minutes per charge meaning you get 20 to 30 minutes of playtime with both included batteries.



1. Feilun FT012

Feilun FT012

There is no doubt about the fact that Feilun FT012 is the best RC boat in terms of price/performance ration. With excellent hardware and decent runtime, this little bugger is damn sure to amaze you. It makes high-speed maneuvers look outright easy thanks to its innovative controlling scheme and highly agile frame. But, enough with the praises. There’s only one way to see what’s this fella all about… and that’s by taking a closer look at it!

Features and Design

Even though technically, its price tag doesn’t fall into the features category, I feel obliged to tell you more about it. You see – Feilun FT012 costs slightly over the $100-mark but provides the performance worthy of mid-tier market. There are certain drawbacks (slow charging, takes roughly 2.5 to 3 hours for a full charge), but I’m sure they won’t drive off potential buyers.

Now let’s get to the actual features of this boatie. It sports automatic flip over function as well as overcharge/discharge protection. Also, it has a low voltage beeper which will alarm you to rush it back to the shore once its battery is at a critical point.


Here comes the best part of the story as far as Feilun FT012 is concerned. Starting off with the motor, this baby runs on a powerful 2815-35000 KV brushless motor. It gets juice from the provided 1800mAh 2S 25C LiPo battery. In ideal conditions, you are looking at up to 28mph peak top speed. Usually, though, you’ll be cruising at roughly 20 which is still a praiseworthy number. Battery duration is good but won’t sweep you off your feet with roughly 6 minutes of runtime. Operating range, on the other hand, stands mighty at up to 150 meters.



Best Top Tier RC Boats

Last but not least, here’s a quick glance at the 2 best top tier RC boats currently available on the market. They do cost quite more than all other models on this list… but considering their sheer power I’d say they are well worth the price!

NameImageSpeedRangeTimeBest Price
2. Traxxas SpartanTraxxas Spartan Table50mphBVLOS15minSee best offer
1. Pro Boat ZelosPro Boat Zelos Table55mphBVLOS8minSee best offer


2. Traxxas Spartan

Traxxas Spartan

Without a doubt, Traxxas Spartan is among the most popular top-tier RC boats out there. With a brilliant performance, unparalleled hardware and gorgeous design, there really isn’t anything bad about it. As you can see, we are talking about a Traxxas RC boat. The name Traxxas speaks for itself – they’re the leaders in RC vehicle industry and have gotten there by producing only the best price/performance models. And that’s true for their Spartan model. It’s a proper beast and I’m going to tell you all about it in the next couple of paragraphs.

Features and Design

As far as features go, Traxxas Spartan is highly innovative. This is confirmed by its removable power module which is something we rarely see. Furthermore, it only requires AA batteries for the transmitter and a LiPo charger to start slashing it around lakes. As for the design, you’re looking at a classic deep-V hull that doesn’t tilt that easily and provides great maneuverability. Electronics are all waterproof as well as the removable power module that houses ESC, receiver box, servo, stuffing tube, and the motor.


If you want to get the most out of this 36-inch beast, then I strongly recommend going for a 6S LiPo pack. In contrast to Traxxas Blast, Spartan’s ESC does indeed support LiPos. This is good for so many reasons but the most important one is definitely the increase in power that you’ll get from a high C rated 6S LiPo pack. In fact, you will be getting somewhere around 50mph with a 6S LiPo. The stock battery just won’t be able to cut it with only cca 30mph

Such a high speed is not solely on the battery. The provided Velineon 540XL brushless (and water-cooled) motor does his fair share of the job too. The range is, needless to say, well beyond anyone’s visible line of sight. Lastly, the battery duration (stock) is somewhere around 10 to 15 minutes which is not half bad considering its a NiMH pack.



1. Pro Boat Zelos

Pro Boat Zelos Featured Image

If money is really not an issue for you, then you’re probably looking for the best RC boat money can buy. While there are more than a few of those running around, Pro Boat Zelos is most likely the best one out of the bunch. This 48-inch catamaran packs impressive power and builds quality. Let’s just say it will not disappoint you by any means. But then again, are you sure you want to pay more than $1,000 for an RC boat? Well, if your answer is yes, then I guess you should continue reading this short explanation.

Features and Design

For the money you’ll be spending on this RC boat, you can be sure you are getting the ultimate build quality. This is done by implementing a twist-lock canopy with a precisely manufactured hull. We are talking about triple-layered fiberglass for optimal sturdiness and lightweight frame. Electronics are completely waterproof too so there is no room for worry in that department. As a matter of fact, there’s no need to worry about anything at all if you are buying this little bugger. Well, it’s not little at all… Like I said above, Pro Boat Zelos is a big ass 48-inch beast!


Starting off with the hardware housed inside, Pro Boat Zelos sports 160A ESC and a 1000Kv 6-pole water-cooled motor. Considering this ESC supports up to 8S LiPo power (2x 3-4S LiPo batteries), there is no doubt you will be looking at extremely high speeds. As a matter of fact, with a fair pair of 4S LiPo’s you’ll get more than 55mph.

The range goes well beyond the line of sight. However, considering this is a high-speed boat, it can only go for around 6-8 minutes on solid 4000mAh LiPos. Still, let’s face it – these specifications are miles ahead of all other RC boats on this list… Even Traxxas Spartan can’t be put in the same basket as this one. Still, the price reflects exactly that so the performance gap isn’t that surprising at all…



Things you should know about the Best Remote Control Boats in 2022?


Are LiPo batteries dangerous?

This is one of the most common questions in the entire world of RC vehicles. Why is that so? Beats me… It probably has something to do with the myth revolving around exploding LiPo batteries. A myth that doesn’t have any sort of valid concern for the most part. You see, LiPo batteries are basically as dangerous as, for example, NiMH or Lithium Ion ones. If they are not pushed to their limits (in terms of temperature, of course) and are carefully charge each and every time, there really isn’t anything that can go wrong with them. With that in mind, I still strongly recommend you don’t leave LiPo batteries charging unattended. It will give you a peace of mind and help you get used to them quicker, that’s for sure!

LiPo ChargingLiPo Charging


Which of these RC boats is the fastest one?

This one goes without any question… Pro Boat Zelos is the ultimate speedster among this entire batch of RC Boats. With the top speed of approximately 55mph, it beats Traxxas Spartan with ease. Plus, the torque is incredible especially with 8S LiPo power inside. There’s no doubt this little bugger can give you the speed you need. As I said in the beginning, this one goes without any question for sure!


Which of these RC boats has the longest runtime?

If you are looking for the RC boat with the longest runtime, then your safest bet is Traxxas Blast. Straight out of the box there aren’t many RC boats that can keep up with it. At least in terms of runtime. And it doesn’t even run on a LiPo battery. Crazy, huh? If you’ve missed it above, Traxxas Blast with stock configuration can reach 20 minutes of runtime.

Comparing that to other models, you’ll be really happy with such a high number. Most other RC boats fall beneath or somewhere around the 10-minute mark. That’s because Traxxas Blast is a well-versed boat. Others… Well, they focus on achieving the fastest possible speeds. It’s up to you to choose which of the 2 aspects you prefer in this scenario.


Which of these RC boats is most suitable for children?

RC Boats For KidsIntroducing your children to RC boats is a wonderful idea and I am positive they’ll enjoy them. However, you will have to make a careful decision and go for a beginner-friendly model that can teach them the basics of controlling RC vehicles.

In other words, you should not start them off with a top-tier RC boat capable of achieving neck-breaking speeds. Instead, you should look for smaller, easier to control models. These usually don’t cost as much as top-tier ones which are a win-win situation… especially when your budget is concerned. To summarize, if you’re looking for a children-friendly RC boat, then your best bet is to look for it in our best RC boats for beginners article.



So, here at the end, there really isn’t much left to be discussed. We’ve gone through plenty of RC boats which has surely made the impression that there’s a giant dose of versatility on display. And there is! RC boats come in many shapes and sizes. With different features, specifications, special traits… and of course – price tags. It’s on you to choose which one fits your style the best. I’m afraid I cannot help you with that decision.

Lastly, thank you all for sticking to the very end. It’s been a pleasure giving you the 101 on these amazing RC boats. Until next time, stay safe!